Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Neha walking down the stairs and is looking young and gorgeous in Natasha’s clothes. Vikram gets surprised and so is Ram. Neha says I fit in Natasha’s clothes perfectly. Ram praises her. Neha tells Ram to asks Vikram to go from there. Neha asks him to say sorry with a meaning. Ram says he will go mad between them. Rishabh tells Soumya that he will take part in the show. Ram asks them what is going on. Soumya makes some excuses and Ram understands that they have some other plan. He asks them to get ready for Natasha’s charity show. Rishabh tells Soumya that we will go some other time. Soumya smiles. Vikram makes Neha jealous by talking about the ladies, she asks him to with her. She gets a call and says she reached there.

Mamaji tells Vikram

that his heart is beating fast and looks at Saudamini. Vikram asks what else happens in this age. Mamaji says he is hardly 4 years elder to him and bachelor too. Vikram tells Mamaji that he is looking much younger. Mamaji says whether Saudamini says yes to him.

Natasha thanks the guests for coming for the charity show. She says whatever money will be collected would go for the families of the place crash victims. Vikram asks Neha for a dance but she asks him to says sorry. She agrees finally. Priya looks amazing in a simple saree. She looks at Ram while the song Tere mere saath ki gaadiya…. plays in the BG. She asks him about the date, Ram says he knows something is special about the date and asks her instead. Priya says you have not tried to remember and says forget it. She leaves. Ram goes to her and holds her hand romantically while the song Ishq ki saazishein Ishq ki baaziya plays in the BG. They dances with each other and looks lovely. Vikram and Neha too dances, while Mamaji dances with Saudamini. Rahul and Cady dances as well.

Natasha says as you know all, this is a charity show and starts bidding for the dress. Neha bids for 50000, Vikram thinks she is still angry with him that’s why bidding so high. Ram bids for 55000 and Neha bought the dress for Rs.125000. Neha buys another dress for 3 lakhs and tells Vikram that charity begins at home. Natasha thanks Neha and Vikram for their gesture.

Vikram tells Rahul that the funds which they have collected for his US trip and asks him to go to Ram nagar instead. Neha asks him to shut up and says charity begins at home. Neha buys another dress for 5 lakhs. Vikram tells his daughter that your mother took the dresses from the funds of your marriage. Natasha thanks the guests at the end of the show. Ram smiles. Neha looks at the dresses which she bought, Vikram says she spend 9 lakhs on the dresses. Natasha comes and hugs her. She thanks her and says for you 1000 kisses and million hugs. Someone says I should get it as he bought the dresses. He meets Vikram as he happens to be his brother. Natasha gets surprised to see him. Natasha and him talk about the college days. He says he spend all his savings as he felt it should help someone. He flirts with Natasha. Natasha says why you spend all your savings, are you crazy. He says money comes and goes but he is still rich. Both of them hug each other.

Ram pats on him for bidding more than him. Priya tells Neha, what is Ram doing with him, Neha says Ram used to rag him like this. She says he is Vikram’s last cousin and is adorable. Vikram pats on him for his plan to buy all the dresses. Ram too nag him. Natasha joins them and teases Bhanu.

Vikram talks with Ram about his younger brother. Vikram says he likes Natasha sunce college days. Ram says I came to know about it but late. Vikram asks what you feel if Bhanu likes Natasha now also, Ram says I don’t like it much. Vikram says what is the problem, if Natasha gets him. Vikram asks what is the problem. Ram says he wants Natasha to take some time off and think about her life. Vikram agrees. The episode ends on Ram’s thoughtful face.

Bhanu and Natasha dances on the tune of Mera yaar yaar tujhme mera pyaar pyaar tujme. Priya, Neha and all others looks at them happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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