Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani asking Priya to rethink about her decision. She asks her not to be upset. Mamaji asks his group not to start thinking much. He says he has a solution that they should pack their bags now and go as nobody can stop Ram and Priya being together. Nishi thinks Priya took away her happiness and will not let that happen this time. Pihu thinks she will not let Ram and Priya come together. Mamaji thinks he should get the ticket to his home town. Sammy comes. Pihu sees him and asks him to come with her to the room as she wants to speak to him.

Kady asks Rajath to stay with them for some time. Rajath says he has to go back and check his publishing business in Dubai. Vikram comes and asks him not to go. Kady says he came with his wish and should leave with their wish. Vikram says they will celebrate tomorrow with Ram and Priya. Daija also asks him to stay back. Rajath agrees. Vikram says he will call Ram and check but will wait until he says he patched up with Priya.

Sammy remembers Suhani telling that her kid’s father is Khush. Ram comes and asks Sammy why did he leave Pihu and came back. He says he Priya is coming tomorrow and he does not want any mistake, else he will take back his luxuries. Sammy says he knows what to do. Vikram calls Ram and asks if he called him. Ram asks should he not call. Ram says he took over his business and does not believe anyone now. Vikram says he wanted to inform him. Ram asks if he wanted to inform after taking over all his companies. He says once Priya comes back to his house, he will sack everybody.
Vikram is upset over Ram’s words. He gets Pihu’s call. Pihu says Ram has lost him, he is acting weird. Vikram says I know, he is not listening to everyone. Vikram says he is not believing his old friend, how can he think that he will fraud him. Pihu says was he talking about this. He says yes. She says Ram wants to bring Priya home and said he will not tolerate any misbehaviour with Priya. Vikram asks her to calm down, he will speak to Ram.

Daija asks what happened, is Pihu alright. Vikram informs Pihu came to know Priya is coming back to Ram’s house. He informs Ram is doubting him that he made fraud in his business and is not listening to him. Rajath asks to talk to Priya then. Vikram says he will go there tomorrow.

Priya remembers Ram’s words and Ram remembers her words. He calls Priya and asks why didn’t she sleep yet. She says even you didn’t sleep. She says we both are missing each other, so we are not getting sleep. He says your memories are very sweet. Priya asks him to sleep. He does not say anything. She asks if he is alright. He says he is feelig tired, nothing else. Priya insists. He says petty things, he will handle. Priya says he is hiding something from her. He asks her to sleep and think about them getting together tomorrow. She asks him also to sleep. They say good night and cut the call and start thinking about each other.

Rajath asks Vikram to stop drinking. He says Ram doubted me again. He says Ram let Pihu married to Sammy. He said I am a cheat and back stabber. Rajath says you are not and says he promises that Ram will come back and say sorry to him. Vikram says Ram has a big ego and will not come back. Rajath thinks how many people will Ram hurt. Vikram gets up and says he will go now and speak to Ram. Rajath stops him and asks him to speak to Ram tomorrow. Vikram insists he will speak to him now, Rajath asks him to sleep now and speak to Ram tomorrow.

Rajath comes to his room. Daija comes there and says looks like Mumbai did not suit him. Everyday, he gets into one or other problem. Rajath says he is worried about Vikram. Daijaa says Ram and Vikram are close friends, they fight and get back within minutes. Rajath says this time situation is different, how can Ram doubt Vikram. He says he will speak to Ram regarding this.

Pihu says Ram that she wants to speak to him. Ram says he does not want to listen against Priya. He says she is the only daughter in world who does not like her parents being together. He does not listen to her and goes.

Rajath informs Pihu that Khushi is returning home. Priya says Khush that she will speak to Ram. Khush asks what if Ram leaves you this time also…

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