Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Vedika’s hug irks Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying Akki loves you, he won’t leave you, I know that, I m there, I will talk to Vedika today itself. Shivi deletes the video. She asks do you like Priya. Ram says yes. She says I get the credit. He says yes. She says don’t forget. She goes. He thinks what does Vedika want to do. He calls Adi. Priya asks why aren’t you shocked that Vedika is Ram’s ex, its not a normal thing, who else knows it. Sara says no one else. Priya asks since when. She argues with Sara. Sara asks her to have water. Priya asks is it filtered. Sara asks what. She explains Priya and says you are upset, its justified, you didn’t break the relation with Ram, you know why, you and Ram came close, I have seen you changing, why will I tangle you, I want your happiness, you stay happy with Ram, don’t talk negative, can’t you see where your relation reached today, Ram isn’t wrong like our dad.
She defends Ram. She says I just want you to understand Ram’s feelings, when you were in the hospital, Ram visited the temple many times, I got to know that he is reading about solar system because you both were going for a movie, he loves you a lot, he gets time for you, he wants to call you a lot, but he is scared that you may scold him. Priya says I think he came here and taught this to you. Sara says you don’t believe anyone, I don’t want to talk. Priya says sorry. Sara hugs her and says don’t worry, just do one thing, call Sandy and find out where is Ram, go and meet him. Adi asks what did Priya say. Ram says she is much upset. Adi says I will tell her that I did this. Ram says no. Adi asks shall w involve Brinda. Ram says no, I have to sort out. Adi says Vedika is waiting for you. Ram says I have to talk to her. He goes to Vedika. She says I had to talk about us, did you forget what I told you, I know you didn’t ask me to leave by your wish, you are scared that Akki will leave Shivi, I know you can sacrifice the love for someone’s happiness, I was foolish to leave you, you think Akki is decent, you know he threatened me that he just loves his sister, so I had to send the video to you. He says not me, but to Priya.

She checks her phone and says I was sending that video to you, I made the blunder, did she see it. He says I won’t let Priya see it. She says fine, its right to hide this from Priya. He asks how did you learn to secretly make videos. She says you have seen what Akki told me. he says he will not lie to me. She says you are defending Akki. He says yes, because you had stolen those bangles, not Akki. Priya is on the way. She thinks of Ram. She thinks I will go to Ram and talk to him directly, if he is good, then why did he do bad with me.

Ram says we don’t get what we want in life, the time we spent together was good, I think for your betterment, I want to know why did you do this, what’s going on in your mind, I need answers. Vedika cries and throws things. She shouts I have gone mad, Ram, I m such a bad person, sorry, I m bad so bad is happening with me.

She apologizes to him. She says I swear I didn’t wish to become so evil, don’t know why is this happening, lock me in some dark room, it was right to send me to Manali. She slaps herself. Ram stops her. He says I told you before, you need help. She acts and says I m asking for something for the last time, get my treatment done. He says it will be done. She hugs him and cries. Priya comes and sees them. She angrily leaves. Ram follows her. Adi asks what happened. Ram says make sure Vedika leaves, Priya saw us. Priya says I m a fool. She hires an auto. Ram also sits in the auto. They argue. Driver looks at them. Ram says I want to talk to you, why are you so stubborn. She says I m stubborn, but not like liar husbands. She asks driver to take her to the bakery. Ram asks how much does this auto cost. Driver says 4 lakhs. Ram asks will you sell it to me if I give you 6 lakhs. Driver says yes. Ram calls Adi. Adi says Kunal has gone to drop Vedika to Manali. Ram asks him to transfer 6 lakhs. Adi asks what are you buying. Ram says auto. He says you got the money, I own this auto now, take us to the farmhouse. Priya asks Ram to tell the address, else she will go to the bakery. Ram says you will never get alone now.

Ram kisses Priya. Inspector arrests Ram. Priya fights the inspector and says Ram is my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vedika will not spare Ram , I’m sure she will try again and again to get Ram’s wealth back

    1. Metin

      İf a husband is so stupid and have no respect for boundaries, she can.
      Husband allows hug of ex in private. What a wonderfull world. He can use the last episodes medicine!!! pack. Moron.

  2. I love Ram’s character but today he pissed me off… How shameless can you be? He says he loves Priya on the other hand, he allows b*t*h Vedika to hug him in private. Friends can hug agreed but Some boundaries should be drawn which Idiot Ram fails to understand:)
    Ram dude you need to wake up. Your so called Mom Nandini and dear Vedu are the biggest obstacles between your and Priya’s happy paradise. But the problem of Indian soaps, The ML or FL realise the mistake too late then, they go Gaga and try to win over the thir upset partners.
    Uhhh…. The intelligent buisness tycoon is so foolish:)

  3. Agreed. Ram should tell Vedika that he’s on to her games and he wants her to get out of his and Priya’s lives. He is no longer her friend. She is a viper and he’s on to her dirty games. End of story.

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