Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish learns some facts from Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya saying don’t give a false hope to Ram. Krish says you didn’t like me in college, don’t judge me, I m serious about my work. Adi says you want to hang with a guy whom Priya liked. Ram says I m not jealous like you, Priya would have killed him thinking he was going to kill me, everything is fine when she is with me, I want to know her taste in men, she didn’t tell me in which college did she study, I think it’s a good way to know her, I want to know her heart, she won’t tell me, I will find out from her friends, I m doing this, I want to be the best for her, Priya also wants me to get a closure in dad’s case. Adi says it was an accident. Ram asks really, why did Shashi’s dad try to get the land, why is Shashi paying the goons. Kunal says Krish is coming on dinner. Ram says its her crush, I will win this bet. Priya makes the food. Nandini and Shubham come. Priya says when Ram made me the signing authority, you weren’t in city, we shall end this matter here. Nandini says yes, shame on you Shubham. He says I know, I m sorry, no need to sign anything, I will give the expenses list and then you decide. Priya says I like it this way. Nandini asks Shubham to remember, don’t do anything, else Ram will oust him. She says join hands with Akki, he is Priya’s biggest weakness, she will never leave this house, just a miracle can do this.

Priya comes to Ram and says sorry, I was scared. Ram says I didn’t know you both were in same college, I m glad to know. She says there were other people in that college, its about you, I was worried for you. He says glad to hear this. She says you are careless, don’t make this romantic.

He says Adi felt you and Krish… She asks what. He says maybe he was your crush, maybe you liked him, I m joking. She gets some message. She says Sara’s Saas is no more, she has to go to Delhi. Ram says Sara’s husband will be there. She says yes. He says we both will go, she needs us right now, meeting isn’t imp than family. She says I will go and come. He says sorry, this happened. She nods.

Ram takes Priya in the car. He asks about Sara’s husband. She says they got married long time back, they are in a distant relationship.

She says I really wish that Varun and Ishaan shift to Mumbai, he loves his dad a lot, so he stays with his dad. Ram says our children will also love me more, I didn’t mean that we have kids tomorrow itself. She asks when will we reach. He says in some time, where is your suitcase, it looks like a briefcase, you can tell me if I can help in resettling Sara’s family. She thinks you always want to help others. She says I will tell you, thanks.

Mahender talks to Varun. He says Sara and Priya are coming there. Varun says Sara will ask me to come to Mumbai. Mahender says no way, you can’t come here. He says Ram doesn’t know that you exist, you can’t come here. Ram meets Krish. Krish asks his point of view. Ram says it was an accident. Krish says we have to see it by different perspectives, we will have the true story hidden in something. Priya says I didn’t know when did Ram book the fancy room. Sara says I told him, Varun’s house is small, you can have a problem there. Priya says we are from a middle class family, I can adjust. Sara says I don’t know how Ishaan would react. Priya says so I didn’t wish to send you alone. Sara says thanks, Ram messaged me that he will come on my one call, he is very caring. Priya thinks he would be worried, don’t know what is he talking to Krish.

Ram says I was doing a job 15 years back at my dad’s friend Kumar’s office, dad and Kumar were close, they could do anything for each other, that day, dad called me twice, I had just reached the office. He recalls his dad calling him and asking his permission to take the car. He says check the land I bought for Nandini, I m leaving with Kumar for Alibagh, don’t tell this to anyone. Ram says okay dad. FB ends. Krish says it means he sensed the danger. Ram says I didn’t think so, I m thinking of one thing, he told me to stay alert about the land, Sahil and Shashi were behind it, I didn’t understand. Krish asks when did the second call come. Ram recalls Vedika coming to him. He says I was leaving for a movie, dad asked me to go to his cabin and get a blue colour file, I was going to get it, I got a call from inspector about the accident. Krish asks who is Vedika. Ram says you are not serious, I don’t want to talk about it. Krish says your dad wanted to save the papers, what were that. Ram says no idea, I went there and saw dad, that one moment changed my entire life, handling mom and younger siblings, I had to handle myself and business also, I don’t remember. Krish says I understand, three things are still a mystery, those papers, Shashi and Vedika, its imp to know her point of view. Ram says keep her out of this, her mental health isn’t fine, we are done for tonight. Krish says yes, does Priya hate her. Ram says no, hatred is a way to hide love.

A lady says it was not an accident, but a murder. Someone comes to Priya. She is kidnapped. The lady comes to save Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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