Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th April 2013 Written Update

Meera wakes up to see Shyama massaging her head. She asks Meera how she is feeling? Beeji is there and asks her is this why she came to Delhi? Meera doesn’t reply. Beeji asks her whether she really didn’t know about Nandini? She shakes her head and apologises. She says that when she first came here that’s when she found out about Nandini. Nupur comes in and says even if that is true, why didn’t she leave soon as she found out? Beeji tells her to sleep but Nupur says that how can she? All the love she had for her brother is gone and Nandini’s life broke because of Meera. Meera says she was about to leave but Nandini came and took her. Nupur says that she should have made some excuse and leave. Meera says she tried to. Nupur says she wanted to be like her but now she understood the truth about freedom and that she doesn’t want such thing now! Nupur leaves shouting. Meera tells Shyama and Beeji that she seriously didn’t know anything about Nandini. She says that she too has lost everything and that both her and Nandini have been cheated. Beeji tells her to stop and not think too much and sleep.

Beeji begins to feel ill and Shyama asks her to go and rest as she’ll stay with Meera. Beeji is in her room, thinking about Meera’s words she begins to cry. Flashback of Nandini on her wedding. Beeji gives her shagun of jewellery and tells Nandini to have so much love for Ani that there isn’t room for anyone else. Ani comes and says not even for you? Beeji jokes telling Nandini to keep Ani with her pallu and Ani jokes saying he’s only linked to Beeji’s pallu. She tells him to look at Nandini and what a sweet wife he has. Ani says that first she has to leave only then he will see his wife (ahahaha, omg!). Beeji calls him besharam and leaves. Ani and Nandini are alone when Beeji comes in asking him to promise her something. He jokes saying he’s already given Nandini 7 promises now Beeji? Beeji says to keep Nandini always happy and love her a lot. She says to look after Nandini and never hurt her even mistakenly. He promises her.

Flashforward to current… Akhil tells Shyama that a woman’s life is so difficult, as they sacrifice for husband’s family, and what do they give? Shyama says that a husband gives happiness through home and children. Akhil says and Nandini? What did she do so bad that she had to go through this? Shyama tells him that even Meera didn’t know. Shyama says if this happened to her she’ll die. Akhil stops her and tells her to never say that before and he’ll never hurt her like this. He promises her.

Beeji frantically rushes to Balraj’s office and says that something bad is going to happen and about Meera. He tells her what did she do? Meera packing her bags and feeling dizzy. Nandini on the floor with pictures around her. Balraj angrily tells her why is she still in the house? Beeji says that she had a fever she asks him to allow Meera to stay on more day. Balraj says that she should leave now. Beeji says that she loved Ani! Balraj says so what? Ani had an illegitimate relationship with her, it doesn’t matter. Beeji says so what? It was still a relationship. Balraj says what about when in the future more girls come asking they had a relationship with Ani? He says that they only want money! He says why did that girl come anyway? She has no character and he doesn’t even know who her parents are. He says for Nandini’s sake, kick Meera out.

Meera about to leave the room when Nandini arrives. Meera tells Nandini for forgiveness. Meera says that when she came here then she found out about her for the first time and that Ani cheated them both. Nandini says that just because Ani is no more, he can’t defend himself thats why she’s saying this. Meera says she’s saying the truth – why else would she come here? She didn’t do anything on purpose. Meera says that both of them didn’t know about the other. Nandini gives Meera the pictures and says that she returned what was Meera’s, will Meera be able to do the same? Then maybe she’ll forgive Meera.

Agasthya picks up the phone and it’s the doctor. She tells him about Meera and that she is pregnant. Agasthya is shocked.

Precap: Nandini finds out about Meera’s pregnancy through the doctor’s call. Balraj’s sister in law kicks Meera out and she bumps into Balraj. Meera is leaving whilst Nandini runs after her.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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