Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram proves his truth

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika saying the bangle isn’t here. Akki has the bangle and thinks I will tell Ram that I got this from Vedika, I had to lie to him, I know Ram can never cheat Priya. Ram finds Priya upset. He asks Adi to cancel the interview. He says Priya is unwell, cancel this interview, I don’t want to do this. Priya asks why are you doing this. Ram says I want to know the problem, tell me. She thinks is this your concern or a pretence. Adi asks how shall I cancel the interview now. Ram says I will cancel it, I will say it nicely with charm, they will agree. Adi goes. Akki goes to Ram. He says sorry, you said you have forgiven me, scold me, but don’t spoil your mood. She says everything is fine. Akki thinks shall I give him the bangle now.

Ram says don’t get upset because of Akki, don’t worry, if Meera sees you, she will worry. She says I m okay. Ram asks sure. Sandy explains them the game. Priya thinks I want to know if you really believe this marriage or not. Reporter wishes them all the best. Ram and Priya start the game. She says I won’t use the chit and clues, I will ask Ram about it my way. She says I will draw and Ram will guess. Brinda asks Ram to beware of Priya. Meera thinks is everything fine. Nandini says I m with Priya.

Priya makes a sketch. Everyone claps. Nandini smiles. Ram thinks I know its about our marriage. Priya thinks what is he seeing, why is he taking much time. Ram says our relation is made because of Akki and Shivi. Nandini says a marriage made on conditions. Ram thinks does Priya see condition in our marriage even today. Brinda asks Ram to say it in one word. Priya thinks BFF was the word, now he forgot. Ram says BFF, best friend forever. Shivi says its our marriage. Akki says Shivi and I got married in the temple. Meera asks is this answer right. Ram says Priya and my relation got made because of them, this relation is of best friends forever, not of conditions, did I say right. Priya nods. She thinks did he lie or not. She thinks I can’t melt my heart and know the entire truth, be strong. Ram thinks she isn’t upset with me.

Sara and Brinda joke. Vedika messages Nandini that she didn’t get the bangle. Nandini asks her to come downstairs. Priya thinks we will see if Ram guesses it this time or not. She makes another sketch. Everyone teases them and calls them romantic. Priya thinks Ram lied to me that day, I want to know the truth. Sara says Priya is not naughty. Ram says rain, I like it, but Priya doesn’t. She asks him to answer in one word. He says lie, I just lied to her once, but Priya got drenched in rain just to know the truth from me, she hates rain and lies, I m sorry. Priya says right answer. Adi says well done Ram. Priya thinks maybe he is not wrong, I m wrong. She says you won and I lost. He says you made me win. Reporter asks Priya to sit, Ram will draw now and Priya will guess. Ram gives a tissue to Priya and says she may need it. He asks them to give clue to him. Akki says Ram loves you a lot. Mami comes and signs no to Nandini. Nandini thinks where is Vedika. She messages Vedika to come downstairs now. Brinda asks Ram to not lose, focus. She gives him the clue… I love you. Adi says Ram’s drawing is poor. They all laugh. Ram says Priya won’t guess it. Brinda insists him and says we will know what she thinks. Ram says yes, she doesn’t express.

Vedika comes downstairs wearing a blue saree. Priya gets shocked. Shubham accuses Akki for stealing the bangle. Priya defends Akki. Nandini argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good Episode Today!!!!..yes Priya today it’s your fault only!!..just in the morning During Puja you said that you will not believe in these random messages but now you are believing ! have to trust Ram like Anything yaar!!..i guess that before Ram could draw anything about that I Love You , Vedika will come down to spoil everything!..but now I think that nothing will happen and all will be alright!😃

  2. Very nice episode.ram super acting. Superb performance.

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