Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Sharma house: Ayesha came back home and tells shipra that her wish came true and she dont want to marry Sid. Priya comes after her and she tells shipra that her plan is reversed. When Ayesha reached there Sid was with some girl, since then Ayesha is fuming. I tried to reach there late, I was continuously call ram and vikram but they didn’t picked the call. I pretend that I was against this marriage. Now she will not listen to even Mr. kapoor.

Ayesha comes outside and on the call with saudamini. she tells her to stop all the marriage arrangements. she asks about Khush. shipra says he is sleeping. Ayesha says she will not listen to anybody and will do whatever she desires. She will not listen to that Moni baba. she says she want to go from here as she has money. In the morning she will go.

Rahul is talking to Rinky. Vikram comes there and asks her to leave as she got her money. He tells Rinky to maintain distance from Rahul. Rahul says he will go some money to her. Vikram scold him to go.

Rinky tries to flirt with Vikram and asks for the money. Vikram says he will give 10000 only. Neha comes there and asks what is going on here? Rinky says everyone is mad here and says who are you? Vikram finally gives her 15000 rs. Neha asks why you give money to her. Vikram says she is Sid friend. Neha says do you think I am of rahul’s age. She starts fighting with vikram and Rahul laughs.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Sid is having a hangover and he gets up and sees Dadi, maa, rishabh and everybody there. He is surprised. he asks for a nimbu pani. dadi taunts him for whatever he did. Maa asks why you did that? dadi says you sold your shyness. soumya says Ayesha is very angry on you. Rishabh makes him remember about bachelor’s party and his dance with rinky, and ayesha’s words. He asks Rishabh to talk to ayesha. Ram comes there and asks him to ask for forgiveness from ayesha. Sid says but you threw the party. Ram says did I ask you to get closer to Rinky.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Ayesha on the phone tells someone to get the car. she thinks everyone runs after Priya and nobody bothers about her. she sees Sid and Ram at the door. sid says he wants to talk. Ayesha says did not you come along with your item girl. Ram says anger is not good for health, let me come in. She says you are son in law of this house, you can come in, but not sid and he cant become son in law of this house. Sid says what is this yaar. she says i dont want to talk to you go. Ram says be reasonable. Mistakes do happen with everybody and he also did a mistake.

Ram says Sid will cry now. He ask her to talk to him for 5 mins. Ayesha agrees. Ram asks them to talk alone in the car. He tells Vikram to take care of them.

Priya tells Ram that she should not allowed ayesha to go there. Ram says it is good naa now she came to know that you are on her side. Priya says ayesha needs sid. She has the money but she needs sid. How to make them together, he broken her heart. she says we shall concentrate on sid. we have to make sure that sid doesnt come out of jail.
she goes to get the water. Ram says he will ask Gopal kaka to get the water. He asks her to sit. Priya says not again Mr. Kapoor. Ram says give me your stress, I will stand. Shipra and sudhir smiles while BALH music plays. Ram says we will win. Ram says leave it on me.

Scene Shifts to Ayesha and Sid:

Ayesha asks sid to stop the car and she gets outside and starts walking. Vikram and Neha in another car and Neha goes to talk to sid. She tells sid to handle ayesha in a good way. she offers to give him the solution.

Vikram is talking to ayesha. she says you are also with him naa. Vikram says everybody is like that before marriage and after marriage you can train him. as you love him, talked to him once. she says she left me alone. Vikram says he knew where is he.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Gopal kaka gives water to Priya. Pihu and Khush come to sudhir says they are right. They ask nanu from where did the baby came in mamma tummy? They are speechless and laughs it off. sudhir says that doctor uncle gives the baby to mamma. Sudhir asks shipra to answer. Khush asks but from where did the doctor uncle gives? Pihu says she knows that God have given baby to her mamma. Ram says actually you both are right. Ram explains that god gives the baby to doctor then he gives to mamma and papa. Natasha asks them to finish their homework. Priya says lets gets serious and we just hope that Vikram and Neha are agreeing sid and ayesha.

Scene shifts to Ayesha and Sid:

Ayesha and sid are sitting in a restaurant. Sid says sorry. He says I did a mistake, I had enough drink and I saw you in that girl. she says you saw me in that slud. She says 5 mins over, I am leaving.

Waiter comes there and serves dinner. she says we didn’t order. Vikram and Neha who is sitting on the poolside, says we ordered it. Ayesha says she dont want to eat. Neha says she is doing this for Ram and Priya’s love. Sid feeds her chocolate mousse. Ayesha starts choking. vikram and Neha come to her rescue. they hit Ayesha on her back, ring come out from her mouth. Ayesha is emotional seeing it while Sid is confused. Neha is surprised while Vikram signs Sid to take this opportunity. sid asks are you ok. Ayesha is crying. sid asks why are you crying. she says i really love you and wanted to marry you. Neha asks Vikram to come as Sid and Ayesha needs privacy. Vikram says that ring he got for Neha and yesterday she didn’t took so I make a use of it now. Neha scold him.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Vikram and Neha reaches there happily. Natasha says why you invited all for a family meeting. Ram says there is so much confusion going on here. Vikram says she got a call from Ayesha and she asked him to asks all to come. Ayesha comes there and says I want to tell you the good news, me and Sid are getting married. Ram congratulates them. Neha and Natasha congratulates them too. they takes blessings from the elders.

Sid says this happened because of you. Ram says you will get what you deserved. Priya tells them not to be happy. She says Ayesha said she is marrying, and everybody accepted. she keeps on changing mind. Dadi asks sid to marry her tomorrow. Ayesha says but how will we arrange so soon. Ram says he will arrange everything and gives his family members their duties. Priya tells she will go to the pandit. ram says you will not go anywhere. Priya says it is my younger sister marriage and i will go. I will decide. Ram says I will also come. Ram says I cant rely on you.

Scene shifts to Ram and Priya in the car:

While Ram is driving very slow, Priya says I have a suggestion, lets walk. How are you driving. just now one man on the cycle crossed us and he reached the signal. ram says is he pregnant. and see how many potholes are there. he says he will talk to municipal commissioner. Priya jokes that they have to talked to pandit ji today itself and if his speed is like that and they will reach tomorrow. She sees someone jogging and reached before them. she tells ram how he drive in Australia.

she asks him to drive fast. she says tomorrow they have to get sid and ayesha married. she offers to drive but ram says he will not let her drive and he is her driver for 9 months. He says he will drive somewhat fast. Priya asks him to maintain the speed, priya smiles while the song is playing bade acche lagte hain……. she remembers Ram pampering. Episode ends on her smiling face.

Neha asks priya who agreed them. Priya says your fatty. she says I feel like marrying two persons, one is her friend and other is Pihu’s papa.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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