Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu apologizing Ram and Priya for troubling them and making them separate. Ram asks if she will not ask them to separate now. Pihu says she will never do that now. Khush asks Ram and Priya to hear him also and says he is happy for them and loves them both. Priya says we also love you. Other kids also loudly say they all love them. Ram’s aunt says that Priya is his lucky charm. Priya asks them not to praise her. Ram says aunt is right.

Ram says he has an announcement to make and says he wants to divide his property between all his kids. Khush says how can he do that, he does not need his property as he and his siblings dos not want division. He angrily says Ram does think him as dear one and goes from there. Priya says Khush is behaving like this since a few days and she know how to handle him.

Priya goes to Khush’s room and asks him if he is growing up or becoming kid again. She says they want to divide the property as they know their kids have grown now. She says he should not think that they are going away from them and says Ram has just come back home now and needs rest, life is unpredictible. Khush asks her not to think like that. Priya says Ram went to jail without prediction and that is exactly Ram thinking. She says she can expect some maturity from Khush as he can understand the situation and says she cannot explain to younger kids. She says they need some rest now. She asks him to do what his mind says, to work or to act, whatever he likes. She says Ram will be there to guide them and needs much rest, It is Ram’s way to show concern over his kids and family, he even transferred company in her name once and asks if he wants to make everyone happy, then why can’t everyone make him happy. Khush says she is having a magic in her that she solves all the problems easily and asks how
she does that. Priya says it is years of practice, earlier she used to solve he sibling’s problems and then ram and kids, especially him and Pihu. She again says she is tired of handling kids and now needs rest, she wants him to act like a mature and grown up. Khush smiles and agrees. Priya thanks him and goes form there.

Priya walks by Mamaji’s room and hears him talking to someone. Mamaji sees her and cuts the call. Priya asks mamaji if he is trying another conspiracy again. Mamaji says he was talking to his lady love, he started with a friendship and the started loving a girl. He says she knows better his situation and starts crying. Priya asks mamaji to stop crying and says she does not believe him, even if he is telling truth and loves some one, he does not have to cry and asks him to relax. She asks him to stop thinking negative and be positive.

Pihu meets Priya and asks what is all this, property, division… Priya asks him not to pester her like Khush now and says if Ram as thought something, it must he right decision. Pihu says she wants to give he property share to her siblings. Priya asks her not to think weird now. She says she heard mamaji talking to someone and was telling he loves a girl, but he does not believe him. Pihu asks her to relax and not to think negative. She says when she and Ram are there with her, nobody can harm her and they are her strength. Priya says she and Khush and and otehr kids are her strength now. Pihu asks her to stop thinking and to go and spend some quality time with Ram.

Vikram meets Ram. Priya says it is good he came as Ram was waiting for him. Vikram says he had to come, but was a bit hesitant. Priya says they are a family and cannot stay away from each other. Ram says she is right, let us start afresh and have a lavish party. Priya says let us have a pooja/havan than party. Ram says they should have a party as it does not suit his image. Priya says party. They both start fighting. Vikram says we will do both and says he feel everything is back to normal seeing them fighting. Priya jokes now after meeting his friend, she has become outsider now. Vikram says it is good that husband and wife fight as it brings them closer. He asks them to inform beforehand so that he can come dressed accordingly. Ram asks Priya to inform about it to their kids.

Precap: Priya says Pihu that time heals everything and Khush will be fine, let him be.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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