Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram spots Priya with Krish


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika saying I will not apologize to her. Pihu says I m more rich than you, many people love me. Vedika scolds her. Police comes. Vedika says now I will teach you how to talk. She complains to the inspector about Pihu. Pihu and the ladies complain about Vedika. Vedika says you don’t know who you are talking to. Pihu says everyone is equal in the eyes of law. Inspector says yes, come with us to the police station. Vedika says you know who I m, I m Ram Kapoor’s fiancée. Ram says Shubham, I m coming. Shubham says Vedika needs your help. Ram says mom needs me, I m coming home. Nandini says I m fine, Vedika called me and asked for help, we should help her, you please go, I will send the location. Ram says okay. She sends the location. Krish says we got the location, Priya.

Sara tries calling Ishaan. Meera says I have made pakodas. Sara says you look happy. Meera thinks I shouldn’t say that Pihu met Ram. She says you all met Pihu and Priya, I won’t meet her, don’t worry. Sara says she is leaving today. Meera says make a video call to Priya, I will see it from far.

Pihu asks the inspector to teach traffic rules to Vedika. Inspector says the kid is more sensible than you. Vedika waits for Ram. Priya and Krish come there. Vedika says its Nandini Kapoor’s call, don’t stop me. Inspector says go and talk, then come and pay the fine. Vedika goes. Priya and Krish see Pihu at the station. Priya asks are you fine, how did you reach here. Inspector says it was an accident. Priya says you are hurt. Pihu jokes. Krish says drama queen. Priya asks who did the accident. Inspector says that madam was driving wrong way, your daughter was blamed, but she is smart. Priya says we don’t want to file the case, we will go. Krish asks her to sit in the car. Priya says thanks for taking care of my daughter. Inspector says she is smart and strong. Pihu says just like you, I will become like you when I grow up. Vedika sees them leaving. Inspector asks her to pay fine. Vedika says Ram would be coming, I will see how you talk in front of him. Ram comes there. He sees Priya and Krish going with Pihu. Ram thinks Priya is an example of shamelessness. Ram does the formalities. He asks Vedika to pay the fine. She says its not my fault. He does the payment. Vedika asks Ram to listen to her. He scolds Vedika. He says its not your right to hurt her.

Krish and Priya ask Pihu to have the food. They ask Pihu why did she go without telling them. Pihu says I was talking and going, then I lost my way. Krish asks her to have food. Sara calls Priya. She says your train got missed. Priya jokes. Sara talks to Pihu. Meera looks at Priya and Pihu from far. Sara asks her to just come in the engagement. She says I will lie that Pihu is Maitri’s relative’s girl, I will come to drop her at the railway station, please send her at least, we don’t know when we meet her again. Ram thinks when did Priya come to Mumbai, was she here, does Sandy know about this. Sandy asks any problem. Ram says character certificate is needed. She says yes, its mandatory. She gets Shubham’s message. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. Adi says I m reaching office with Ishaan in 10mins. Ram asks Sandy to go home, Sara would need her help. Sandy thanks him and goes. Ram thinks did she meet Priya’s child. Priya makes Pihu sleep. She asks Pihu to call her mumma. Pihu asks what will happen in Sara’s engagement. Priya says Maasi and her prince will promise each other and exchange the rings. Pihu asks where is your prince charming. Ishaan comes to Ram and greets. He touches his feet and says sorry. Ram says I m glad that you have learnt a lot in a good way. Ishaan says you have done a lot for me. He thinks even Priya did a lot. Ram says focus on career. Ishaan says life falls short to rectify the past mistakes. Ram says I never blamed you for your dad’s crimes, what’s your plan now. Ishaan says mom doesn’t need to marry, I can make my career and take care of her. Ram asks do you need another dad, she will try to convince that Vikrant is not like Varun. Ishaan says I will say, I won’t want him. Priya says your dad is good, he is also on an adventure. Pihu says he should have been with us, if I pray, then God will make you meet your prince charming, right.

Adi says Ishaan wants to get separated from Sara. Ram says I won’t do this. Ram imagines Priya and dances with her. He asks Adi to check hotel cctv footage. Pihu collides with Ram in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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