Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya gets upset with Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini taking the beautiful saree and sending it with Mami. She says Vedika chose this saree, its pic will be on Ram’s phone, right. Brinda asks Priya are you fine, everyone is waiting, come. Priya says nothing. Brinda says I will call Ram. Priya says no need, I will come. Shivi says Akki, when you become a big star, then we will give interviews also. Akki asks her not to think all that. Sandy asks Shivi to give her opinion on her notes. Ram asks Akki did he talk to Priya. Akki says no. Ram says she stays upset for much time. Vikrant asks Ram where is Priya. Ram asks Brinda where is Priya. Brinda says I gave your gift to Priya, she will change and come.

Akki says I wanted to talk to you. Meera asks Ram what surprise did he plan. She acts like Priya. Ram smiles. Nandini comes and asks Meera to come with her to have a talk. Ram says Akki, I have to clear about the bangles. Brinda says Priya… Ram turns to see her. They see Priya coming in casual clothes. Ram thinks Priya didn’t get ready, there is some problem. Nandini smiles. Vedika comes and signs Nandini.

Priya thinks it’s a big thing, I have a right to know, is he acting to stay happy with me. Shivi asks Priya to forgive Akki. Priya nods. Shivi says Akki, she forgave you. Ram says you didn’t like the gift, you can choose the gift yourself next time. Priya says no need of all that. The reporter asks is there any tension. Ram says it’s a private moment between husband and wife. Priya thinks Ram lies so easily. He holds her hand and takes her. Meera thinks why didn’t Priya wear the saree. Nandini asks is she upset about the bangle. Meera asks what bangle, she didn’t tell me, Priya doesn’t ask for anything, her needs are limited, she won’t have any problem if Ram wants to give anything to anyone. Nandini messages Vedika. She writes find out the bangle in Akki’s room. Priya thinks Ram hides truth so well. She says I have worn what Ram wants, there is no need of a new saree. Ram thinks when did I ask her to wear this. She says many things which has memories are special.

They give the interview to the reporter. Priya says it’s the same dress which I had worn when I first met Ram, we had gone to a fancy restaurant. Ram says I remember. She says I m not stubborn, but true, I wanted Ram to know my truth, I told him that I m such simple. Reporter asks do you remember that day. Ram says my life changed that day, I learnt that ghee upma is tasty. Priya says I came to know that day that he is a true person, he will not lie to me. Reporter says what a lovely story, sorry, your dress is very special. Priya says I can tolerate any bitter truth, I can’t tolerate lies. Ram says truth is we are together and happy, there is no bitterness. Reporter asks Priya is there any bitterness. Priya says we don’t know about the person with whom we stay. Ram says it’s the special thing of marriage, we get to know the person all life. She says truth always comes out. Ram thinks what is the matter, Priya is changing. Reporter says so you know every truth about each other. Priya says we will find out. Vedika checks Ram’s cupboard. She says I have to find the bangle. Mami comes to help her. Vedika says Nandini confirmed that Akki has the bangle, where will he hide it. Reporter says we planned a game for you. Priya says we are not kids to play a game, Ram would like it, but I don’t like it, we will try if you say, Ram likes to play games. Ram thinks why is Priya upset with me. Reporter says we will play Pictionary, you have to draw the feelings and say, no cheating. Priya says I never cheat. Vedika gets the bangle.

Vedika comes wearing the blue saree. Priya gets shocked. Shubham asks Akki why did you steal the bangle. Priya says he didn’t steal. Ram comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. When will the two chudail’s truth be out????? Please enough is enough!! Leave Raya alone!!!

  2. Bahut ho gaya bakwaas. Bache kuche bhi bhaag jayenge. 2 mahino se nhi dekha, aur ab to padna bhi not worth. Chhee, poora bigaar ke rakha, in cvs ki darling vedu ke vaaste.

  3. TIRED!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Interesting moments of Ram n Priya though there are some frictions. Cannot wait for the bangle scene. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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