Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhanu asking for Natasha’s share in property as he is getting marry to her after knowing that she can’t have any kid and is a divorcee. Natasha is shocked to see the greedy face of Bhanu. Natasha says she acted to see his real face and remembers Priya words that she couldn’t trust Bhanu. Flashback starts where “Priya asks her to trust her instinct and says I am sure I will not let you down”. Natasha says I acted to know about your truth. Bhanu says we are standing here on the street and you don’t have any option now rather than marry me as your family might know that you ran away from home. Natasha says he is a fool to believe her and Vikram and Ram comes out from hiding. Ram asks her to go from here. Natasha thanks Priya for everything.

Neha says thank god, she understands you. Priya says we shall celebrate and decides to go somewhere. Priya says she wants to party, have food and feels like celebrating.

Vikram slaps Bhanu hard and goes on to slap him again and again and says dont dare to look at choti again. Ram says my sister is not alone and don’t think she is weak. Natasha says whatever you gave me, nobody give me and I am so grateful to you. Priya says let us celebrate and let begones be begones. Priya says until you get a good guy, let celebrate your singlehood. Neha feels sad that Bhanu cheat her. Someone comes and asks for a dance, Neha and Priya asks Natasha to dance with him, but Natasha says no. Priya says she wants to dance to celebrate. Priya, Neha and Natasha starts dancing. Vikram says sorry to Ram for Bhanu’s behaviour. Ram says it is not your fault. Priya feels pain while dancing. Neha and Natasha gets panicked, while Priya asks them to call Ram. Neha asks is there any doctor here. Priya calls Ram but he didn’t pick her call as Vikram told her that he trusts Bhanu. He feels Priya will scold him that’s why he asks Ram not to take Neha and Natasha’s call as well. Priya says let it be, we will deliver the baby ourself. She cries out of pain. Vikram tells Ram, we will go on the weekend. Ram tells my wife is always right and thinks how he will handle her now. Priya is taken in the ambulance, Vikram sees the ambulance but didn’t notice Priya.

Sudhir calls Ram and informs him that Priya is calling him since long and Neha and Natasha rushes Priya to some hospital. Ram tells Vikram that Priya’s labour pain had started and we need to rush to the hospital. Vikram calls Neha and asks for hospital’s name. Neha tells him about the hospital name. Ram and Vikram rushes there and asks the receptionalist about Priya. Neha taunts them for coming late. Priya cries and takes Ram name. Someone jokes that the lady inside is very religious. Neha says that her husband’s name is Ram. the nurse comes and says baby girl is born to you. Ram feels happy. Again she congrats him and says another call. Ram says Oh my god, three daughters… I became father of three daughters. Ram goes to Priya and asks you are fine naa. Priya says she is fine equally to him. Ram thanks her and says you can’t imagine how happy I am. Ram says they will be lucky to have daughters. Priya tells him to take tips from her papa. Ram says he is so happy. Pihu comes and says she will name them. Sudhir comes and congrats her. He says you got Laxmi and Saraswati. Pihu says both are cute and says she will take care of them. She speaks with the babies and says she is their elder sister. Priya remembers the happy moments with Ram while the song BALH plays in the BG.

Ram and Priya tells I love you to each other silently. Ram tells Priya that these girls go on me like Pihu. Priya says you took all the credit. Pihu says both the girls looks like her. Pihu asks Priya whether you love them more than me, Priya replies no princess, I will love you more always. Priya is back home with the baby girls. Priya says her new life will begin from today. Ram says he will leave cigarettes and all. Ram says he needs to take care of the girls, Priya says you are lucky as we have girls. She says our daughters will be with us in every situation. Ram hopes that the girls have the qualities like their mom.

Priya tells in the BG that years passed by one by one and new chapter had started in their lives, a new beginning because Bade Acche Lagte Hain…….

Priya asks Ram to have rest and in the evening they will go on a long drive may be to lonavala. Ram gets a call and he leaves making Priya wonder.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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