Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Akki is missing

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mama ji and Priya going to ask the guard. Ram comes to Shivi. Shivi says I want flowers. He says it will be there. She says I want real flowers to adorn in my hair. He says I will call Adi. Adi and Brinda come with the flowers. Shivi goes. Brinda teases Ram. She asks where is Priya, its her pagphera. Nandini says Ram stayed in his Sasural at night. Ram says my car broke down, Priya is with her family, its her brother’s marriage. Nandini asks Brinda to get Priya and offer help. She asks Ram to sleep, he would have not slept well there, there is no AC. Ram says I had a good sleep. He asks Adi to get cup cakes for him. Brinda asks did you sleep.

Guard says office is closed. Priya says I don’t feel anything right, Akki is here, we should go and check. She gets Maitri’s call. Maitri says Neeraj and I came to the bakery, his friend can track Akki’s location. Priya says I will come. She says we have to find him, I will go and meet him, you go home. Mama ji asks her to take care. Raj hides from her. She leaves.

Mami cries for Akki. Meera consoles her. Adi and Brinda come home. Sandy says we all will miss Priya a lot, so Mami got emotional. Adi says Priya is here, right. Meera asks them to sit. Brinda says we came to take Priya for Pagphere, where is she. Priya says we should go and find Akki. Neeraj says his last location was on SV road. Priya says don’t know where did Akki go. She gets Sandy’s message. She says Adi and Brinda have come home, we don’t have much time. Neeraj says I m trying. Priya says if I don’t reach home, then they will know it. He says Akki got an opportunity and he left Shivi, we shall go home and tell the truth. Mama ji comes and says Akki…. Sara says Adi and Brinda have come to take Priya for Pagphere, where are they. Mama ji says she is at the bakery. Brinda asks does she need time. Meera says don’t worry, I will take Priya. Adi says marriage is in some time. Brinda says fine, we will go, you get Priya. Adi and Brinda leave.

Adi says we will go to bakery, Ram wants cupcakes. Mama ji says Priya is at the bakery with Neeraj and Maitri. Neeraj says I got producers’ address, come. Priya says no, I think he is at the office. He argues and says everyone insults me. She asks them to go to the producers’ house, she will go to the office. He says I won’t go. Maitri says don’t get angry, calm down. Neeraj and Priya argue. Adi hears them. Adi thinks Priya’s Mama said she is with Akshay here, what’s going on here. Ram comes to see Shivi. He says you look so beautiful like a fairy. Nandini says if your dad was alive today, then he would be proud. He says its because of Shivi, she gave us a big happiness, we love you. Shivi says I love you. Nandini says not Shivi, because of you, you are fulfilling all his duties, he would be proud. He says he also believed in love, when he lost mum, you supported him, he found his love in you. She says I m very lucky to get him, I m more lucky that I got you because of him, I m sorry, I m behaving weird since many days, its because of this day. He says yes. Vikrant gets angry. Adi says calm down, I didn’t say this to Brinda, their family is a liar, I don’t know what Priya wants to do, how will I tell this. Vikrant says we have to tell Ram that Priya went to meet Neeraj in the bakery.

Ram says I didn’t know that I will get you both after mom came in my life, I lost dad, and got you all, I would have broken down without you, I m here because of you, mom. He cries. He says I just want to give you happiness, my life is an open book. Shubham says you are making us emotional. Ram says I m saying the truth, after losing dad and Vedika, you all handled me and gave me moral support, I m proud to do something for Shivi, I m very happy that she is marrying the one she loves. Shivi nods.

Ram says mom, I did my duty, not any favor, Shubham will stand for me, right. Shubham says yes, of course. Mama says we are also there. Shivi says get ready. Nandini says we had to do this drama, Ram is seeing his sister’s happiness. Shubham says work is done, Raj has sent this. Nandini says its time. Ram brings Shivi downstairs. Nandini says its my responsibility now. Adi and Vikrant come to talk to Ram. Adi asks where is Priya, she isn’t with her family. Nandini says she is right. Brinda and Kunal come. Nandini asks where are Akki and his family. Adi says Priya lied that she is with Akki. Ram says they were getting ready. Nandini asks why didn’t Priya come. Brinda says Priya will come with Meera later. Nandini asks were Priya and Akki there. Shivi says no, I spoke to Sandy. Shubham says you remember the producer, Mama found out, Akki met the producer and signed the contract, read it. Ram sees the pic and checks the contract. Ram says its written that he has to go abroad tonight for the shoot. Shivi says no, he can’t sign it.

Shubham asks why can’t he do it. Ram says I didn’t see him. Nandini says he left. Ram says no, they would have told me. Mama ji says Priya and Akki’s dad also went there. Ram says no chance. Mami says their son has run away, Akki’s shooting is more imp than Shivi, because Priya’s marriage is done. Shivi says Akki won’t do this. Shubham says sorry, Mami is right. Brinda asks Ram to call Priya and clear this misunderstanding. Ram calls Priya. He says her phone is off. Adi says come, we will go to her house. Ram says wait. He calls Meera. He asks are you all ready, mom has sent the car, come here, we will go to the hotel from here. Meera says fine, as you say. She ends call. She says we can’t hide here, Shivi is waiting for her groom, we will tell them the truth. She asks Mama to message Priya, that they are going to Ram’s house, I will go and tolerate their anger. Mami says I can’t come, if the marriage doesn’t happen, then I won’t come to hear their taunts. Meera says I will take the blame on myself, I won’t let Priya get blamed. Ram says Shivi, you love Akki, you think he can do this. She says no, I really trust him, he won’t leave me. He says if you trust him, then keep the trust, I trust your trust. Nandini says I trust Ram’s trust, we will talk to Meera, Priya is a part of this family now. Meera and family comes. Ram asks where is Priya, and where is Akki. Meera says Akshay….

Adi says we will find him. Mama asks does Akki want to marry or not. Ram asks won’t he marry Shivi. Priya comes and says its not true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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