Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram and priya holding hands and sharing a lovely moment. Ram suddenly sees Sid as starts acting, raising his voice against Priya. Priya also understands Sid’s presence and acts along Ram. Sid hears this. Priya says her family is supporting all the family members of Ram.
Ram says not to taunt him. They both fight saying Priya’s sister kicked them out of the house. Priya says to go and live in the bungalow.

Ram says this to Sid saying did you hear how Priya is saying. They should leave Priya’s house sooner. Priya laughs off this saying will Sid keep your family, are you joking.
Ram says Don’t talk bad about my brother. He knows what happens if you stay from your family. He asks Sid to say that he will take care of everyone. Ram says they are comfortable there and does not want to come. Ram says him to do as he says. Sid says ok as you say.

Sid thinks Ayesha and Kush would have gone, but the whole family is going to come home. Ram tells Priya that the whole family will go home. Sid says he will do the needful. Ram asks him to do the work and he will take care of his mother and Dadi. Priya says for what he is waiting now. Lets go. Priya and Ram leave while shouting. Sid is in a dilemma.

Scene shifts to a market:

Ayesha is out to buy vegetables and she is unable to manage. She also does the bargaining with the vegetable vendor. She shouts in order to make him listen to her. Ayesha thinks Sid is sitting in AC and she has to do such work.

Scene shifts to office:

Sid is sitting amidst lots of files. He calls Vishal and complains about the cabin. Vishal says once Ram Sri comes I will talk to him and you sit today here. Vikram watches all this as Sid goes on complaining about the dust and Ac not working. Vishal says him to talk to maintenance department.

Scene shifts to Priya’s house:
Ram and Priya are together. Ram asks Priya to sit and she says how many will he say. Shipra notices them. Shipra asks why they called a family meeting. Priya says they wanted to share something with the entire family so they called the family meeting. Everyone are seen sitting.
Neha comes and says maybe Ram has done something. Everyone ask them to tell fast. Priya asks Ram to say. Ram says the same to Priya.

Ram tries saying that Priya is pregnant. Priya is shy. Everyone are very happy. Ram’s Dadi calls Priya. Ram’s mother says its good to hear. Priya touches their feet. They bless her. Everyone congratulate Priya and hug her and start making things for her. Priya says Ram was taking care of her since morning and now you all also started. They all embarass Priya. shipra brings the Aarti. Ram smiles as he sees everyone happy.

Everyone ask when she came to know, Priya says today morning. Natasha tells that Ram was hiding this since morning. How? Vikram and Neha jokes on Ram.
Priya says she has one more thing to say. She says that she has to do the same thing what Ayesha has done. Ram says Priya is saying right and Priya is asking you to go out of this house and return to Kapoor Mansion.

Ram explains them to show Sid that he needs them all, but the real reason of their return is that it is their house. Ram’s mother says she is happy that they are going back to their house but also feeling sad because you people has given lots of love. They don’t feel to go from here. Priya says but you have to go.
Ram says they will also come in few days and asks Rishabh to take care of everyone.

Scene shifts to a shop:
Neha greets Cady. She asks how is she. She says she is fine.
Neha brings a dupatta and says her to make it stitched. Cady says she cannot say if it becomes new.
Neha explains her that once a thing is damaged, it cannot be made new. If she really cared for it, she would have taken care of it. Cady thinks about what she said. Neha leaves.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram brings the family home. Ram apologises to his mother and Dadi. They say that his support is enough for them. Ram asks the servants to take the luggage and keep good care of his mother and Dadi. Ram leaves.
Mamaji is shocked to see them and asks how come they are here. But pretends infront of them that he is very happy. Ram’s Dadi scolds him.

He gets a call from Sid. Sid says Mamaji that a girl will come there and till he comes there, to take care of her. The girl comes in asking for Sid. Rishabh says Sid went to office and what work she has with Sid.
Mamaji says she is Dr. Anita and Sid has told him about her. The girl says her name is Rinky. Mamaji argues with the girl.

Scene shifts to office:

Vikram says Sid is taking so much time on a single file. He asks him to end it and they will go home. Sid gets a call.

Sid does not pick the call infront of Vikram. He pretends that it was a insurance policy call.
The girl increases her pay. The girl acts infront of Rishabh. Ram’s mother tells Rinky to see Dadi’s leg. Mamaji says Rinky can’t do anything. Rinky leaves making an excuse. She again calls Sid.

Vikram receives the call. Rinky says that she will not take less than Rs. 8000. Vikram also pretends that it was insurance call. Vikram asks Sid to talk to Ram about this too.
Soumya calls Priya. Priya says she is missing everyone. Soumya gives all the updates to Priya. Soumya said that maybe Sid has changed. Priya says he can’t change. It will be a miracle if he change. It may be Sid’s plot. She asks Soumya to keep Rinky stay out of the house.

Ram is driving a car. Priya calls him and asks him to park the car as she wants to discuss something important. She says that Sid has sent a doctor girl at home and they don’t trust Sid. She asks Ram to go there. Ram says he will go and see. Priya tells Ram to shift to Kapoor Mansion till Sid’s matter is solved. Ram says how can he leave her in such a situation.

Priya says she can manage as she has many people with her and previously she managed alone. Ram argues with her on this as he wants to stay with her.
Ram says ok he will go but he is not happy. Ram asks her not to come there. The scene is light as Ram’s extra concern for Priya is highlighted.

Priya yells at Ram to stay far from her to maintain a long distance relationship as he told her. He says he was just saying it infront of Sid. Priya does not understand him and says to make their relation a much more long distance relationship…


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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