Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya saying there was a time when she wants to end her life, but then she came to know about her pregnancy. She then thought to live for this child. She says I died for everyone and live for you and you said I am hounding you. She cries miserably. She says Neha and Soumya told her but she doesn’t believe her. Pihu says she don’t have any identity of herself. I am forced to do as you say. She says I am not Lakshmi of your home. Priya says why you didn’t think of your papa and that guy. Pihu says she saved herself. She says she couldn’t let papa die because Papa said that he will die if she breaks his trust. Priya says I am feeling so bad that I didn’t allow them to question you. She says your papa will die if he gets to know the truth. She calls Ram. Meanwhile Ram is recalling about the past incidents. Ram thinks he did a mistake today. Juhi asks what mistake. Ram says I suspect Pihu because of Neha. I actually asks Pihu whether she went to that room with her consent. Ram says how can I asks you this. Juhi asks him to say sorry. Ram asks her to handle the business in London and he will join her after two days. Ram says I need to return and asks Juhi to handle all this. He steps out of the car. Priya is calling Ram but he didn’t pick her call. Priya asks Pihu to come to the police station.

Varun thinks about Pihu’s words that she loves him. then Ram words that he will ruined his life. He recalls how his parents told him that he finished everything. Sammy is calling Param, Vikram comes and takes his mobile from his hand. He says Param says no naa, stop hounding that girl. She said no, you might be feeling bad but be brave. dont react this way, you are a shergill. Sammy says he did whatever she wants for her happiness. Why she didn’t love him. Vikram asks him to sit and makes him understand that we can’t force anyone to love us. This girl rejected you, you migt be feeling that it is end of the life. But this is not like that, We have all faced rejections from someone. Life was on, you have to be strong. He handle him very carefully and asks him to promise that he won’t call that girl again. Sammy promises him. Neha is looking at the Ganapati festival in her locality. Neha says they are not happy, as the situation is bad. she says she don’t think she can welcome Ganapati ji. Vikram says he is a problem solver and he will solve all the problems. He says I am sure that we will welcome him as a very big family next year.

Priya recalls the past happenings and feels bad. Meanwhile Priya is calling Ram and urges him to pick the call. she says she wants to tell him that their Pihu lied to them. She asks Pihu to redial the number and put it on loudspeaker.
She says she is going to the police station and will call Ram there. She calls the Inspector and says she is reaching to the police station soon, and asks him not to take any action against Varun. She says she will give her statement. Inspector asks the constable to get that boy. constable sees Varun hanging and his body dangling free, and is shocked.

He rushes to the Inspector and says he committed suicide. Inspector calls Priya and says that boy committed suicide in the lock up. Priya and Pihu are shocked and doesn’t concentrate on driving the car. Priya’s car met with an accident, Pihu slips out of the car while Priya had a head injury. Some people rushes to them. Ram’s car passes by and his driver informs that someone met with an accident. Ram hopes nobody should get injured.

Pihu gains consciousness and cries. She says she wants to call her Papa. Juhi picks Ram mobile, Pihu informed her that they met with an accident. Ram comes home and is greeted by Pari and Maira. He sees Juhi there and asks her whether she missed her flight. Juhi gives him mobile and Ram is shocked at what hears on the phone. Then Next scene shows Ram looking at Priya’s photos and talks about the story after 7 years.

After the leap: Ram says I gave motherly and fatherly love to my three daughters. He asks Pari and Maira about Pihu. Grown up Pihu comes running to him and hugs him. Her face is not shown.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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