Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Vedika misleads Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with reporter asking Ram to hold Priya’s hand. Ram holds her hand. Priya jokes. Ram and Priya come home. They meet Nandini. Ram worries. Nandini says calm down, such little things happen, I will get fine if Priya forgives Akki. Priya says sorry, it happened because of Akki. Nandini says Akki is like my son, Shubham also used to trouble me a lot. Priya asks did they land. Nandini says no. Vedika, Akki and Shivi come home. Vedika says there was a technical problem in private jet, weather is bad, so we couldn’t book commercial flight also. Ram says fine, we will make tomorrow’s booking. Ram and Priya go. Vedika says I m so happy that I have come back. Nandini says its your house. Akki says she can go to Manali tomorrow. Shivi says I m super excited to go tomorrow. Ram says I had come to show you the surprise gift. Priya says sorry. They look for the gift. She asks where is it, its your way to talk about Akki. Ram thinks the gift should have been here. He says I will find out. He calls Adi and asks where is the gift. Adi asks what gift, you didn’t tell me. Ram says I got insulted here.

Adi calls Vikrant and asks did Ram ask for any gift, come to the bakery fast. Akki comes to talk to Priya. He asks where is Priya. Ram says she is in washroom. Akki asks him to play a good song Aye zindagi… Ram says I m going to get a gift, Priya. He leaves. Priya comes. Akki says sorry, forgive me. She asks how can you do this, did you come in someone’s words. Akki says yes, right, I thought Shivi should also get the bangle. Priya says its about the word that you told Ram, it hurts him, why did you say Ram is her stepbrother, don’t spoil my mood, we have an interview today, please go now. He says sorry and goes. She thinks Ram has become my habit, weakness and strength today, I was happy alone. She stops the song. She checks some message on Ram’s laptop. She thinks who is sending these messages to Ram. Vedika looks on. She thinks you will know who will need professional help now. Adi and everyone eat snacks. Brinda says they just came to eat. Sandy says we will make Ram and Priya play a game. Brinda says your idea is nice. Ram comes and asks Adi for the gift. Vikrant says I had ordered it, it will come. Brinda asks Sandy to take the anchor away, what will she think about Ram. Sandy takes the lady with her. Brinda asks Ram to change. Ram says I have to gift Priya, I got insulted. Vikrant gets a call. He asks why did it not reach, I have paid it, how did it get delivered, where. Ram says I was at home, I didn’t receive it. Brinda says calm down, go home, I will get the gift, get ready. She goes. Sara asks is everything fine at home. Ram says yes, why. Sara says Akki is staying there, he doesn’t behave like that. He says I know, Shivi insisted him to do so, what happened, I will pay for this. She says Akki doesn’t come in Shivi’s words, they are perfect. Ram asks what do you mean. She says I think Akki has some doubt about Vedika, maybe he knows about your and Vedika’s past. Ram says its not possible, how will he know, no one mentions this at home, I will tell Priya when right time comes, Vedika won’t say. She says I m sure it will be fine if Vedika goes. Sara says Priya wants to forward hand towards you. He says Priya’s happiness is my responsibility, I will talk to Akki, I promise, everything will be alright. Vedika thinks why is Priya not reacting.

Priya reads the messages. She says I shouldn’t read his personal messages. She says who is sending these messages. Vedika hides. Priya shuts the door. She says is he really acting to be happy with me. Vedika deletes the messages. Priya recalls Ram and her moments. She cries and thinks Ram loves his family, he married me for Shivi’s sake, because of Akki’s condition, is he tolerating me, he told me that he won’t fall in love again, he won’t cheat, its not in his nature, I m misunderstanding.

Vedika finds the bangles in Akki’s room. Shubham confronts Akki. Priya says Akki didn’t steal. Nandini asks how shall we believe him. Ram comes and says because Priya is saying.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bade Ache… What a joke. The real mother of Ram would mot wish bad upon the son’s wife. In this case, Nandini is out to destroy her son’s marriage. And, the witch Vedika. My goodmess!. How much more desperate can she get? Do the makers of of the series read our comments,? Does Sony TV know that we are watching crepe,?

    1. @Kiran I didnt watch the first BALH but you are right. This nandini and vedika drama needs to end. The makers are now going far with this. Im still eagerly waiting for the day both Ram and Priya sees the truth of Nandini shubham and vedika.

    2. Thanks. I hope the makers do realize what rubbish we are watching.

  2. Yaar what Really Vedika is doing !!..Damn!.. its so bad!!..she crossed all limits!! I m really afraid what will be Priya’s reaction towards Ram!?!..

  3. Enough of this plot it is so annoying – Nandini and Vedika. Your rating will go low if you continue this negative casts in the program

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