Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram coming to the hospital for meeting Priya. Meanwhile Khush is enacting the scene from Mohabbatein. He plays the sweet music of Mohabbatein and then sings Duniya me kitni hain nafratein phir bhi….. Ram enters the hospital room and says Darling, Priya is seen lying on the bed as she is in coma. Khush says this is for all the couple who got married. He wishes to all those couples who are in love. He says this is for the couple who are always in love,no matter whether they are together or not.

Ram is shown sitting beside Priya’s bed and smiles. He says 7 years have past, till when you will sleep yaar. He says if you are testing my pateince then forget. I will never lose, I will go on as long as you like. He shows her bangles and says

he is giving it to Riddhima as she wanted to give it on her marriage day. He says they have to find a good guy for Pihu as she is grown up now, so get up soon. Vikram calls him and again starts crying. He says this day is happiest and sad day for him. He asks Ram to come and be at his side. Ram say he will come.

Riddima asks Neha to tie her hairs. Neha says you have to look glamourous as you are a bride. Neha says your kids will say that nani looking glamourous when they see the photos. Riddhima says that’s why she is getting married. She tells her friends that her mother is getting her married to fulfill her hobbies. Neha asks her to get ready beautifully and says Pihu is looking so beautiful. Pihu says she was dressed up by Juhi maa. Rahul, cady and Neha dances on the bhangra ka sajda…..Meanwhile Vikram continues to shed tears. Vikram jokes with Neha that groom’s father is asking for dowry. Neha says she will talk with him, Vikram says he was joking. Vikram smiles. Neha asks Pihu to call Pari and Mayra. Some guy calls Pihu and asks her number. Pihu gives him some number, may be Ram’s mobile number. Pihu tells Mayra and Pari that they have to dance, as it is Riddhima’s marriage. Mamaji comes to Khush and asks for 15000 Rs. Khush tells him that you trapped me to give money the previous time, but you didn’t make me meet with the producer. Mamaji says he is thinking to organised his meeting with some producer. Khush falls in his trap and says he will give the money.

Ram comes there and dances with Vikram, Pihu, Pari and Mayra. Ram imagines the little Pihu dancing and feels happy. Some guy dials on Pihu’s number, it seems Pihu has given Ram’s number to him. Ram comes to him and says his daughter is the one whom he was calling. He says he will sit on him so that he can’t breath. That guy leaves after getting scared.

Ram says Pihu is looking beautiful and gives credit to Juhi. Juhi says Pihu is looking beautiful because she is Priya’s daughter. Pihu looks at Juhi and tells Neha that she is looking at papa and Juhi maa. She says Papa meets Mom daily but what will happen after her and Pari- mayra’s marriage. She says she can’t see papa like this. Neha says are you sure, do you want this? Pihu says yes, sure. Neha says she promised Priya that she will trust Pihu. Pihu says she is missing her mom.

Pari and Mayra tries to convince Ram to allow them to go on a trip outside Mumbai. Ram says no. They try to emotionally blackmail him but Ram says maa said no. Pihu calls Juhi and handover the call to Ram. Juhi tells Ram to allow them. Ram says ok and gives her the permission. Ram tells Pihu that he was talking about Priya. Pihu says Juhi mom took care of them and now he have to think about it. Ram says what? She says you have moved on in life. Ram says you said today but don’t say next time. You can have two mothers, but I have only 1 wife and ie, Priya. Ram was informed by the doctor that Priya is sinking. Ram gets shocked.

Ram comes to the hospital with the girls. He hugs Priya and cries badly as if she left him. Priya remains unconscious and doesn’t respond.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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