Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Natasha thinking what Bhai might have spoken with Priya? She comes to Ram and asks did you told everything to Priya.(Natasha’s plan is to get Karthik arrested without Priya’s knowledge). Ram says no, but I want to and continues that he also wants Karthik to be in Jail as soon as he arrives he will get arrested. Natasha thinks Priya will not support her. Ram says Priya too will supports her and why can’t you understand. Natasha asks him not to tell anything to Priya as she is already tensed about her parents in Jail. She says once Karthik gets arrested, she will take back the complaint against her in laws. Ram says Karthik didn’t knew what he lost.

Gopal kaka brings food for Priya, but she declines to eat as says she is not feeling hungry. Ram comes and asks her to have food atleast for the baby. She says no. Ram asks her not to take stress. Priya says Karthik hurt everyone and maa papa is getting punished for his sins. It is not just about Karthik, Ayesha is involved now, she is provoking Natasha against her parents. She tells Ram that she saw Ayesha talking to Natasha in the hospital and she was manipulating the relations. Ram says he knows Ayesha can play such games and asks her not to take stress and atleast have food for the baby. Priya says she is worried about the baby, Ram says he will not let anything bad happen to the baby. Priya cries and says this is not only Karthik and Natasha’s problem but it is our family problem. Ram assures her nothing will change in between them as we love each other. Nothing have changed when they was seperated for 5 years. He says it is not good for child, please eat something. Ram calls the orphanage and asks them about the baby. The lady informs him that the baby is fine and have milk also. Ram asks Priya to have food now as his baby might be hungry.

Ayesha calls Natasha and says your brother might have told everything to Priya by now. Natasha says bhai didn’t tell anything to Priya and is supporting me.

Scene shifts to Ayesha’s home:

Mamaji asks Ayesha about her changing equation with Natasha. Ayesha says she didn’t befriend with Natasha. Mamaji asks her not to do anything with Natasha as she is his niece. Ayesha assures him that she will not do anything with Natasha.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Rishabh informs Ram that Karthik might have reached the airport by now and he cant forgive him. Ram calls someone and tells that Karthik reached the airport and he will go directly to the orphanage. Ram asks them to wait for him there.

Priya is arranging her room and Soumya comes and says Gopal kaka will do it. Priya says she will do it and clean the mess. Soumya asks her to sit and Priya talks with Soumya that she didn’t believe until now. She tells Karthik was not like that and was favourite of all. He never hurt anyone and was sincere. She says she failed as a sister and daughter and feels ashamed to call him brother. Soumya says she understands. Priya says she is with Natasha as she is a woman she feels what is she going through. Priya cries and hopes that Karthik shall come back and will take care of Natasha.

Karthik calls Priya and says he reached, and asks her to bring his son at his home. Priya agrees. Priya calls Ram and informs him about Karthik returns.

Scene shifts to Police station:

Shipra cries and hugs Sudhir who tries to console him. Shipra says that Natasha is hurt and whatever she has done to them is because of anger. She still thinks about Natasha. Inspector informs them that you got bailed and Mr. Kapoor bailed you out. Shipra says it means Karthik came back. Sudhir says Ram will not do anything bad happen to Karthik. He shows faith on Ram.

Scene shifts to Ram:

Ram calls someone and asks did Karthik reached there, he replies no and says Priya came there to take the baby. Ram asks him to follow Priya. Suddenly he hears some sound and turns around to see Natasha shouting nobody loves me and you lied to me. she says why Priya is helping her brother because you told her my plan. Ram promise her that he didn’t told anything to Priya. She asks then why she is helping him. Ram says she might have gone to make him understand of his mistakes. Natasha cries and tells that you have proved that I am your step sister and why will you choose me over your wife. Ram tries to make her understand but she says she cant believe.

Scene shifts to Sharma’s home:

Karthik covers the windows with the curtains and waits for Priya. The door bell rings and he sees through mirror and opens the door. Priya comes with the baby and Karthik opens the door and takes her inside. Karthik kiss the baby and thanks Priya. Priya says you did wrong and you dont care about maa and papa. Karthik says he dont have time. Priya says she wants to talk to him and if she wants, she would have bring Ram with her and get him arrested. She says she will call Ram. Karthik says he was tortured every moment and thought about everyone. He says he didn’t ran away but he want sometime to think. He says he cried a lot when he came to know about his parents misery because of Natasha. Priya corrects him and says Maa papa is in Jail and they have suffered because of you. Priya says everyone is suffering because of him, maa, papa, Natasha and this baby. Karthik says he knows that he is at fault but he still loves her. He asks her did you know how I might have felt when I came to know Natasha aborted our child? He says that time he was broken and then came Jhanvi in his life and his life changed.

Priya tells him that every couple have differences and fights but they try to clear out the differences. Priya asks him not to cover up his mistakes. You should have talked to Natasha and she would have agreed. You cheated Natasha, Jhanvi and chotu baby. She says she didnt know how he changed from being sensitive to selfish and says you have failed me. The episode ends on Priya sad face.

Rishabh asks Ram are you helping Karthik. Ram says I am not doing as such and his men are after him. He gets a call and is tensed while his family looks on suspiciously.

Update Credit to: Amena

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