Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts in Sharma house where Priya is on phone call with Neha. Neha asks Priya to teach her son sam. Priya replies to send him for study as she is idle at home, nobody allows to do any work. Shipra looks on from kitchen. Neha thanks her and says both her son’s are not interested in studies. She says she herself is weak in studies. Just then door bell rings. shipra opens the door and Priya is shocked to see sammy. Priya says you were talking to me just like that, you already made the plan haan. she smiles. Priya begins teaching history to sam.
Shipra listens what Priya is teaching Sammy. Shipra calls Priya then she herself comes to Priya.
Shipra say Priya should also think like British people and should implement Divide and Rule policy. Shipra tells Priya that she will take care of Ayesha.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Shipra brings few bills for Ayesha. The bills are for Mamaji. Shipra questions Ayesha and asks her whether she pays for Mamaji. She says yes. Ayesha says Mamaji has always supported her. Shipra says she has heard Priya talking to Mamaji. Ayesha is curious to know what they were talking.
Shipra tries to confuse Ayesha. Ayesha leaves. Shipra calls Priya and informs her that Ayesha is coming to you now.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Priya pretends as if she is talking to a lawyer and discusses about Sid. Ayesha comes and talks to Priya and asks what she is doing. Priya scolds Ayesha saying Sid is a criminal and she will not forgive him.
Priya pretends then as Mamaji called her, actually Shipra is on the other side. Priya asks Ayesha to leave the house.
Priya ends the phone call with her mother.

Scene shifts to Ram’s office:
The employees discuss work and say that Ram is strict about work. Ram enters and asks them to sit.
The employee make a presentation but are hesitant to speak in front of Ram.
Ram starts getting Priya’s calls. The employees feel disgusted because of constant breaks in the presentation. Ram says the presentation is over and asks his employees to go. He stops one person and asks whether he has kids. He says yes, three kids. Ram then asks him what craving did his wife had during pregnancy. Ram discusses some pregnancy related questions. The scene is funny.

Scene shifts to Sid:

Sid stops his car at some isolated place. Ayesha comes there in a car. Sid tells her that he is worried and Ayesha is calling him. Ayesha says even she is worried. Sid tells that Ram and Priya are together.
Ayesha tells him that he heard Priya talking to a lawyer. Priya was saying the lawyer to look for Sid in the chawl. Ayesha tells Sid to trust Ram as he is not opening his case, he is trying to help him out, unlike Priya.
Sid says he knows but he is confused after reading a clause. Sid tells that she will not understand.
Ayesha tells that Mamaji’s bill is about 10 lakhs. Ayesha means to say why they should bear Mamaji’s expenses. Sid tells you have lost it. Mamaji loves me since childhood. He has supported me in everything. Ayesha tells it is her money and she does not want to bear his expenses. Sid scolds Ayesha. Ayesha argues with him and leaves.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is talking to Ram’s mother about Pihu. She says even they are missing Pihu. The house looks empty without kids. Priya tells once they succeed in their goal then everyone will stay together. Priya says she has come here to meet Mamaji.
Mamaji comes there. Priya stops him and asks him what is the secret of your young looks. Mamaji gets flattered. Priya fools him. Mamaji gives her a beautiful skin tip. Priya says she will note down in her mobile. Ram’s mother looks on..
Sid stands far near the door and sees Mamaji talking to Priya. He recollects what Ayesha told him. Ayesha said that anyone can change, you never know when Mamaji will change.
Priya also sees Sid standing there. Priya acts as if she is noting everything in her phone.

Sid comes near to Priya and asks her why she came here. Priya tells Mamaji that she had come because of her mother as she wanted to make a Sherwani for the groom Sid. Sid is not convinced and leaves.
Priya tells Mamaji to keep their conversation a secret. Mamaji does not understand Priya’s plot. Sid overhears this standing upstairs.

Priya tells Mamaji that she will leave now. Mamaji asks her help to give him tips of gifting something to women, as he has to gift Saudamini. Priya tells him to give Saudamini’s address to her and she will courier some gift to her, Priya thanks Mamaji for sharing a big secret with her. Sid hears this.

Priya tells Mamaji to send the details and leaves. Sid comes downstairs and is angry on Mamaji as he is being friendly with Priya. Mamaji does not tell what they were talking. Sid thinks that Mamaji is playing double games with him. Mamaji gets hurt as he thinks Sid is doubting him. Sid asks Mamaji again what they were talking. Mamaji says that Priya was asking him what he applies on his face. Sid does not believe this talk and asks Mamaji to tell the truth.

A phone rings. Sid picks up the call. Sid comes to know that Mamaji has received Rs. 20 lakhs from an unknown sender. Sid thinks its Priya and Mamaji has leaked some information to Priya.

Sid says he has come to know about him. Mamaji does not understand. Sid tells he has received Rs. 20 lakhs. Mamaji says why will they give the money to him. Sid does not listen anything and his trust on Mamaji has broken. Mamaji says few emotional dialogues. Mamaji is tensed.
Sid tells Ayesha has told him about Mamaji but he did not believe her. Sid thinks Priya’s mind is working very fast and he need to be very careful. Mamaji is hurt as Sid has doubted on him.

Scene shifts to Ram’s office:

Neha calls Ram. Ram asks what happened. Neha says her son has fallen down and got hurt. She asks him to come. Ram says ok. On the other side, Vikram calls Priya and makes an excuse and calls her home. Priya tells don’t panic, I m coming. Priya gives the message to kaka and leaves.

Ram and Priya come to Vikram’s house and are shocked to see each other.
Priya tells that she got a call from Vikram saying Neha has fainted. So she has come here. Ram says Vikram is hurt and Neha called her and how can she faint. Ram understands that they have fooled them. Neha messages Priya to check under the door mat. Priya gets a letter.

Neha writes in the letter that the house is empty for few hours. We know that you people don’t get the time to get together. The scene is much funny.
Ram smiles. Priya takes the key and asks Ram what to do. He says open the door.
The house is very much decorated. Priya gets very happy by seeing this and says Romance has no age.
Ram shouts I’m going to be a father and says he will do anything for the baby. Ram thinks he would have been there for Pihu too. Priya says Pihu is very lucky that he is her father.
Ram makes some plans. The title song plays…
The episode ends on Priya’s smile.

Ram recollects when he said thanks to Priya. She says you have said many times.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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