Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with someone coming to Neha’s home and says they came with a marriage proposal to Pihu. Neha says are you sure. They say yes and says they are impressed with Pihu. Sammy looks on. Neha says timing is wrong as Pihu’s family is going through a lot these days. Ram calls Vikram and asks him to come home. Vikram says they are stressed and tired after Riddhima vidaai. Ram informs him that Priya is coming. Vikram gets happy and says they will come there. Sammy thinks it is an interesting proposal for Pihu. Ram asks something to Juhi, she says it is in the cupboard. Ram thanks her. Pihu sees this and tells Juhi why you did this as you like him. Juhi asks her to stop it.

Everyone welcomes Priya after her grah pravesh while she is

on the stretcher. Mamaji says to Khush that your maasi was wonderful. Khush says she is his mom and she is still alive. Ram gets emotional and happy. Priya is on the stretcher, Ram asks the male nurses to keep her at the bed. They keep her on the bed and leaves. Ram says you came back to this house after 7 years. Get well soon. I am very happy. I will try not to snore so that you don’t get disturb. He caresses her forehead while the BALH song plays in the BG. Ram smiles.

Pihu welcomes the shergill family and says I am glad that you people came here. Vikram introduces his family friends to Pihu. Pihu asks Sammy, why you didn’t call me. Sammy says he was busy as so many girls was after him and her turn didn’t come. Pihu asks what happened there. Sammy starts gossiping. Ram asks Sammy, what he has done in the university. Sammy says nothing. Ram asks jokingly to Vikram not to involve Sammy in the business. Ram says he is happy as he saw Priya’s face. Sammy tells Pihu that Ram uncle is always after him. Khush comes and greets Sammy and they had a guy’s talk. Sammy looks at Mandeep mom, she smiles. Meanwhile Mandeep mother speaks with her husband and says your son is just like you. He asks his son to meet Pihu. Ram sees him with Pihu and asks Vikram. Vikram says he is Mandeep and they are his family friend. Vikram says they likes Pihu and is interested in the alliance. They saw Pihu in Riddhima’s marriage and quite like her. Ram says you should have asked me yaar. Meanwhile Mandeep is talking to Pihu. Vikram says it is a day we all wait for. Now you also get the tissue paper. Ram says he is happy, he won’t cry. He says if Pihu like this guy then he will marry her off soon, as he wants Priya to see Pihu getting married. He asks Vikram to introduce him to Mandeep’s family.

Neha comes to Priya and says she is feeling happy to see her in her room. She says sorry and says she said sorry many times. She apologizes to her and asks for forgiveness. She says Riddhima got married yesterday, I made her wear your bangles and she was looking just like you. She asks her to wake up. She says Juhi became her friend now. She says they will get marry Pihu soon. Ram comes to Pihu and asks hesitantly if you like that guy then. Pihu says yes and says I know you wants me to get marry in one month. She says she realised how Neha aunty was praising her infront of Mandeep’s parents. She says I know you wanted me to get marry soon. I am ready and will get marry this month, infront of mamma. She says my marriage is important for you and mom. I want mamma to go with dignity. She asks Ram to promise her that he will move on else, she won’t sit on the mandap. Ram says I promise, I will do anything for your happiness. He asks her to promise that she is ready for marriage. Pihu promises him by keeping her hand on Priya hands and says I promise I will marry before Mamma leaves. Pari comes to Priya and says I brought happy and tiger and says you will get soon. We will stay together happily. She asks happy and tiger to take care of Mamma. She recalls the old time spent with Priya and gets emotional, while the sad music plays in the BG. She says goodnight mom and love you. The episode ends on Priya face.

Sammy comes and tells Vikram and Neha that I know you are getting senti that’s why I will sleep here with you both. Neha and Vikram are shocked. Sammy asks them to choose their place on bed. Neha tells Vikram that it is happening because of you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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