Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Sharma house where Ayesha is seen cooking parathas for the kids and Shipra and Natasha are glancing her from the distance, thinking how she spoiled the kitchen and lots of smoke is coming out. Shipra goes to help her so that kids are fed food. she sees parathas overcooked and says the same, but Ayesha replies that she did it deliberately because kids like crispy parathas. Sudhir looks on. Kids are asking for food. She gets finally parathas and vegetable dish for Khush and Pihu. Pihu smells the food prepared by Ayesha, when she questions why is she smelling. Pihu shots back that there is a dog in her building he smells the food before eating and sees if it is saved. Pihu and Khush dont eat the food and Pihu says even the dog dont like to eat it. Ayesha says it is indian food. Natasha says it is junk food and it should be thrown away. she asks the kids. kids says it is monster food. Ayesha asks them to have it silently. Shipra scolds Ayesha. Ayesha says that she prepared food to make papa happy but he doesn’t care. Sudhir is surprised and says you cant be good. Kids asks Natasha for the food. she happily takes them out for dinner. Shipra takes Ayesha inside.

Scene shifts to Sid:

Sid is driving the car and thinking that how many days he have to act. If he was not feared of going to jail then he would have shown Ram employees his place. He reaches the place where he meets Rinky ( call girl) she asked him to pay 10000 Rs for her services as he spoiled her evening. Just then Ram comes there and asks what service. Sid is shocked. she makes an excuse that she came here to repair the AC. Ram is not convinced and asks her to check his car AC as well. Sid says now she have to go home, but Rinky demands money. Ram asks him to give her money now itself as tomorrow he have to go to office. Sid takes his wallet out and she takes all the money and leaves. Ram tells Sid you made a good excuse and I understood everything.

Sid asks how come you are here? Ram replies that he came here after leaving Priya at home.Ram says we will have a drink. Sid asks how will you go home. Ram replies that he decided to stay at kapoor mansion. Sid is shocked but says yes yes come now I need a drink.

Scene shifts to Ram house:

Pihu comes there and says Natasha aunty came with me and she fed me icecream. she says Ayesha aunty made food not so good. she sees Priya packing clothes and asks. Priya says papa is shifting to Kapoor Mansion. Pihu is not happy and asks because of me he is going.Why cant papa live with me. Priya says you are a rockstar and papa is going to dadi’s place and she makes her understand that papa also wants to live with his mother krishnaji. she he decided to stay some days with his mother. Pihu replies that she will miss papa. Priya says they will go to papa to meet him and papa also will come here to meet them. Pihu asks will you go leaving me? Priya gets emotional and says she will not go anywhere. then she asks about ayesha’s food. They had a good laugh. Priya asks her to brush her teeth. Pihu goes inside. Priya thinks this fight is between the elders but children are sacrificing and i just hope everything will be fine and they get a shiny world.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Vikram joins Ram and Sid for a drink. Ram says lets enjoy for his shaadi barbaadi. vikram says why are you fearing him. Mamaji comes there and asks for a drink. sid says you will get a heart attack. Vikram says mamaji is fine, no shaadi no tension. Ram says who will marry him. Vikram says mamaji have saudamini. mamaji says she is just friend. Ram asks about rinky. Mamaji tells she is a doctor. Ram says she is also a doctor. Wow.

Sid says you know na bhai. Ram smiles. Vikram tells him about Neha getting jealous. Ram says it happens after marriage. They shows him about the pros and cons of marriage. Ram says in his opinion, marriage is good in long distance marriage. Vikram says couples shall meet 3- 4 times. Ram says his good phase was when Priya was away from him in Dubai. They laugh. Priya comes with Ram luggage and Ram is shocked. Priya is angry with him and ram goes to make her understand. she says our relation survived because it was a long distance relationship. Ram says I didn’t want to come here, but you asked me to. I was just saying it to show sid. It was a joke. Priya says we will make out relation a vey long distance relationship. you live at kapoor mansion and I will live at my house, and if you still have a problem then i will go to dubai. He says it was a joke and what are you talking about, as you knows everything. It was just a act to convince sid. She says we will now talk only on phone. she asks him to pick her call. He says it was just an acting. She says then i must say you act well. He says i was convincing sid, I have to make it believable. She says she is going home. Ram says he will come with her and he dont want to stay away from her. Priya says really. She smiles. Ram says you were acting. She says yes while the music is playing. Priya says I was shocked for a moment when you said that. They say sorry to each other and Priya says not to tell this even falsely.

Sid is on the bed and asks Gopal kaka to get the nimbu pani. He had the hangover. Ram pretends to scold Gopal kaka. Gopal kaka asks for forgiveness. Ram says you take the money and leave this job. Ram takes Sid wallet and gives money to Gopal kaka and fires him. Gopal kaka goes. Ram feels sorry for his behavior and says when you will know, then you will understand.

While Gopal kaka is leaving, vikram comes there and asks where he is going. He says Ram sir relieved him of his job for a petty mistake. vikram says there might be a reason. Gopal kaka says now where will I go? Vikram says I know where you are needed. Come with me. They leaves.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Kids, Sudhir and Natasha are having a breakfast and Shipra gets ghee parathas for Priya. she calls for Priya and she comes and sees so many dishes there. she asks is any guests are coming? Shipra says this is for you. Priya is surprised. she says all this for me. shipra says you have to eat this in this condition. Pihu says no, my mamma will be fat like papa if she eats ghee parathas. shipra laughs and says you mummy will be fat. Pihu asks. Priya says actually nani is right. she asks bua, she also says the same. Ayesha sits for the breakfast and shipra ask her to cut some more fruits for herself. she says she doesn’t want to eat.

Door bell rings and khush opens the door and sees Gopal kaka. Priya asks Gopal kaka about his luggage. He tells that Ram fired him. Priya wonders what happened to Ram. Natasha takes him inside. They sees ayesha and asks him why Ram send him out. He says Ram was telling about you and Ayesha. Priya tell him to say straight way what ram told. He says Ram said that Priya takes care of the servant. Priya decides that Gopal kaka will stay with us. She asks for forgiveness. she says dont worry gopal kaka. Shipra asks her to sit and eat. Episode ends on Priya winning smile.

Ram brings a small teddy for Pihu. Priya asks Pihu to take it. Pihu asks his name. Ram asks Priya to tell his name. Priya smiles and says his name should be guppy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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