Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Kush tells everyone that sorry to disturb u in the party but its important for me to say this in this party! He goes down on the knees and holds Suhanis hand and says.. my knees ache but ur the worlds most beautiful girl who should be with a guy like me.. i love u .. i have loved u and i will love u forever..! He shows her the ring and proposes her and says ‘Will u give me the pleasure to grow old with u’ ..! All cheer and Kush puts the ring on Suhanis finger..! Pihu smirks..!

Priya tells Juhi u and ur friends got a live example ..! She walks off and Juhi fumes! Priya comes to Ram and notices him with a gun! Priya asks Ram why is he moving in the party with this? Ram says how he has been getting threatening calls and so he is carrying it for

protection! Priya says why not tell cops. .this is not safe! Ram says leave it.. lets enjoy the party ..! Rajat asks Caddy-Daijaan to carry on and he has some work..! They smile! Rajat says why smile? They say its not an exam.. go talk to Priya..! Rajat says meeting her after ages.. and Caddy says want a hanky? She says its not a business deal .! Rajat says those are easier! Caddy says coz there u use ur head and here ur heart.. go inside and meet Priya! Rajat checks his suit and Caddy says all fine.. go..! Rajat comes in the party and sees Priya from afar…! BG- Tu ne jo na kaha…! Rajat walks towards Priya ..! He decides to walk away but stops and approaches her..! He is about to talk to her and Priya turns and is surprised to see him! Priya greets him and asks how he is?He says fine n u? She says fine..! Priya asks how r u here? Rajat says Caddy forced so came! Priya says.. its a pleasant surprise..! She says its good to see him after ages! Rajat says too long ..! Priya asks if its a business trip? Rajat says came for book launch .. had a few days off so helping Vikram in a project..! Rajat says.. like to help friends .. like Priya! He compliments her! Priya says.. no one can deny ur a great friend! She asks back to writing? He says yes..! Priya asks if theres something to read? Rajat says will tell u ! Priya says wanted to talk to u .. but culdn u saved me! Rajat says was worried for u.. glad ur ok! Priya asks what else? Marriage? Rajat says no ..and says din find anyone like u..! Priya is stunned..! Rajat says sorry. . din mean that.. went back.. opened computer and kept writing .. so single.. ! Priya says its not that late. u will find someone soon! Rajat says Daijaan says same! Priya asks met Ram? Rajat says had gone.. and Ram comes and is surprised to see Rajat..! Vikram says knew u did be surprised so din tell u ..! He says came for book launch and made him to stay to help for a business plan ..! He is here so thot to come to the party to meet up and celebrate! Priya says its a pleasure to have him here and she thanks Rajat..! Vikram says no one will doubt me now! Ram says its a party .. no business talk .. great to see Rajat..!

Myra announces that they have a super special performance from Kush and Suhani .. and then Pihu-Sammy! Both couple dance on Tum hi ho ..! Sammy keeps looking at Suhani …! Suhani looks at Sammy .. their eyes meet..! Sammy fume seeing Suhani with Kush! Pihu notices..! She asks Sammy the matter but he says nothing and excuses himself..!

Part 2

Priya looks at Ram coyly and Ram smiles..! BG – bin tere..! Rajat notices …! Sammy is high..! In the meantime .. Kush gets a call and goes out to receive it..! Sammy notices Suhani alone and drags her to the corner! Sammy asks her what she is doing? Suhani says dancing with my hubby! Sammy says.. he is not ur hubby! Suhani says i will marry in few days! Sammy says wont let that happen.. cant see anyone touch u..! Suhani says .. to leave her..! Sammy says no ..! He tells her .. i love u..! Suhani says leave my hand! Pihu comes and asks him to leave her hand but he says no ..! Sammy says have left her hand once and regret it.. I love her.. and she is mine! Priya slaps him but Sammy says i love her .. ! Priya says Suhani loves Kush ..and Sammy says really? He drags Suhani in the hall and says.. this is Suhani the mother of my child .. and i love her..! Suhani is silent..! All watch shocked!

Part 3

Suhani asks Sammy to leave her hand and says u cant force me..! Sammy tells Suhani i can .. u love me.. thats why u din marry that Kush ..! I love u.. we havent talked to each other in days. .i love ..! Suhani asks him to leave her hand..! Ram says how dare u? He slaps Sammy ..! Sammy still doesnt leave Suhanis hand..! All watch shocked..! Suhani runs away! Ram says u have made Pihu a joke.. ! Sammy says i dun care about Pihu .. i love Suhani ..! Ram says if u say one more word.. then .. Sammy says what will u do? Kick me out of the house .. work? Ram says wont spare u ..and Sammy says what will u do.. kill me? Ram says yes! Vikram fumes ..! Sammy says u love ur daughter so much .. but i dun love her .. i love only one person and thats Suhani ..! Mamaji .. Sid and Juhi smirk..! So old passions have flared..! Sammy walks off..! Pihu glares at Priya..!

Precap — Pihu asks Priya if she is happy .. n feels like a winner? Whatever she said was right… Sammy loves Suhani and is the father of her child..! She wanted to hear all this from Pihus mouth she said it… is Priya happy that she is right and Pihu is wrong? Priya is in tears..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. I’m so happy that Sammy knows that is his child and confess his love to her<3

  2. I have seen last few episodes. ..I thnk ram is not present on the set…becoz the background is not maching at all…it’s look so unplesent…please either cut the scene of ram or bring him on set…

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