Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya crying seeing Suhani on the bed unconscious. Khush holds the baby girl and starts happily playing with her. Vikram, Kady and other get happy seeing that and Kady promises she will not take the baby away from him. Priya comes back and sees Khush he will the kid with his pampering and asks who will be strict then. Khush says she should be strict. Priya says she cannot be strict after being strict to her children. Khush says he will be both mom and dad to the kid, will pamper like Priya and be strict like Ram.

Vikram calls Neha and congratulates her for becoming grandma. He says girl is exactly like Sammy and says even this time, Kapoors won the battle and took the kid with them. He says he will mail kid’s pics. Kady asks why did he feel uncomfortable when she told Khush to take care of kid. Vikram says he felt sad that kid won’t be with them, but is happy that Khush will take better care of her than them. Kady praises his selfless attitude and says she is proud of him. Vikram asks her to convince Neha to let kid stay with Khush.

Priya talks to Pihu and gets emotional. She says the whole family used to pamper her, especially Ram. Now, she is happy that Khush is pampering the baby exactly like Ram. Pihu says she is happy about Khush and says she will see the kid as she will remember Sammy and Suhani. Priya says she exactly behaves like Natasha and is sure that 95% girls behave like their bua/aunt. She further says she is 5% like her. She says baby girl looks like Sammy and says she will not force her to see the child and give it a thought. She asks her to think if she hates Suhani more or loves Sammy more.

Khush brings babygirl home. His siblings get happy seeing the babygirl and take her from Khush. Vikram asks Ram to hold the girl and calls him daada/grandpa. Ram says everything is baby girl’s now and asks him why is he calling him grandpa as he has not grown so old yet. He forcefully holds the kid and says he does not have time. Mamaji asks him to give the girl to him. He takes the girl and starts pampering he when the girl urinates in his arms. Priya asks Pihu to hold the girl. Pihu says she is afraid but takes the girl. Khush asks her to give it to him. She says she will not give the girl to anyone and takes her from there. Khush gets angry. Priya asks him to relax and says when girl starts crying, Pihu will give her back.

Priya brings babygirl to her room. Ram asks why did she bring the girl into their room. Priya says everyone is busy, so she brought her in. She asks if he is afraid of holding the girl. Ram says he has lost the habit and sas he is not afraid. Priya gives girl to Ram and gets emotional. Ram asks what happened. Priya says she is remembering Pihu’s birth and says hope he would have held Pihu when she was born. She says he can feel the same now with this girl. She asks him to shut his eyes and imagine that this girl is Pihu and he is in hospital corridor and suddenly he hears a girl crying and feels good. He comes into the room and nurse gives him a small cute doll which looks exactly like him. Girl opens her eyes and looks at him. Ram smiles, girl closes her eyes again. Ram just watches the girl and then he will…… She keeps on telling her imagination when Ram silently looks at her. She opens her eyes and says why did he open his eyes. Ram says he wanted to see her face and thanks her. They both smile.

Precap: Pihu wakes up and does not see baby girl with her. She calls the whole family and says Priya that the girl is missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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