Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajat trying to pacify Vikram. Vikram says, Pihu was after Sammy. Ram accepted Sammy with his past. Ram did the wrong thing. He shouldn’t have raise his hand on my son. Rajat says, you should understand him. Vikram says, not today. He insulted my son. I can also be stuborn like him. Rajat says, it is not about ego. Vikram says, Ram have to apologize to my son infront of everyone else our friendship is finished.

Priya is sad. Natasha tells her that Ram came to know that she is right. Priya says, I wish I was wrong. My pihu is in pain. I can’t see her in pain. Natasha wipes her tears and asks her to face the situation. Pihu is hurt because of her. She won’t understand. She has to face the troubles. Priya says, she is my baby. I can’t see her hurt. I want to reach out to her. I want to hug her and makes her understand that I am there for her. Priya cries. Natasha asks her to stop crying. Pihu comes there. Natasha leaves.

Pihu asks Priya, are you happy that your words have proved to be true. You was right and I am wrong. Are you happy now? She says, I can’t lie with you. I did a mistake. I finished everything. Priya cries looking at her misery. Pihu says, today I am all alone. No one is with me, I am alone. Priya hugs her. Pihu says, I miss you mom. She says, she tried to make Sammy love her but failed. It was only one sided love. She says, I loved him so much and he never loved me.

Priya promises to make everything alright. She imagines little Pihu. Pihu hugs her mom. Priya and Pihu cry emotionally.

Cady recalls Sammy words that he cares only for Suhani. Rajat comes and tells Cady that Vikram is annoyed with Ram. Cady says, Priya was never wrong. I have to talked to Sammy before anything bad happens. She tells him that she was aware of Sammy and Suhani’s affair. Sammy lied to her. She says, she will talk to Sammy. Rajat tells Rahul that he never saw Vikram in an angry mood. He is always joyful. Rahul says, Dad never scolds Sammy and that’s why he became a spoilt brat.

Cady talks with Sammy and says we didn’t force marriage on you. You married Pihu with your decision. Sammy says, what I would have done then? I can’t control anymore. I can’t show off. Cady asks him to shut up and says it is too late. She asks him to think atleast about Suhani who has started dreaming about Khush. Cady asks him not to mess up with his life. Sammy says, he wants to meet Suhani. Cady asks him to meet Suhani for last time and then come home as Pihu’s husband. Sammy leaves.

Priya tells Natasha that she will get her Pihu back. Natasha says, I told you naa that you will get your Pihu back. Priya says, I wish she didn’t go through pain.` Natasha says, we can just try to protect our child. Priya says, kids are always kids for parents. She tells how Shipra treated her as a kid. She laughs reminiscing about her mom. Natasha says, after so many days you are laughing with happiness. Priya says, Pihu is the reason for her to live. When she got upset with her then she felt empty without her. When she hug her today then she got a reason to live. Priya says, I feel everything will be fine.

Sammy comes to Suhani. Suhani asks him to stay away from her. Sammy says, you was eager to marry. I was not in a hurry. Suhani says, you are doing wrong. You married Pihu and not me. Stay away from me. Sammy says, you are carrying my child. Suhani says, this is not your child. Sammy asks her to say looking at his eyes. Suhani looks in his eyes and says this is not your child. This is my child and will always be mine. Suhani says, where were you when I needed you. You said that this baby is not yours. You called me characterless. She says, you punished me for loving you. Today I am getting my self respect and everything because of Khush and your love just wake up. Sammy says, I can’t live without you. I just love you.

Sammy announces to everyone that he is going to divorce Pihu tomorrow..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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