Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram asking Priya to promise that she will never take off the mangalsutra irrespective of their fights. Priya promises. She tells him that she is thinking about Pihu. Priya tells Ram that they had married late in their life and they are thinking about Pihu’s marriage and says she is just 22. Ram jokes why everyone will marry late if we married late. Priya didn’t know about Sammy’s feelings for Pihu. Ram says you convinced me and you are increasing my tension..He says I will talk to Sammy. Priya says she will handle him. Ram praises her beauty and asks her to apply sindoor. Priya applies the sindoor….while BALH song plays….Priya smiles.

Neha tells Vikram that children didn’t come till now. Vikram says they will come. Cady and

Riddhima worries what they will tell to Neha about Sammy. Neha asks for Rahul. Cady says he went by morning flight. Neha asks, did they talk to Sammy. Cady says they shall give time to him. Sammy thinks to talk to Pihu. Neha calls Sammy. Sammy says I have to go for important work. Neha says she also have a important thing to talk. Sammy tells her that he is going to meet Pihu. Vikram and Cady asks Sammy to go. Cady asks her to understand. Riddhima tells Neha that it is a good thing as he is going to meet her. Vikram says he will take a decision after meeting her and decides to go to Ram’s house after sometime.

Priya asks Juhi, whether Pihu said anything to her. Juhi says no. Priya says she is very stubborn. Juhi says she is born to stubborn. Priya wishes they could give her everything. Juhi says she can’t see her cry and she is feeling helpless. Priya says so I am and wishes Pihu’s happiness.

Priya tells juhi that Pihu shares everything with you and asks her to tell her. Juhi says I will. Priya asks her to take care of Pihu. Juhi says we will…Sammy comes to Pihu and Pihu closes the door on his face. Sammy tells her that he came to sort out everything. Pihu tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him and tries to remove the ring which Sammy has gifted her. Juhi comes and asks Sammy, why he did this? Sammy says he is just that…Juhi thinks he came to give her chocolates and says she will give it to her on his behalf. Sammy thinks he got it for Suhani. Priya thinks to talk to Sammy and calls Cady and asks her to send Sammy to meet her. Cady agrees.

Sammy comes to Suhani’s room and scares her jokingly. He hugs her. Suhani asks for a gift and says don’t you think you shall give me a gift after yesterday night like every husband gives to his wife. Sammy says he doesn’t know any rituals and says he got chocolates for her but Juhi aunty took it from him for Pihu. Suhani says she is not jealous of Pihu as she knows he cares her. Sammy says he cares more about his love Suhani than Pihu. Suhani asks him to get marry. Sammy is tensed.

Pihu tells juhi that she don’t want to talk to Sammy. she says she talked to Dad only after talking with Sammy. She throws the gift saying she have the face the embarrasment because of him. Priya sees her and says she will throw the chocolates. Pihu says, she will eat it. Priya says you are same as before. Pihu rest her head on priya’s lap and feels happy. Priya asks Pihu, shall I talk to Sammy. Cady tells Priya that Sammy is waiting for her. Priya leaves, Juhi feels jealous to see the mother daughter bonding. Juhi tells Pihu that she will prepare breakfast for her.

Sammy tells Suhani that he loves her. Suhani says she wants him to marry her. Sammy asks, how is love connected to marriage. Suhani says it makes the love pure. Sammy says whatever happened last night have strengthen our love. it doesn’t mean we shall marry. He explains that he and his dad business are not stable. He says he have to learn so much from Ram and make a career. He says he will marry after 35 years. Suhani is shocked and says she needs a name for this relationship. Sammy gives his word that he will marry her later. Suhani says she did a mistake by trusting him. Suhani says she don’t want him in her life and leaves. Sammy says he loves her so much. Suhani collides with Pihu. Pihu says she is having good mood and asks for Sammy. Suhani goes and cries in the garden. Khush comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Suhani takes Sammy’s name. Khush is boggled.

Priya tells Sammy that Pihu told her that she loves him and Juhi confirmed it. She says then she talked to Ram and that’s how their marriage talk initiated. She asks him, did you really love Pihu? Sammy is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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