Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Juhi comes to Pihu and Pihu asks if Priya told Ram and if Ram chided? Juhi said all is handled..and Priya hasnt told Ram yet! Pihu hugs Juhi and thanks her..! Pihu says that Juhi is the kind of mother she always wanted. ! Juhi tells Pihu not to repeat such mistake ever again! She leaves from there!

Ram asks what discussion on? Priya says ur attire for dinner at Vikrams! Ram asked if they were talking about Pihu? Priya says no just her scholarship issue! Ram says felt u were arguing! Priya says nothing to argue about! Ram sees a perfume n says my fave! Priya says u din like strong ones? Ram says like it now! Priya says lot has changed in 7 years! Juhi comes n says forgot Sids perfume here! Ram says oh its for Sid.. he gives it to Juhi! Priya feels awkward!

Juhi tells Sid they have to go for dinner as Neha invited..! She gives him a suit to wear! Sid says thanks. .n says nice color! Sid says u know was in jail ..din earn much but having worked with Ram have purchased watches.. his n her watches! Juhi asks for us? Sid says for family .. Naina-Kush! Juhi says its nice..! She asks din buy for urself? Sid says.. mujhe waqt pe bharosa nahi hai! Sid asks Juhi to give the watch to Kush coz he wont take from me! Juhi smiles n says ok n asks him to try the jacket..!

All arrive at Neha-Vikrams place..! Neha-Priya hug ..! She asks recognised? She says yes! Naina comes in the storeroom of the Kapoor mansion !

Neha asks find the house different? Priya smiles ..n Neha says finally Vikram invested! Neha says dun worry we are all same! Priya says.. u are wearing glasses.. n i m trying to fit in .. ! Lot has changed for me! Neha says i understand..! She says for u u are meeting us after 7 years.. but for us nothing changed coz we used to meet u every day ..n update u about whatever happened in our lives..! Neha says..i was a good friend all these years n Priya says i have been a bad friend. .i fought with u ..insulted u .. so sorry! Neha says i forgot that fight long back.. n even if we fought it was just once in so many years..! Neha says.. in these 7 years..Ram-Vikram ganged up on me. .now ur lets settle scores! Priya says . .am back but cant accept they ganged up on u. .no one can bully u.! Both lauf..! Neha asks if she is ok? Able to settle in? Priya says. .am ok but dunno ..yet about being able to settle. thing. .everything is new for me..!! Priya says but i saw all my friends have fulfilled friendship in my absence.. cant thank u enouf..! Neha says.. chupp..! Priya says one thing is bothering me.. that accident 7 years ago .. i feel Pihu is still upset about it..!! Priya says.. Pihu is not sharing anything with me. am worried for her..!! Neha says.. Pihu is just like what she left her.. she is lovely.. whatever happened 7 years ago…she has forgotten! They hug..!!

Part 2

Ram says that no fun watching matches without him! Sid and Vikram are cribbing too! Neha calls Priya to come for dinner! Priya brings Aloo ke Parathe.. and says.. its for Ram! Juhi comes n says Ram has too much cholestrol .. n this is not good for him! Neha says ur too strict coz of u cant call Fatty .. Fatty! Priya is taken aback! Neha says lets get them to eat! Juhi says .. they wont.. watching match! Neha-Juhi bet.. n Priya watches!

Priya watches Juhi crib with Ram and Neha with Vikram.. ! She feels left out..! Neha says Aloo Parathas are there for u! Ram says so what..!Priya feels bad!

Sammy is on the road and watches Suhani chatting with some guy at a restaurant! He clicks her pic/makes mms and calls Pihu if she got the pic..! He says she is not the way she pretends..! He says they can use it against her!

At the dinner ..Ram tries to eat chicken but Juhi stops him..! She asks Priya to tell Ram not to eat.. as it has high cholestrol! Ram says i like it a lot..! Juhi says.. u gotta quit things u like! Ram says ur forgiven today as u and Sid are getting married! Juhi says am also very happy coz u and Priya look so good together! Priya feels left out..!

Sammy comes in front of Suhani ..! She feels awkward..! He decides to confront her. .n says.. u are refusing to recognise me..! The guy interrupts..! Sammy says wont intro us to ur b.f? Pihu comes..! Sammy tells Pihu look at Suhanis reality .. cribbing about us to Priya and here she is yapping with a guy..! Suhani says ..he is not my b.f! Sammy says.. dun b*t*h about Priya! We are not like u .. acting good..! Pihu taunts her too for her good girl act.. while she is romancing in the middle of the night! Sammy says.. have a bachelor pad..if u wanna spend cozy time there! Pihu tells Suhani that its ok to have a b.f. but in open.. coffee shop ..its cheap..! She suggests to check into a hotel..! Suhani is quiet..! Pihu says cant afford? Well i will pay.. ur my moms nurse! Suhani is in tears..!

Part 3

Sid asks Priya to join them! Priya says not interested in match.. n 4 friends are yapping so! Sid says they know each other for years so are close friends! Priya says.. FRIENDS? Well friendship should be there..coz.. no matter what relation starts with friendship ..! Priya says if there is friendship .. relationship doesnt end! Sid watches intrigued! Priya sometimes friendship is above family ..coz when family is not around.. friends are there! Priya says friends like them are not meant to be left .. or are never out of our lives! Priya asks if Sid is happy! He says ..yes.. very happy! Priya says thanks to Priya for handling Kush ..n handled Ram ..n Ram handled me.. ! Sid says.. Ram loves u loads..! Priya says i know..!! She looks at Ram ..and smiles!

Precap – Juhi says.. this time it is not Pihus mistake ..! Priya says please stay out of it.. Pihu is my daughter..  its my family matter so let me handle it. .u stay out of it..!! Ram comes n shouts on Priya n says.. is this the way to talk to Juhi??? Priya is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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