Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya telling Ram that Juhi loves you. Ram says it is disgusting and there is nothing between us. Priya says I believe you but I also believes her. She says she also loves you. I am not jealous or insecure or upset. I am rather sad that you didn’t know about her love for yourself. Ram asks, what happened to you? You said that she was lying? Priya says she was lying about the night but she wasn’t lying about love. It was indeed a truth. Didn’t you see her face, she didn’t have words to express her feelings. She was saying the truth. Ram says what are you saying? Priya says yes, and says there is something which she is not aware of. Ram says they are just friends and he has no feelings for Juhi. Priya says yes I know but she has feelings for you. She might be marrying Sid so that you can move on. She must be pained. She might have thought that one day she will get love but she came out of coma and her dreams are shattered. Ram says she did everything for your friendship. Priya says she did everything as she loved you. Priya says I can understand that she didn’t do for our friendship but did everything for love. You can’t know a woman’s heart. When mind stops working, then heart taking the decision. She loves you very much and you don’t love her. She really loves you. You have to accept it. Priya thinks what might have happen in these 7 years. She thinks something is hidden from her. Ram thinks to tell Priya that Juhi and he was about to marry but he thinks not to tell her as it will complicated their relation. Ram asks Priya to sit in the car. Rajiv comes and tells Priya that Juhi malign your marriage in court and said she had a illegal relation with your husband. Priya says you are a bad, selfish, self centred and self absorbed man. She says it is unfortunate that you came in Juhi’s life. She asks him not to worry about Juhi and they will take careof Juhi and Naina and asks him to stay away from them.

Rajiv says, the day you comes to know the truth about Juhi and Ram then you will know who is double minded person. He says you don’t know the truth and your husband is fooling you. He was about to spill the beans but Ram comes and stops him. Priya thinks why Juhi is marrying Sid when she actually loves Ram. She thinks to talk to Juhi.

Priya comes to Juhi’s room and finds her nowhere. She asks about Juhi to Suhani. Mamaji comes to Khush and says he is listening to music while his father is going to marry. He asks him to come for Sid’s marriage. Khush says he don’t want to go. Mamaji asks him to come. He is not my father. Sid comes and says I am marrying for you. khush asks, what do you mean? Mamaji excuses himself. Sid says he is marrying her as he told Priya that he is about to marry Juhi. Khush says I lied because Priya angel was not well but she shall know the truth. Sid says he will tell the truth. Priya comes inside and asks, what they are talking about? Sid says Khush declined to wear pagdi. Priya says she was searching Juhi. Sid says she went to parlour. Priya says she wants to talk to them and asks are you sure about the marriage? Sid says yes he is sure? Priya says it is clear that she doesn’t loves you. How can you love someone all your life. Sid says you didn’t love bhai when you got bhai and says life is giving them chance and they will start loving each other. He says he will get ready and asks her to get ready too.

Sammy and Mamaji are making the pagdi/turban. Mamaji asks Suhani to help Sammy and excuses himself. Sammy looks at Suhani while the music plays. Suhani makes Sammy wears the turban. Sammy jokes with her and holds her hand. Pihu comes and asks, what is going on? Sammy tells Pihu that the pendant is made for her. Pihu smiles.

Sudhir and Shipra are getting ready to go to Sid’s marriage. They asks Natasha to get ready. Natasha says she won’t come. Shipra tries to agree her. Natasha says it is a drama, and a lie which Sid and Juhi are supporting. Shipra says you are pained but. Natasha says she is hurt as everyone are lying with Priya. What will happen if Priya comes to know about the truth. How we will face her. Shipra says Ram will tell everything to Priya. Natasha says she is not interested to go. shipra says this marriage is essential. Natasha says everyone are lying and now betraying Priya. Shipra asks Sudhir to talk to Natasha. Sudhir says we have to go as we have to do Juhi’s kanyadaan and asks her to come along with her. Natasha looks on.

Priya tells Juhi that they will no longer be friends as they will become relatives. Juhi smiles. Priya asks, why you are doing this? And says I want to know why you are doing this. She says I know everything. Juhi looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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