Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ram and Priya in the office. Ram picks up some files that is left for him by Ahwin. an employee comes and Ram says that I knowthatI have to finish the work by today. Priya was not happy about this. Ram says to that employee that don’t worry you can go and tell Ashwin that I will complete the work today itself.
Priya says that you have so much work to do and you are laughing about it. Ram says “woh bechara raatbhar sota nahi hoga. Priya says matlab? Ram says whole night he must be thinking and planning on how to torture Ram Kapoor. He says that he must be thinking whether to give 20 or 30 files.

Priya says whatever Mr. Kappor this is not right. He is doing it on purpose. He wants to break you. Ram says that what is this you only say that I am super human. Priya says that yes look at this offiice in size/weight you are super.

Ram says i am only round in shape. Priya says when did i refuse gol is also a shape too. Ram says don’t worry I can handle Ashwin. He says let me handle him you don’t react at all. He says “jitna ziddi main hoon, woh utna nahi hain”. He says for how long will he continue to give up his sleep? He will get tired out one day and give up. He says my body is fat let me use it to my advantage. Priya says ok you work I will go alone for Pihu’s admission. Ram says no need she is my daughter she comes first then work. I will also come with you.

Priya says how will we manage? Ram says don’t worry we will think of something. Ashwin is then shown in his cabin talking to someone on the phone saying see you then bye. He keeps the phone down as he turns his head around he sees Ram and Piya happy and smiling. Seeing this he becomes angry and then flash back scene is shown where Priya holds ram by his hands and says he is my fiance.

Scene then shifts to Vikam and Neha’s house. Neha is shouting for Rahul to wake up. Rahul comes and sits on the table to eat breakfast. She then shouts for Vikram and Vikram arrives. Neha asks Vikram are you okay? Why didn’t you get ready to go to office? Vikram says that he didn’t feel like going to office.

Neha was about to go make tea for Vikram when Rahul says that Vikram has LKS. Love ke side effects syndrome. Virkam says that Rahul is right. I have that syndrome. I miss Vampire. I was used to him. Neha says you are sad because of the dog? Vikram says he was not a normal dog. he was our dog. Even the kids say they miss Vampire.

Kids give him chocolate drink to make him feel better and ask him to sing a song for Vampire so that he will feel better. Neha says that you don’t need to miss paglu ( other name of the dog) this house is full of mad kids. She then goes off to make tea for him.

Ashwin then comes out of his cabin and makes an announcement. He says that in hour there will be a strategy meeting in which every department will have to make a presentation in which they will have to state the following:
What is the goal for the next 6 months?
How will they achieve it?

He says that he wants it to be completed in 1 hour and he doesn’t want any excuses from anyone.
How long will they take for each step of the goal to be completed?

In Sudhir’s house Shipra is combing Pihu’s hair and saying that today Pihu will go to the same school as her mother. Shipra was about to put a clip but Pihu says Clip nahi hair band orange colour ka. Shipra then put pink colour hairband and pihu says this is pink and this is orange, Shipra says in our times every colour looked the same in our time. Pihu says no problem I will teach you the colours. Then Sudhir’s phone rings. It was Priya she called to remind him to bring Pihu to the school for the admission and that they will meet him there.

Ram was inside Ashwin’s cabin to give him the presentation but before he could give it Ashwin says that I have changed the time of the meeting come later.

Ram says to Ashwin to give him 1 minute and then starts to give him the deatils of the of the presentation. Ram suggest that we should increase production in Bhuj factory and also he staes that electricity is expensive in Maharastra compared to Bhuj so if we shift production to Bhuj we will save money.
Ashwin then insults Ram by saying that you work in electricity dept? My company deals in crore and you are giving me information about how to save electricity?

He says that I thought that The Ram Kappor is an established business man but now i suspect that you only know how to spend your fathers money because with such a crap business plan Kapoor Industires would have gone bust. He then throws the presentation in the bin and says that from now on you will be given the work of paying for the electricity bill.

Ram leaves his cabin and comes to meet Priya. Priya says you completed the work on time? Ram says yes. Priya says how was the presentation? Did Ashwin like it? Ram says he threw it in the bin. Ram says is the presentation more important or Pihu? Sudhir ji must have reached there with Pihu lets go.

As they were about to go an employee asks them if they will have lunch or not? Ram and Priya make up excuse. Priya then says that Ram is on a special food diet and I have eaten already. Then the employee says that its good he should loose some weight. She says loot at me I lsot 13 kg by going on a fruit diet. Priya says yes I am also trying the same diet.

The employee ( Jaya) says that my sister is getting married and she wants same salwar as you. Priya says that I am sorry but we have to go if he misses his diet dose his BP will rise and he will feel dizzy. Saying this they leave.

Scene then shifts to the place where Sid lives. Police van comes to his place. Sid is shown scared and goes to hide inside his house. The police announce via the speaker phone that a criminal has escaped from jail and as per our information he is hiding here.

Police then start searching everyone’s house. Police then approach a man and ask him who lives in this house and the man gives a brief description of the person and the police think this is the man whom we are looking for. They go towards the house where Sid is living in.
Police knock on his door and ask him to open it. As he was about to open one of the police comes and says that the criminal has been caught. Police leave from there.

Scene then shifts to the school. Priya requests Ram not to say anything through gestures. Principal then says Mr. Ram Kapoor you are here for the admission of your daughter in our school. She says that I didn’t think that you would come back. Priya says that please forget the past. She says that this school means a lot to me and the principal agrees with her and says but Mr Kapoor? Ram says that he is okay with this school and principal says but the tiles and the calssroom wall’s plaster it can fall anytime? Ram says that he is neither bothered about tiles nor paint work he just wants the school to be good.

Principal asks about canteen food and Ram says that the food is good and the basement parking is amazing and the best part is… he then freezes. Principal then smiles and says I was just kidding. Ram says that for a second i thought I was giving an exam and that I didn’t know any answer. Hearing this Pihu laughs. Principal says that she is very happy that Pihu is joining our school she says that priya was one of our top students in this school.

She says that she is sure that Pihu will also be a good student. Pihu’s admission is completed.

Scene then shifts to the office Ashwin comes out of his cabin and sees that Ram is not there. He thinks that the body guard is not there its good I will be able to talk to Priya alone. He goes to her desk and finds that she is not there. He asks one of his employee where is Ram? Employee says that since its lunch time they went out and Ashwin says that lunch time has been over since 30 minutes.

He says that since both of them are not back it means that wherever they are they must be together.

Soumya then comes to a store and asks someone for Mr. Gupta. Soumya says that she has an appointment with him. She is an interior designer. She asks her to wait here and goes to get Mr. Gupta. As she was about to go she spots Ayesha. She says what are you doing here? You made the business bust already? What are you doing in the men’s section? Ayesha says that she is buying a tie for mamaji.
Pihu comes home and tells everyone that she got admission in the school. Everyone is happy. They congratulate her. Shipra asks her what treat she wants. Pihu says that she doesn’t want anything. She wants to talk to her best friend Kush as they will not be able to meet often now. She phones Kush and tells him about her admission. Kush says so we can’t meet everyday? Pihu says no as my school is very far away. Pihu says that I will ask mama to make us meet often.

Scene then shifts to the office. Ashwin shouts at Ram and Priya for coming late. He says that this is a office people come here to work. Its not a park where you can hold your wife’s hands and go for a walk. Ram asks him why is he making it personal? Ashwin says that from 9-6 you are my servant you will do what i say. If you want to do personal things do it in the house not in this office. Ram assures that this will not happen again. Ashwin says, if I can give you job, then I can take it away from you as well. Priya wants to say to Ashwin, but Ram stops her and tells Ashwin, I am sorry.. it won’t happen again. Ashwin says, better. and leaves. Ram tells Priya to do her work and he also goes back to his work.

Precap: Priya asks one of the employees what she is doing. She says, I am typing presentation for Ashwin sir. She also says, this is the best presentation till date. Priya asks if she can see it. The lady gives. Priya looks at it and says to herself, this is Mr. Kapoor’s presentation.

Update Credit to: Ritu567

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