Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram, Pihu and Priya arrives with Vikram and Neha at Sudhir house. Maa and Dadi are happy to see him. Soumya too looks happy. Ram and Priya surprised to see them there and questions maa you here. Ram says what are you doing here. Maa about to say. Then Neha interrupts and say for Lunch. Soumya also supports Neha. Neha says we hang out for lunch. Shipra asks what are you doing here in Mumbai? did you come for any work? We would have come to received you if you informed us. Priya says if we would have informed you, then you would have not got so much happiness. you didnt come for Pihu’s party and we were missing you. She continues that Pihu wants to meet Khush and we want to meet you all. Dadi asks them to come inside. Sudhir tells them to come in. They greet each other. Ram asks about Natasha and Rishabh. Sudhir says she is doing very much hardwork. Ram says she was a spoilt brat and now she is working hard. They call Natasha to give her a surprise. Soumya calls Natasha. Ram talks to her and says that they came to mumbai and asks her to come home soon. Priya tells that we came here. She is happy to hear that. She tells that she will come home. Priya asks for a tea, Sowmya says I will bring.

Scene shifts to Natasha boutique:

Rahul asks Cady for lunch. Rahul talks to Natasha that he sold the dress and now she can allowed them to go. Natasha says to Cady that you are free to go but not you. Natasha says that you have sold the dress very well. so now you will handle my boutique until I come back..

Scene Shifts to Sudhir home:

Sudhir says you people are lucky to have got the tickets. Vikram says if you have desires to meet your loved ones, then you will get the tickets.
Pihu signals Priya that she needs to go to loo. Shipra laughs and asks Priya to take her to loo. Priya takes her to loo and while she was coming back, she sees some luggage and bags in the room. She calls for Shipra and Shipra comes in. Priya asks are you going somewhere? She gets a different reply from Sudhir and Shipra. Shipra says we bought these bags to go to Jaipur. Shipra asks Priya to go and meet Natasha. She will be happy. Shipra thanks that Priya didn’t knew anything. Shipra says Ram and Priya got these little happiness after a long time. We need to save them.
Shipra says I didnt do our children’s upbringing properly, how Ayesha ravish their property. I know it was Ram’s decision and Ram requests Ayesha to take care of everyone. but Ayesha throw them out. I am responsible for all these. I cant keep an eye contact with them. sudhir says I too feel like that. we didnt taught like that. we taught the same things to both our daughters, dont know where we are wrong. He says where Ayesha let us head down. Priya always kept our head up. When Ram will know this truth, then he will take care of it. Ayesha is responsible for all this and she have to pay for this. Shipra says it is too much now.

Scene Shifts to Sid home:
Sid is romancing with someone in his room. Ayesha calls him but he didnt Pick his call.

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion.

Ayesha thinks I came back from shopping for Sid and he is not picking my call.She says whenever I need him. He was not with me. She wonders where is he? She calls her servant and asks him to take these things and keep it in the car.
She calls Saudamini and asks her to come. She says I cant come, I am in Russian Ballet.

Ayesha tells her that if she is fine. She will not understand Russian ballet. Saudamini says to become rich I have come. All the rich people came here. Ayesha tells her why dont you asks me to come. Did you go alone. Saudamini says I went with G. She says Mamaji. She praises Mamaji.

Ayesha then calls her other friend, she also make an excuse that she cant come.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir Home:

Dadi pampers Pihu and asks Pihu to get a bangles for her also on her next visit to Jaipur. Pihu says but we will live in Mumbai. She says Papa told me this. Dadi asks, Pihu replies that there it was a heavy rain and everything finished. Now Papa will admit me in different school. Sudhir asks Priya. Priya explains them everything. Sudhir tells them so much happened and you didn’t informed me.

Vikram says they are like that, but Priya informed me and I took them here. Sudhir says we cant do anything but we can be together. Ram says it is happening with me for the first time so I was not able to tell anyone.

Maa tells Ram that we also hide something from you. Maa looks at Soumya who informs Ram that Ayesha thrown them out of their house. She tells him everything. Ram shocked.

Scene Shifts to Natasha boutique:

Rahul asks Cady to order the food. Rahul was about to place the close shop board, but some customer comes and asks Rahul is this shop open. Rahul says yes Maa’m. Cady looks at him and asks him to come. He tells Cady that if today he sells one more dress then she will get off to come with him for a date tomorrow.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir home:

Ram tells Sudhir that in bad times you have supported my family, took care of them. I dont know how to thanks you. Sudhir says we are one family. Ram says if I am your son then let me take my decision. read full update only at He says I am taking a house on rent tomorrow. you will not need anything. I will take care of anything. I promise you.

Shipra asks Priya where are your luggage. Priya says we living in Vikram house. and we will live there, here so many people are there naa. Natasha says why dont you talk to shruti, her old house owner. Priya says no. it looks odd. Natasha says can I talk. Priya says no.

Priya says now we will go and asks Pihu to bye dadi. Priya says now we are in one city, we will meet.

Scene shifts to Sid home:

The woman with Sid asks him when shall we meet next. He says soon and asks her to go. He closes the door. Then Ayesha knocks on the door and he opens the door and asks him who is she? He says servant. She believes him.
He looks at the clothes and asks, she says I brought new clothes for you. He says I got bored with old things, I want new things. He hugs her and thanks her for coming and says you make my day. The screen freezes on his cunning face.

Precap:Priya reading out in a newspaper about an advertisement. She then says I search a job for you. Both of them search a job for each other.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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