Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Akshay Kumar asking Pihu about the guy who was misbehaving with her. He goes to Varun and says shame on you. He gives him tips about the work out and says heart needs to be true. He says If I keep my hand on someone face then his face might get swollen. He says power comes with responsibilities and that is the thing that seperates men from the boys. He then asks Varun about the beautiful girls in his college. He asks Varun to say sorry to Pihu. Pihu smiles. Akshay asks him to wipe the sweat from his forehead and asks her for a dance. He asks him not to get too close with her. Varun goes to Pihu and says her sorry. He asks her for the dance and Pihu agrees. Akshay asks the DJ to play the music, DJ plays the song Bismillah….Pihu and Varun dances

on the tune. Akshay too dances well. Principal comes and introduces himself. Akshay asks him to drop Pihu back home before 10:30 pm. He agrees.

Vikram house:

Neha asks Vikram, did you remember when you started dating? Vikram says may be at 20 years of age. Neha feels that Sammy doesn’t gel with girls except Pihu. She says she heard Sammy speaking about boys. Neha says she has decided to support him.

Party Venue:

Principal asks Varun to drop Pihu back home. Varun asks Pihu to come as he will drop her. She agrees.

Vikram House:

Neha comes to Sammy and asks about Parminder. Sammy says he is his good friend. Then she asks about Varun, Sammy says he is also a good friend. Neha tells him about her college days. She says she will send a coffee for him. In the car, Pihu says sorry to Varun and says she felt bad about the party, that’s why she called the police. Varun says they were having fun. He asks Pihu to save her mobile number.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is wondering why Pihu didn’t come until now. She decides to have faith on her daughter and her upbringing. After Varun drops her, Pihu calls and thanks him. Varun invites her for dinner. She reluctantly agrees. Priya greets her and asks about the party. Pihu says it was good, Priya then enquire about the person with whom she was talking. Pihu makes some excuses. Priya says she have decided to have faith on her. She asks her to change and sleep. She asks did you had anything. Pihu nods. Priya asks her to sleep. Pihu thinks, first time mom trusted me and first time I lied to her.

Pihu feels bad that she lied with Priya and remembers her moments with her mom. She then remembers Priya’s words that she will have faith on her. She calls Sammy and says she lied to mom. She says she was actually talking to Varun and mom saw me. I lied to her that I was talking to Geetika. Sammy asks didn’t she checked your phone. Pihu says no and that’s why she is bothered. Sammy says I always lied to mom that Parminder is a boy. Sammy tells her about the party pics and Pihu asks him about Varun’s pics. Sammy says he will get his picture printed. Pihu asks him to get Varun’s picture safely, Sammy agrees. Neha sees Varun photos and gets shocked thinking Sammy likes this guy.

The twin girls fight over the pillows. She says she will tell mummy. Other girl says I will tell mom too as Mom says we shall tell everything to mom. Mom comes and says it is good to share with mom and tells her not to bully the sister. She tries to make them understand that you needs to protect the other and not bully her sister. She says you shall always protect each other, as you both are one. Priya says you are lucky as Pihu and Khush is also there with you. They asks them to go to bed and sleep. Priya tells them story of once upon a time in mumbai there was a king. Kids asks her to tell some other story. Priya obliges.

Priya sees Pihu’s mobile and notices Pihu talked to Varun at 10:30 pm and not geetika, She thinks Pihu lied to me, while Pihu is sleeping there

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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