Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sheel rescues Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish saying Virender had a doubt on Sahil Babbar. Nandini asks Shashi’s father? Ram says I wasn’t sure. She asks how can we find the truth. Krish asks do you have the investigation papers. She says police asked if we have a doubt on someone, Virender had many friends, he had no enemies. Krish says everyone has enemies, we just don’t see them. She says I have nothing, police has the documents. He says we have to talk to police now, its time, Ram. Priya is kidnapped. She hears the audio message. Someone threatens her and asks her to stop her husband from re-opening the accident case. Priya think who will help me now. Sheel is with the inspector. She complains about her daughter’s murder. He says it was an accident. She says no, it was a murder. Constable says Mr. Ram Kapoor has come. Inspector says you are saying it’s a murder, proofs don’t lie. Sheel says but humans do lie, truth is being hidden. Ram and Krish come inside. Sheel asks inspector to think about it. He says we have many cases, you may go now, the case verdict has come. She says I don’t know who has killed my daughter, I will find the culprit, it’s a conspiracy, it was not an accident, it was a murder. Ram looks on. Sheel turns and sees them. She leaves.

Inspector says she lost her daughter in a road accident, she thinks it was a murder, tell me, what can we do for you. Ram says 15 years back, my dad met with an accident, I also feel that it was a murder. Priya thinks your dad was murdered, who can do this, who is your enemy. Inspector shows the file of Virender’s case. He says you don’t think that it’s a murder, else your condition will also become like Sheel. Sheel misses her daughter. A girl asks her not to get tired and get up. Sheel says yes, the fight is long, we have to not stop and get tired, thanks.

Krish asks Inspector to give the document copies. He goes out. Ram says I know you want to stop me, but I really think it was a murder. Inspector says you are being emotional, its my duty to tell you the truth, you will lose your present and future, are you ready to pay a big price, I won’t re-open the case. Ram says thanks for your time. He leaves. Inspector gets a call. He says I have told Ram as you wanted. Mahender says thanks, I will inform Shashi. Mahender laughs and jokes on Ram and Priya.

He says Priya is in my clutches, I can kill Ram and Priya as well to save my life. Priya cuts the ropes. Mahender checks Priya’s pic. He calls goon and asks him to make Priya’s video fast. Priya sees the goons. Ram calls Priya. He says I want to talk to Priya. Mahender keeps an eye on him. Krish comes and asks are you okay. Ram say we will talk tomorrow, I have to meet Priya and talk to her, just Priya can think emotionally and objectively, she will tell me what to do. Krish says Priya asked me not to call this a murder until I m sure, I pushed you hard to make you believe me. Ram says you think the police is right. Krish says I want to be sure, we will go ahead when we have something concrete in our hands. He goes. Ram calls Priya. He calls her office. He says Priya might be in some trouble. Priya acts unconscious. Goon makes her video. Other goon sees her hands open. He says her hands are free. She opens eyes. They tie her back. They ask her to tell her husband to not reopen this case. Sheel comes and says stop. They ask her to run away. Sheel comes with the kids. They fight the goons.

Sheel asks Priya to come. Priya asks for her phone to call Ram. Sheel says we should leave from here first. Mahender thinks why didn’t they send Priya’s video. He gets the goon’s call. Goon says Priya has run away. Mahender asks how did she run. Sheel asks are you fine, I have sensed some bad omen and thought to check, I went to police station but ACP didn’t listen to me, nothing happens without a reason, I heard a man talking on call about kidnapping Priya Kapoor. She cries and tells about her daughter’s murder.

Shashi says Mahender, my name shouldn’t come out. Krish asks Priya will you hide about your kidnapping. Ram comes to her and asks am I nothing in your life, I was calling you and was madly finding you.

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  1. Very Boring Episode, just promotional glitches.

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