Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Nandini makes a plan

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying its not Akki’s mistake, its okay. Priya says he said a wrong thing. He says I love my siblings, I want the puja to happen peacefully, this puja matters to me, my mum and dad used to do it together every year, I don’t want any problem, if anyone is upset, you know… I know what Akki means to you, I don’t want anything to happen between Shivi and Akki. Nandini comes. Ram says its not like that, Priya isn’t leaving the house. Nandini asks Priya to forgive Akki and think of puja and interview.

She says you both will be called the best couple, think about it, okay, I have to talk to Ram about Manali plans. Ram goes with her. Priya thinks what to do, this puja is special for Ram. Akki recalls Priya. He hides the bangle. He prays for Priya. Brinda and Sara talk to Priya. Brinda says its impossible that Ram didn’t shop for you. Priya says you both are with Ram, no one is there in my team. Sara says you have Akki. Brinda teases her about Ram. Vedika sees Priya and messages Ram. Ram talks to Adi. Priya comes and gives him healthy juice. Adi laughs. She says have your milkshake, you like just unhealthy thinks. Ram thinks now you will see what I want to show you. Ram says so what, I will drink it. He gets Vedika’s message. He shuts the laptop. Priya thinks does he want to buy this saree for me. Vedika goes. They have a talk and smile. Akki comes to bakery to talk to Sara. He sees Shivi there. Sara says Shivi told us everything, what did you do. Shivi says sorry, you all were so worried, I came to take help.

Sara asks since when did you get interested in bangles. Brinda says Priya is imp for you, its Ram and Priya’s puja and interview tomorrow, they are coming close, forget it. Adi says we will talk about this later. Akki thinks to not talk in front of everyone.

Everyone meets at the temple for puja. Adi says I asked media to stay away, Ram wants to do the puja with devotion. Meera says its good. Ram comes and greets her. He asks where is Priya. He jokes on Shivi. Akki and Shivi come. Adi says press would be coming. Ram says puja should start on time. Priya comes with Sara. Ram and everyone smile. Meera says Priya called me and asked me the importance of this day, I told her that Shiv and Parvati are parts of the same body, she has worn the bridal saree to make this day special. Priya asks did you feel bad. Ram says no, I had a surprise, I will change plan. He gets a call. He goes. Doctor says I called you to tell about Nandini, she has high BP, this never happened before, I gave her medicines, I can’t advise her to travel. Ram says I will talk to her. Nandini gets Ram’s call. She says we are leaving for the airport. He says no, doctor told me that your bp is high, you won’t go, you can go later. She says I have asked the jeweller to make the same bangles, I will bring bangles home. He says we can get it here. She says no, he is an old jeweller, we have to do this for Akki and Shivi, we have to respect him. He says you can’t go. She says no one knows about this bangle, you can’t go because its puja today. He says yes, Priya is waiting. She says I have to go and get the bangle. He says you won’t go. She asks will you go then, tell me. He thinks Priya got decked me for me, I can’t leave her, but I can’t send mom, my problem is not the bangle, mom wants to protect Akki and Shivi.

Meera asks how will Priya do the puja alone. Nandini says Ram respects me, it will throw Priya out of his life. Vedika challenges Brinda.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thank God !! now I am satisfied that someone is there for Ram who understands his feelings and who tell him to think of himself too!! really a good episode today!! Priya wore that sari for Ram! she is slowly heading herself towards Ram !! good to see that!! I know Ram will definitely come and will surely solve this so called Kangan problem!! and then again Vedika and Nandini will be astonished!! but what is Vedika planning to do with that sari or so?!! can`t understand…. hope everything goes well!!

  2. this show is dragging unnecessarily. When will they reveal that Nandini and Vidhika are the villians to Ram and Priya. Day after day, just dragging the show has become pretty irritable.

  3. Please cut the parts of Nandini and Vedika. No one is happy in this series. Bade Ache….Everyone is so tense. It is bad for health even to watch this show. Laughter is the best medicine. Lighten the show a bit. I will NOT miss this series if it ends today. Just being honest. Series like Dhadkan Zindagi ki, leave a mark.

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