Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th April 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ram and Priya. Ram asks Priya to sit down and he asks her how are you? Priya says he did not leave any choice for her and he is asking many times to her to sit down. Priya asks that why did he fired kaka from his job in Kapoor Mansion.

Ram asks did I say you thanks. Priya says that yes you have said me thanks many times. And if you again, I will not feel bad. Ram says thanks. Ram dreams of living their old life again. Ram’s phone rings. Priya asks him to pick the phone.

Scene shifts to Priya’s house:

Pihu asks for colour pencils. Priya’s father says he is tired, he will ask Ayesha to bring the colour pencils. Shipra says she will make laddus for the coming baby. Pihu asks how can he eat when he is not born. Shipra says he will eat when Priya eats. Pihu says no one is doing anything for her.
Shipra goes to make laddus.

Scene shifts to Ram and Priya:

Vikram and Neha come to their house and Neha says you people are useless, nothing can happen. Vikram asks why you both are looking sad. They made a plan so good with hard work.
Neha asks what happened. Ram says Sid’s court case is day after tomorrow. Priya says nothing bad will happen as you are thinking. Ram says we cannot lie in the court. Priya says we will bring any solution.

Vikram and Neha says not to take tension. Vikram gets a call from Rahul, who is asking permission to go to Bachelor’s party. Neha says not to give him permission. Vikram allows him, but Neha does not.
Ram gets an idea.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Mamaji is talking to himself in his room that he is so smart. Mamaji does the makeup.

Mamaji calls a servant, and asks him to give the luggage to Ayesha. The servant smiles seeing Mamaji’s face who has applied facial cream.

Scene shifts to Sid’s room:
Sid is thinking that he did not get anything in the file and he will come to know about it. Sid doubts on Mamaji and Priya whose brain works faster. Some people kidnap Sid and bring him infront of Ram.
Ram accepts that he has caught him. Sid is shocked. Ram disappears. Sid calls him.

Suddenly music plays and lights are on and so many people are present there partying. Ram gives a surprise party to Sid. Ram says tomorrow is your wedding, so tonight is the last freedom night of yours. Its bachelor’s party for Sid. Sid does not understand at first. Sid says what was the need to do this. Vikram asks him to go ahead.

Vikram says he is recording everything on mobile.
Rahul also comes there in the Bachelor’s party. Vikram says that he has taken Neha’s permission.
Ram says Rahul not to go near the bar.

Scene shifts to Priya’s house:
Shipra and Priya are discussing a Recipe. Gopal kaka brings juice for Priya. Someone rings the door bell. Mamaji has sent a bag for Ayesha. Ayesha sees a Rs. 10 lakhs cheque in the bag. She calls Mamaji and scolds him. Mamaji in turn scolds her back. Mamaji is drunk. Ayesha asks him where he is. Mamaji informs Ayesha that Sid is getting close to a lady. Ayesha asks where is Sid. Mamaji says he is in a bachelor’s party.

Ayesha calls him but he did not receive her call. Ayesha gets furious on Sid and she says she wants to go in the bachelor’s party. Priya tells even I want to come with you.

Ayesha is driving the car rashly and Priya gets worried. Priya asks her to chill. Ayesha is counting the favours she did to Sid. She says he need wedding not her. Ayesha and Priya argue in the car. Priya gets more worried as Ayesha does not drive properly.

Scene shifts to the Bachelor’s party:

Ram sits in the bar watching sid getting drunk. Mamaji is also drunk and he dances with Rinky.
Ram says that Sid has more wit than others. Ram tries to make Sid confess his crimes.

Rinky stops Sid from talking to Ram. Sid goes to the dance floor. Vikram brings Sid back. Sid is about to confess. Sid goes back to the dance floor.

Ayesha comes there while Sid is dancing. Ayesha gets angry watching Sid with Rinky. Ayesha slaps Sid.
Ayesha scolds Sid. She says that she loves him and she did everything for him. And what did he do, he has used her. She says she breaks every relation between them today itself. She says we will not marry now Sid.

Ram apologises to Ayesha that it is not Sid’s fault.
Vikram signs Priya to start acting. She says that both the brothers are same, then their relation should not happen. Ram asks him to stay from Sid-Ayesha’s matter. Priya talks ill about Sid.
Ram asks Rinky who gave the money. Rinky says that Priya has given her the money.
Ram asks her to accept her mistake. Priya says yes I have sent this girl. As she was against her marriage.
Priya says sorry to Ayesha.

Ayesha is still angry and she says Sid that he does not matter to her anymore. She does not want to see his face again. The Episode ends.

Pihu asks Priya’s father that from where did the baby come in Priya. Priya’s parents are unable to answer this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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