Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Myra trying to write an assay on Maha rana pratap and wasting so many papers. Khush comes with baby and asks her why is she wasting papers. Myra says she has to write an assay about Maha rana pratap but is not getting a proper idea. Khush says he will tell her about Pratap and tells he was a great warrior of India.

Pihu is happily playing with the baby. She shows her album to Natasha and her cousin. Cousin says she was looking fat in childhood. Pihu says she was cute also. She sees Sammy’s pic and says baby that he was your father.

Khush when his turn comes starts playing with the baby with his siblings. He says he loves baby by heart. He shows baby Suhani’s pic and says she is your mamma. Natasha and Priya silently watch him taking care of the baby. Myra also plays with the baby. She gives vitamin drops prescription to Pihu and asks her to give it to baby. She sees Priya and gives her a list of baby items to bring. Natasha who is around says Myra she will also have a baby soon. Myra says she wants to enjoy life. She gives mamaji her list and asks him to bring baby items.

Mamaji brings baby items and thinks he has become a home servant. He calls Khush and Pihu to come and check the list. Khush and Pihu say some items are missing and asks mamaji the missing items. Pihu sees vitamin drops bottle and hides it thinking it is Khush turn to sleep with the baby, she can sleep either and give baby vitamin drops.

Pihu comes to Sid’s room and sees him sleeping deeply. She carries baby with her. She comes out to the hall and sees baby not moving. She calls Priya and everyone come out. Khush also hears her voice and comes out. Priya asks what happened. Pihu says baby is not moving. Priya takes baby from Pihu and scolds Pihu and Khush that they could not take care of baby. She asks doctor call doctor. Doctor comes and gives injection to baby. She says baby will be alright and asks them to give the prescribed medicines. Priya thanks doctor and says driver will drop her home. Khush tries to touch baby when Priya asks him to stop and says baby will neither stay with Pihu nor Kush, she will be with her.

Priya takes of the baby whole night. Khush comes and asks who is the baby. Priya says she is fine. He asks if he can take her to doctor. Priya says she will take baby to doctor. She says they way Pihu behaved, she can understand as Pihu is egoistic, but the way he behaved, she is really disappointed and does not feel she should give baby him. Khush requests her to trust him and let him take the baby to doctor.

Myra gets ready and about to leave for office. Priya sees her and gets happy. She says she has brought her curd and chocolate as a good luck. Myra asks why curd and choc. Priya says she knows new generation would not like curd and sugar, so for a yo yo factor she brought curd and choc. She says her mother fed her curd and sugar and she would have fed Khush same when he went to office if she was not in coma. Myra says she can do it now. Priya feeds her curd and gives her chocolate to munch it in office.

Khush comes office with baby. His staff member says he is seeing a father carrying his baby to office for the first time. Myra asks if he can handle both work and baby. Khush says he can easily handle.

Natasha asks Pihu to have food. Pihu says until she gets back her baby, she will not have food. Natasha gets angry on her, says be like this and waste your life and goes from there.

Precap: Priya informs Vikram that she is worried about baby as Pihu and Khush are fighting for her and not taking care of her. Pihu to prove Khush wrong hid baby’s medicine and baby got ill because of that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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