Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Neha telling Priya that I will talk to Ram if he is stressed about Sammy. Priya assures her that their friendship won’t be effected by Sammy’s decision. Priya says it is a promise. Neha thanks her. Pari and Maya ask Sammy, did you come after Pihu. Sammy says no, I came with a friend and excuses himself. Pihu asks Suhani to open the suspense and tells about the guy. Sammy sees them together. Suhani says I will tell you some other day when my problems are solved. Pihu wonders who might be he? She thinks he is Khush and thinks to warn him. Sammy goes after Suhani. Neha tells Vikram that I forget to serve khulfi. Priya asks her to bring 3 khulfi. Ram asks,why? Priya says because you shall not eat it. Ram says nothing will happen if I eat it for

a day. Neha and Vikram insist. Priya says only 3, no means no. Ram says it is not fair and says let me taste it and then I will give it to Priya. Neha takes Priya’s permission and goes to get it. Ram says you are my enemy. Neha brings the khulfi. Ram eats it fully. Priya says Mr. Kapoor, you can’t eat it.

While it is raining heavily, Sammy tells Suhani that I have changed for you and asks her to look at him. He asks, don’t you think I love you. He confesses his love. He asks, you have two options. One, you want to get marry now or wants to work with finest doctors in the world. Suhani says I am very sure about you.

Ram tells Priya that you are upset with me as I had one khulfi. Priya says I am upset as you have spoken about Sammy. Sammy says I needs time to think about marriage. Suhani asks, what you will tell to Pihu. Sammy says I will tell her that I don’t love her. Suhani and Sammy eye lock while the song kyunki tum hi ho….aashiqui tum hi ho plays….Sammy and Suhani hugs each other passionately. Ram stops the car and says I need to sort out this issue. Priya says, I thought you want to enjoy the rains. Ram says, we will get ill. Priya says, let it be as you shall not do at this age. Ram asks, what is the connection? Priya says old guys don’t like rains. Ram says I have many ideas for romance. Priya asks him to sit and says I will enjoy the rain. Ram and Priya sees Sammy and Suhani engaging in a passionate hug. Ram thinks he is Sammy, but Priya says you see him in everyone. Ram starts the car while BALH song plays.
Ram and Priya comes home and Priya starts sneezing. Ram calls Suhani. Priya says she might have went with her friends. Ram asks her to change her clothes and says I will prepare soup for you. Ram asks for the tab. He checks the recipe on the tab and starts preparing the soup with much difficulty. Priya comes and smiles looking at his struggle. Priya says I am seeing how a successful businessman fails in kitchen. Ram says I didn’t know who you prepares this vegetable. Ram says I will prepare soup fast. Pari and Mayra tells Pihu that Sammy was here. Pihu wonders why he didn’t pick her call. Suhani asks Sammy to leave her as she needs to give medicine to Priya. She asks him to think about their marriage. Pihu leaves for home. Suhani leaves. Pihu comes and asks Sammy, why you are not answering to me and who is this girl? She asks, why you refused to marry me? Sammy says, we both are just friends, love or marriage came from where? Pihu says you said that you want to grow old with me. Sammy says I love you as a friend. Pihu asks, are you angry on me but don’t say that you don’t love me. She says I will give you time as you wants to make your career. She shows off her ring. Sammy says, I got bracelet for you. And ring was ordered by Ram uncle for Priya aunty. He says gifts was swapped by the shop.

Pihu says I know you love me and will marry me. Sammy says I don’t love you, I love someone else. Pihu is shocked and teary eyed. Sammy asks her to listen to him and says don’t complicate the things. Pihu leaves unable to take it any longer. Priya comes to Pihu’s room and sees the room jumbled. Pihu starts the car in a fit of rage and drives rashly. She recalls Sammy’s words. Suhani is walking on the middle of the road, Pihu tries to horn but in vain. She met with an accident inorder to save Suhani. Pihu’s photo falls on the floor. Priya picks it up. Suhani goes to check and sees pihu unconscious. She is shocked.

Ram tells Priya that you are strange. Priya says I am feeling strange. Priya gets Neha’s call and she asks her not to panic and informs her about Pihu’s accident.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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