Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya decides to go back

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying I have promised mom that I will stop this marriage. Adi says you will regret later. Ram says I regret to bond with that family. Adi says you should have ruined Ishaan. Vikrant comes and asks what. Adi says we didn’t decide about the engagement party. Vikrant asks Ram will you dance with your GF or your daughter, why did Shweta tell me about your daughter. Ram says nothing, that girl called me her dad to save me from Shweta, I want the ppt ready for the new construction site. He goes. Adi says Ram is happy because of that girl, who is she. Priya says she is Ram’s daughter, Ram shouldn’t know it, if he had seen Pihu then… Maitri worries. She says I should have not left Pihu alone, Ram didn’t meet her. Priya asks how are you sure that the person who gave her cupcake wasn’t Ram. Maitri says he is good with kids, Pihu said that man was rude, he can’t be Ram. Priya says you are right, I think I should leave Mumbai and go with Pihu, he hates me, I don’t want anything wrong. She goes. Maitri thinks I have seen connection between them, I wish I could tell you.

Sara calls Sandy and scolds her. She says you said Ram will be at office, what was he doing at the mall. Sandy asks was he at the same mall where you went. Sara says yes, Ram and Priya came face to face, I m scared that Priya will go away. Sandy says I didn’t know, is Priya okay. Sara asks will she be okay. Sandy says so sorry, I will finish work and come soon. She turns and sees Nandini and Shubham. Sandy says I came to get papers signed by Shubham. Nandini asks is there any problem. Sandy thinks I can’t tell them about Priya and Ram. She says its Sara’s engagement tomorrow. Nandini asks is everyone coming. Sandy says there is work load, I don’t know much, Sara and Maitri went for shopping, I should leave, Ram would be waiting. She leaves. Nandini says I heard her saying, is Priya fine, is she here. Shubham says don’t talk of that Priya. She asks him to keep an eye on Sandy. She says I will find out about Priya. Priya says I m leaving, I should have not come here, Krish also agrees with me. Krish says yes. Sara says you kept meeting Pihu and Priya, we don’t get this chance. He says this can happen again. Priya asks did you get the train tickets. Sara asks where are you going, you never tell me anything, I can’t believe this, what shall I do that you trust me again. Priya says I will go and see Pihu. Sara asks Pihu to go out and play. Pihu says we will play interrogation. She plays with Priya. Sara says Priya is going away without telling us. Pihu asks what crime did she do that she is running away, it means she did something wrong. Priya scolds her and asks her to go out.

Pihu says sorry. She asks Priya not to tie her hair, she feels scared. She goes to play. Priya cries. Pihu asks how did she become angry, what can be the reason. Sara asks what’s this behavior, you vented anger on Pihu. Priya says my mind isn’t working, I scolded her for the first time, she has maturely handled my anger, I m a bad mum to keep her away form her dad. Krish says she is so sensible, she learnt this from you. Sara says yes, but you met Ram accidentally, Ram doesn’t know that Pihu is his daughter, why are you scared. Priya says truth can come out, I have lied to Pihu, whatever happened with Shivina, if he tells that to Pihu, that I m a criminal, then what will I do, I m happy for your new life, I can’t lose Pihu. Krish says Sara understood, I will take you and settle you wherever you want. Priya says thanks, I will meet Pihu and say sorry to her. Ram is at the tea stall. He thinks of Priya. He gets Ishaan’s call. He tells about Sara’s engagement. Ishaan asks what, with whom. Ram says sorry if Sara didn’t tell you, its strange that she didn’t tell you that she is getting married to Vikrant. Ishaan asks your friend, Vikrant? Ram says you should come and ask Sara, I know that love makes people selfish, Vikrant will be your dad now. Ishaan says no, her decision is wrong, I will call her. Ram says calm down, pack your bags, I m sending a chartered flight, come here, we will talk to Sara. Ishaan says I don’t want to see her face. Ram says you trust me, right, I m suggesting this for your betterment. Ishaan says I trust you blindly. Ram says promise me, you won’t talk to Sara about this. Ishaan says promise, thanks for always being there for me. Ram thinks I had to use a kid today because of Priya, just to keep her away from my life, no one from Sood family will connect with us, it will be good for Vikrant and Ishaan.

Priya looks for Pihu. Pihu calls out mumma. Krish asks Priya to relax. Priya says don’t know where did Pihu go. Pihu gets hit by a car and shouts mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ram will surely regret when he comes to know that Ishaan was the one who pushed Shivina. He is hating the person who did nothing and is taking care of the person who killed his bacha!

    1. Exactly but even worse Nandini n Shubam are the cause of her death indirectly as they planned all this but karma got the better of them sadly shivI paid for that

  2. same old shit in every kekta show!

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