Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode comes with Priya coming to her room and getting shocked to see that someone had checked her room in her absence. She thinks who must have done that and for what. She thinks culprit would have taken evidences of CD and gloves. She checks the cupboard and does not find it.

Vikram looks at Sammy’s photo and asks him why did he leave him, he would have told him that he loved Suhani and trusted him, he will get the culprit punished soon. Rahul sees Vikram from behind.

Priya informs her lawyer about evidence being stolen. Lawyer says video footage does not have value in court. She should list the suspect, they will start investigating. Priya sees Khush getting into his room anxiously. She gets into his room. Khush asks her why is she here as it is mid night. Priya says she was not getting sleep, so wanted to walk in a garden, but she saw him entering the room. Khush says he went for a walk. Priya says she thought he is tensed with the power of attorney. Khush says he is very happy that dad gave him responsibility. Priya asks him to sleep now as it is too late and goes out from his room. She sees Khush getting tensed.

Juhi asks Pihu to drink juice. Pihu nods her head that she does not want to. Juhi asks her to be strong and says life does not stop if someone goes and she has to move on. She says Ram built this empire for her and she is letting it go like that, she says Sammy also helped build kapoor empire, but Ram gave power of attorney to Khush who hates Sammy. She brainshes Pihu further that Ram’s property will be divided between Khush and Suhani. She thinks if Pihu is getting brainwashed or not. She then says Pihu that she will be with her in her decision.

Priya informs Rajath about the evidence being stolen and says she was very careless to let it steal. Rajath says even Vikram’s documents are stolen from his cupboard and says they have to do something that culprit himself come in open. He shows the video clip and says he had made a copy of it thinking someone from family would steal it. He says he will forward this videoclip to the whole family members and we have to look at the expression of each family member carefully.

Rahul gets a call from somone and thanks him. He informs Vikram that Sammy and Sid’s deal was fake one and that deal did not happen. He says he spoke to the reliable source and he even spoke to his lawyer about it, his lawyer told deal never went on. He says Sid and Sammy fought with Ram for the deal. Vikram says something must have been there if a deal had come in front of lawyer.

Priya and whole family are on the breakfast table. Rajath messages Priya that he is sending the videclip now to all the family members and asks her to watch each one’s face. Everyone looks at the clip shockingly and Priya watches their impressions. Mamaji starts coughing and asks Sid to give him water. Priya notices Khush getting anxious and leaving from there. She then gets Rajath’s call and leaves from there. She says Rajath that she cannot believe Khush can do it. Rajath says for money, anyone can change. Priya says her upbringing is not that bad. Rajath says not to think emotionally and tells him about his plan. He says he is getting Khush’s call and he is the only person to call among all family members.

Khush gets tensed looking at the video clip. Pihu comes there and says she wants to talk to him. She asks him to transfer power of attorney in her name as Ram is her father and it is her right. Khush asks if she has gone mad. Pihu says she is feeling bad and anxious that her money and property is being taken away. Khush says he is her sister. Pihu says he is her enemy as he is with Suhani now and insists to transfer power of attorney into her name. Khush says he will not transfer it to anyone and says he will not sacrifice anything now. He says she is lucky to be Ram’s daughter and he is Sid’s son who did not fullfill his duties. He says he is becoming father of Sammy’s child. Pihu says she will go to court if he does not agree. Khush asks her to go whever she likes, but he will not give his power of attorney. Suhani asks Khush to give POA of Pihu. Khush says he will not give it to anyone. Priya watches the whole conversation silently.

Sid, Juhi, and Mamaji come to Sid’s room. Mamaji asks why is the AC not working and says everything is hot in this house, now Pihu has opened her mouth. He asks Juhi if she is behind Pihu’s change. Juhi asks him not to interfere and says it is just the beginning and asks him to wait until the fire starts. Mamaji asks her to control herself as Priya is against her this time.

Precap: Priya says Khush that Suhani believed you, but how will she tell her child that you killed its father Sammy for money. How can he stoop to such a low level for money?

Update Credit to: Amena

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