Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya gets grateful to Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya thinking of the excuses to call Ram. She says Sara would have scolded me by now. She thinks how to call her. The man gets the juice drink. She reads Ram’s note and smiles. He gets Priya’s note and gets the milkshake. Ram and Priya think of each other. Ram cleans the bed quickly before answering her call. She says I won’t call again. He calls her and asks why are you still awake, you will fall weak. He asks is everything fine there. She says Sara went alone there, its all complicated, did you meet Krish. Ram says yes, dad was tensed that day, Shashi’s dad is the common link, he isn’t alive now, Shashi is missing. She says Vedika can make you reach him. He asks how is it with Sara, how does Sara’s son live without her. She says Ishaan is close to Varun, Sara used to stay outdoors for work to financially balance the family. He says you girls have done a lot. She says you have also done much for your family, you can use the coupon. He says I like your taunts. She says I m too far from you, shall I ask something. He says yes. She asks why do you act scared. He says I m really scared to lose you. She changes the topic. She says I feel awkward with such things. He jokes about the kiss. She says I m ending the call. He says okay, I won’t tease you.

He says we won’t talk about this, we will talk about the case. She asks do you want to talk to Vedika. He says I didn’t take her name, you are thinking a lot about her. He teases her. She says I don’t like these filmi things. He questions her about her college days. She says Krish was my crush. He says oh I see. She says you can’t tease me about my crush at this time, I was just 18 and now I m 32. She ends the call. She gets Sara’s message.

Shubham and Akki come from jogging. Nandini asks them to have breakfast. Shubham refuses and says I will follow Akki’s diet plans. Akki asks him to have coconut water. Nandini asks him if he has made some plan. Akki says no, the land is too big. She says that land was gifted to me, you are also like my son. Shubham says I decided, we will have a health plan project, you will lead it, lets work together as partners, Shivi will also like it. She asks are you doing this for Shivi, don’t lie. Akki asks what is it. Nandini says for Priya, Shubham is scared to talk to her, he wants to come to good terms with her. Shubham says yes, sorry for that day. Akki says she is scary type, but she is good, discipline is right in life. He praises Priya. Nandini asks them to prepare the presentation and show to Ram. Priya asks is Ishaan fine. Sara says yes, he thinks I left him for my work, I don’t see any solution. Priya thinks to talk to Ram and take his help. Ram is on the way and thinks Priya will be happy in shock seeing me. Sara says Varun was a good son and a good dad, he has no problem with my work.

Priya says we can ask Ram for help, we can ask him to give a job to Varun. Varun comes and says you are planning all this. Priya says I want you and Sara to stay together, selling the bakery isn’t a good idea. He asks did you find a solution. Sara says you have to come to Mumbai. He recalls Mahender’s words and says no, its okay. Priya says I can help, my husband is really nice, he can help you, I will call him, you come if you like else you can say no. Ram comes and hears them. He says don’t say no. Priya gets surprised seeing Ram.

Ram says I know that you are special for Sara and Priya, else Priya doesn’t ask for my help, I will do whatever it takes, I want your consent, will you let me help my wife and become a hero in her sight. Varun thinks. Ram asks Sara to say. Varun says thanks. Ram says okay, great, so its decided, you are shifting to Mumbai, I will do whatever I can do for Varun, I will talk to Kunal, he will handle everything, don’t thank me now, else I will have to say that it was my duty. Sara hugs Ram. Priya thinks you always make my big problems so simple.

A lady complains to the police about some murder. Priya gets kidnapped. A lady comes to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Saw india’s got talent finale just now. What talent! Just fantastic. I was particularly impressed by Ishita’s talent. She sang like a nightingale and wow-Ed the audience with her singing prowess and graceful dance movements. She’s a powerhouse of talent. And then we have show off shilpa shetty kundra- she had to show off and swing her bony hips to the same song and show her slitted dress and her legs right up to you know where. Will the woman never understand dignity and decency at this age? How old is she anyway? Nudging 50 is my guess. Grow up woman!

    1. And what exactly has THIS to to with BALH2 ??

  2. Watani Mokhlis

    I was sure that Sara’s hidden husband will appear some day and he must be a very bad guy like her father Mahendar

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