Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram meets a mystery man

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram’s friends saying we won the land, we will celebrate. Ram says we shall celebrate, I got some work, I will see you guys. He leaves. Priya recalls Ram and smiles. Nandini and Mami see her. Akki asks what happened, won’t you have breakfast. Priya says no. shivi teases Priya and says you are glowing so much. Akki says Priya doesn’t use any makeup, she is natural beauty. Nandini asks about Ram. Priya says he went to the court. Nandini says he has gone for the land case, he goes every month but no use. Priya asks about the case. Nandini says Virender had bought a land for me, it was his last gift, Ram is sentimental about that land. Priya recalls his words.

Ram recalls his dad’s words. FB shows his dad asking him to not let anyone snatch their land. Ram asks why are you so scared. His dad says I will come home and talk. Ram does his work. Vedika comes and asks how much will you work. He says I don’t want your dad to complain. They have a cute moment. She watches him work. He says I can’t focus this way. Ram sits in the car and says take me to the office. The driver says congrats, you won the case. Ram says dad was scared that someone will snatch that land, Sahil was Shashi’s dad, Shashi didn’t tell me, why am I not understanding, there is something. Driver says your dad’s accident and this land mess happening on the same day, isn’t this strange. Ram says you drive the car. He gets down the car. He says wait, how did you know that I won the case, both the incidents had the same date, you aren’t my driver, who are you. The man says yes, I m not anyone’s driver. Ram calls security. The man says relax bro, its good to find the right question, someone will be missing. Ram scolds him. The man says I was seeing how careless you are, you are living without knowing the reason for your dad’s death. Ram says it was an accident. The man says there is nothing like an accident, think and find out the reason, or maybe you will know that it was just an accident. He runs from Tarun and guards.

Priya comes to office. She says I will leave early and message him that I m going to the bakery. Ram comes and enters the lift. He holds Priya. Dil ki dhadkan….plays… Ram says sorry. Priya looks at him. She says Nandini said about the court case, all fine. Ram says we won after 15 years, dad gifted a land to mom, finally mom will get it, dad would have been much happy if he was here. She says you should celebrate, why are you tensed, are you still acting like me. He says you also did my acting well.

She asks why are you worried. He says we won the case, but there is no peace, the land was seized on the same day when dad met with an accident, I feel that there is some link, or maybe it’s a coincidence. She says I shouldn’t say but I will say. He says you are my wife, you have a right, especially after last night, I mean I want to know your perspective. She asks him to find out the accident truth. She says I think I should tell you. He says police found out and felt it was an accident, I don’t think they will open the case after many years. She asks him to hire a private investigator. He says a man got in my car in driver’s disguise and drove me here, I didn’t know who he was. Priya scolds the men from entering the lift. She says we are busy. Ram says we can’t do it here, its office lift. Priya says you won’t change. He says sorry. She says don’t make it a joke, were you sleeping, you didn’t see that man. Ram says no, I was reading a magazine. She asks how didn’t you see that random man. He says don’t shout, I will have anxiety and need bp medicines, I know the answer, you will get angry. She asks him what is all this. He says I m finding courage, I don’t know my driver. She asks what. He says I mean I don’t know how he looks. She says his name isn’t Tarun. He says I can’t remember everyone’s face. She scolds him with love. Ram smiles. Kunal and Sandy enter the lift. Ram and Priya make excuse. Priya leaves. Kunal gives a look to Ram. Ram says empathize with me, she shouted on me. Priya says who can it be, don’t know what was his intentions, Ram is so careless. She thinks to find out who was that man. She messages Sandy to come and meet her. She says it can’t be Mahender, then who is he.

Priya and Sandy check the cctv footage. Ram meets the private investigator Krish. Priya calls Ram and hears Krish. She goes to the bakery and sees Krish. She hits him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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