Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Priya is looking at the number – 42 and says wish it were 24 so they have to wait for less time..! She offers biscuits to Ram to eat to relieve his stress..! Right then there is a call from office on Ram n he is called urgently to meet investors..! Ram says cant come..and Priya says why not? She asks him to go and says..she blanked out..not Ram..he has to finish unfinished business..! She asks him to go and says she is fine! Ram finally goes!

Sid asks Ayesha if she is ok? And if she is not sure they can reconsider and he is ready to face the consequences! Sid says..he doesnt want to but is agreeing for Ayeshas sake..! Ayesha is called by the nurse n Sid hugs her n wishes her luck..! He heaves a sigh of relief..!

Ram comes inside the conference room and investors greet him and say they were not aware..Ram is working with them..! The investors ask him what post he wants.. ! Ram is taken aback.. n they tell him they want him to continue with the company he can work at his desired post! Ram says.. as per his work..they can decide his post..! The investors say they know his work n experience.! They offer him the post of All India Marketing Manager and Ram is delighted.! They ask if its ok with him? Ram agrees…!

Mama asks the girl Saudamani what she wants to eat.. n she says.. dunno..n he says.. do what ur heart desires n she says.. shopping..! Mama says.. then go ahead..! The no. 35 gets called..! Priya gets up and asks an old lady to her place.! She tells Priya to continue sitting. .but Priya says..she has been sitting since long..! She says..she will just walk and come back..! She tells the nurse that she is waiting at the corridor n to call her ..when her turn comes..! The nurse agrees! Priya is walking n Sid just walks in front of her..! Priya is startled n starts to follow him..! Priya is called out..for her turn but she asks to postpone her turn to next day morning..! Priya asks the receptionist..what Sid asked n which direction he headed to..! The receptionist says..he asked for visiting card and dunno where he left! Priya calls Ram n tells him that she saw Sid..! Ram asks if she is sure? Priya says..100%.. !

Nutz smirks about Saudamani being pregnant.! She enters her boutique.. n Rahul tells her that they sold off her new creation at double the price.! Nutz gives them commission and asks who the nut was..? Mama is on the phone n asks driver to bring the car.. n Saudamani is delighted with the gift..! She tells Mama he is a coochie-poochie! Nutz reads the receipt and its Saudamani n is told she left with Mama n she comes out to check..! Nutz tells Saumya that if Saudamani had abortion how can she be walking all around..?! Saumya says..seems Ayesha lied to them again!

Part 2

Shipra asks Priya why is she looking pale n tired? Shipra offers to make lime water but she says..she is fine..! Priya asks where Pihu is.. n she says.. she is busy showing her new gift..! Pihu comes n shows PSP… Priya asks if Nutz gave..she spoils u a lot! Pihu says.. no good uncle gave! Priya asks the one who saved her in resort? Pihu says yes! Priya asks when did he give her? Pihu says.. yesterday in school..! Priya chides her for not telling her..! Pihu says that Priya came late so culdn show! Priya tells Pihu that its not right to take gift from strangers..! Pihu says..he saved her life .. n says she too gave him a gift! Priya asks what gift? Pihu says.. drawing of Raya Pihu n good uncle! Priya asks Pihu to return PSP but Pihu refuses to give..! Priya snatches Pihus PSP and scold her.. n Pihu breaksdown..!

Priyas parents cheer her.. n tells her that Priya is right…!

Rahul closes the boutique and shows Caddy the blind date setting..! He switches on the tape n its Ishq wala love..! He asks Caddy to dance with him on his kness n she agrees..! Rahuls moby rings ..n its Neha..! She asks him why does he take so much time to receive moby? Rahul says he can do one thing at a time..! Neha tells him that there are guests.. n he says he is in coaching..! Neha overhears music n asks why music? Rahul says someone playing! He cuts the call…! Neha tells her guest that they need to head out shopping .!

Priya tells Nutz n Saumya that everything is starnge today..! Nutz tells them about Rahul …Saudamani..!

Part 3

Ashwin handsover his resignation letter to Ram n Ram tears it..! He regrets his behaviour with Ram. .n Ram says.. that was his agenda. .not Rams.. so he can continue to work if he wishes to..! Ashwin leaves!

Priya asks Ayesha.. how come? Nutz says Saumya found pregnancy kit in Ayeshas room.. n Saudamani was flirting with Mama she couldnt have an abortion! Ayesha is pregnant! Priya self thought..Ayesha in hosp it has to be Sid only..! Priya asks about the chawl .. where Nutz suspected Ayesha used to go? Saumya goes to get the address!

Precap — Sid opens the door of his room in the chawl n finds RaYa standing outside n both are shocked on seeing each other..! Ram says. Sid u??

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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