Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th March 2013 Written Update

Sudhir home:

The Episode begins with Ram and Priya at Sudhir home and all the family members are waiting for Priya to tell what she wants to inform them all. Sudhir, Shipra and Maa asks Priya to tell. Priya says we came here to tell you all. She says papa, I wants to tell but…. She asked Mr. Kapoor to tell half of the talk and she will tell the remaining half. Ram says we both got a job. Everyone feels happy and Soumya congrats Ram.Shipra hugs Priya. Priya says the remaining talk I will tell after 10 mins. Everyone asks her to tell. Priya says we got a job in the same office. Dadi says my golu and Priya together in the same office. She blesses them. All of them laughs. Shipra asks Nats to bring some sweets.

Ram says I want to tell something which even Priya was not aware of. I went to meet Ayesha, had a lond conversation with her. She will not trouble you all anymore. Now you will all live there. maa says let it be. Ram says it is your home and you will stay there and the way you have come out is just not done. It is my responsibilty. Maa says no. we will no go back. without you, it dont looks like a home. We will stay here. let us live here. we can meet here. Ram says if you all live here then Sudhir ji…..

Sudhir says I feel good if they stay here. Let them live whereever they want and its decided.
Priya says once we gets salaries we will do something. Sudhir says we will look at it afterwards. Maa says Sudhir and Shipraji is our relative. and we trust you both. you do your work whole heartedly. BALH music is playing in the Background.Ram and Priya looks at each other smilingly.

Maa feeds Curd sugar to Ram and shipra also feed him sugar curd. Shipra says you have two mothers.
Priya says papa, maa forgets me. Sudhir asks how are you going. she says we will go by auto as we are going to the same office.

Neha comes there. and says why auto when car is ready. Priya says we will manage, no need to bother. Neha insists. Ram agrees. While they leaves Priya feeds Curd sugar to Priya. Priya jokes that you remember. I thought you will feed all sugar and curd to your son in law.

Khush School:

Ayesha comes to Khush school to drop him. He feels happy and says you are looking good.
She says mumma will come to drop you daily. He tells his friends that his mumma will come daily to drop him to School. She thinks till when she has to do the acting. not even sleep properly.

Sudhir Home:

Pihu is busy in drawing and Natasha comes there and says I am late. Pihu says why dont you wake up early. Nats sees her drawing and praises her and says I will bring a chocolate for you. Pihu says I dont want chocolate but some other prize She says I want to meet Khush. Natasha says lets go and meet him.

Ram and Priya new office:

Ram and Priya arrives at the office and someone comes and says are you waiting for the GM. They say yes. He says he will be here in 5 mins from the airport. He was in katar and will be returning today. He will be your new boss. Priya says our work starts when our boss comes. Ram says this company looks good. and we will stay together. I am feeling good. Priya says we will get so many chances to quarrels. Ram says we will get a chance to conciliate too.

New boss comes and he turns out to be Priya ex fiancee Ashwin. He says why two people of different departments are sitting together. It is against our Company rules. Priya and Ram looks at them shocked. He continues everybody have to follow the rules. He says this company is not someone else father’s. Boss is the one who runs the company and I am your boss. you have to do whatever I asked you to without asking a questions. And one more rules, he says you have to leave your previous achievement at the door and come inside. He says when life turns doesnt know. Do you agree Mr. Ram Kapoor. He wishes them good day.

Khush School:

Natasha takes Pihu to Khush School. She meets him and say hi khush. Khush says you came back.I have so many games. we will play. Pihu says ok. Other kid who is standing with Khush asks Pihu, where were you? she Says I went to Jaipur. He asks will you go back. She says my Papa said that we will not go back.
Khush teacher comes there and wishes her and says is she going to admit again in this School. Natasha is speechless.

Vikram home:

Rahul asks Neha something. He says if Dad was here, he would have agree. She calls Vikram and Vikram says I am busy. She says it is important. She asks him to come home and see what their kids are upto. He comes home and Neha tells him what their son’s have brought home. It is a puppy and they want to keep it with them. Neha says they pick it up from the compound. Vikram says he is so cute Dog. What is your problem. Vikram tries to agree her. Neha resists. Kids also try to agree her. Neha agrees. And says I have a condition. you three have to take the responsibilty. They decide on its name Vampire Paglu. Vikram goes back to work.

Ram and Priya new office:

Ashwin in his Cabin thinks about old days with Priya. He asks his secretary to get this reports done by Ram kapoor before 4 pm.

Priya comes to Ram and says lets go for Lunch. Then someone comes and asks Ram to get the report done by 4 pm, as Ashwin Sir asked him to do. Ram oblige and Priya says to have food first. Ram asks her to have food and he will have it afterwards. Priya says I will make roti sabzi roll, you can have it. One of the company employee says that you cant have food here. you have to go to canteen to have food. Priya says what is this rule? you should have not accept it. Ram says its ok. Priya says I will wait for you., you finished you work then we will have food. Priya closes the tiffin and as she goes the other way. Ashwin comments that so much sweetness have in this marriage. Then he says I mean in this tea. Priya turns towards him and stares at him. He looks villianously. The episode ends on Priya face.

Priya asks Ram why are you doing this? What is the need to tolerate all this?

Update Credit to: Amena hasan

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