Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nutz tells Ram that she is his step sis n Priya is his wife so he wont support her..! All rush into Nutz room! Nutz says that.. Ram used to consider her as family but truth is he cares only for Priya and family! Rishabh screams and says. .Ram si helping Kartik? Ram says.. gimme time to explain! Ram says.. lemme explain .. n that his men are chasing Kartik..! Rams moby rings..n he tells Rishabh and Nutz to come with him..!

Priya tells Kartik not to do this..! Kartik says.. he has to go.. before Ram sends his people..! Priya stops him n says..that Ram is right. .he has hurt Ram is bound to feel hurt..! Kartik asks her..why she isnt understanding ? Priya says he is not understanding.. he asks Kartik to surrender.. n let Ram n Nutz to cool down..! Kartik refuses to heed to Priyas advice.! Kartik says.. Ram will give the kid up to orphanage..! Priya says.. Ram is not so insensitive.. he wont do that..! Kartiks cell rings..and its Ayesha calls him n says.. she is here to help him leave.. n that Nutz messaged her about Cops coming..! Kartik refuses to believe.. but Ayesha says.. its all RaYa plan..! Kartik glares at Priya..who is in pain…! Kartik asks Priya if she knew cops are coming? He says.. Ayesha saved him n Priya is trapping him? Priya asks Kartik not to fall for Ayeshas words.. n says its all Ayeshas scheme! Kartik says..its all Priyas scheme. n says..RaYa made a plan to trap him..! He rues that Priya doesnt care for his kid..! Priya says..she din tell him about bringing kid to meet Kartik..! He says.. if he has to go to cops whats the harm? She says.. if he goes to jail .. her parents will be free.. n things will be resolved..! Priya decides to call Ram but Kartik leaves..!

Priya asks Ram if he sent cops? Ram stays mum..! Priya asks him why he did all this? Why did he not tell her..? Ram says she too din tell him about going to meet Kartik? Priya says..she came to help him surrender..! She says.. that she was with Nutz n him n he din tell her now Kartik will leave..! Kartik gets Ayeshas message n walks past her..! Ram asks Rishabh to hurry up..! Nutz says..she will kill herself if Kartik manages to run ..!

Ayesha self thot.. Kartik is such a fool ..he thinks she is there to help him.. lol..! She messages Nutz about bringing Kartik to her..! Priya passes out.. while following Kartik ..! Ayesha asks Kartik to rush.. n not fall for Priyas drama…! Ram rues about giving stress to Priya. .! Nutz rues that Ram still worries for Priya..? She says. .only Ayesha is thinking for her n helping her..! Ram says..Nutz knows the truth about Ayesha..! Kartik walks away from Priya and puts the kid in the car with Ayesha.. n goes to help Priya…n helps her sit in the car n gives the baby to her..n leaves..! Ayesha is shocked..! Cops arrive..! Kartik pulls Ayesha out and tries to get in the car but is shot…! He still gets in the car and drives off..! Cops get stuck in the traffic jam..!

Part 2

Cop informs other patrol units about the absconding person aka Kartik ..! Priya sees blood on Kartiks hand n asks the matter n Kartik says nothing..! She asks him to surrender. .n Kartik says.. first he will take her to hosp .. n then he will surrender himself..! Priya tells Kartik Nutz loves him a lot.. and he only needs to admit his sins.. n make up ..! Kartik says..he is a bekar bhai.. beta n pati but he will fix it all..! He asks Priya to promise that.. if he cant be with his kid.. for any reason.. Priya will take care of his kid..! He says he wants his kid to learn from her .. n to love her! Priya assures she will do that..! She says once Nutz cools down . .all will be ok.. .she asks him to accept his mistake..! Kartik says..he is very sorry n says.. he is giving her the responsibility of Chotu n Nutz. n asks her to take care of them! Priya assures she will ..! Priya passes out..! Kartik takes the kid from her hands n says sorry to him… for not being able to be with him..! She says.. his grandparents n Priya will be with him forever n will love him too..! Kartik puts the kid back in Priyas hands..! He calls Nutz …!

Part 3

Shipra asks Ayesha where she is taking them to? Ayesha says.. she wanted to help them but Ram sent cops..! Sudhir refuses to believe..! Shipra asks her to stop the car n let them down! Ayesha says…she is not lying.. she is taking them to Priya n Kartik..! Shipra n Sudhir ask what is the matter n Ayesha stammers n says.. Priya fell down n Kartik is hurt..! Shipra-Sudhir rush to meet them! Nutz – Rishabh n Ram arrive n ask Cops where is Kartik! Cops says.. Kartik ran off with Priya n the kid..! Ram is shocked to learn.. Priya is unwell..! Nutz says.. Priya is acting.. ! Nutz says..she will kill Kartik herself.. he ruined her life.. n she wants them dead! Cop tells them that they are in the hosp..! Ram n Nutz rush there..! Kartik is helping Priya to be admited to hosp…! Cop asks Kartik to come too but he asks to focus on Priya..! Kartik passes out..! Nutz rushes to meet Kartik n Rishabh asks to take it easy but she says she wont spare Kartik..! Crowd gathers near.. .Kartik.. who is lying on the floor n blood oozing out of his body..! Nutz – Rishabh – Ram reach there and are shocked to see him lying on the floor..! Nutz.. breaks down..!

Precap —- Kartik is being wheeled away to the ICU.. as Nutz n Rishabh … Sudhir-Shipra-Ayesha watch shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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