Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 7th June 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Aloka questioning both Nandini and shyama. Aloka raises her hand on Shyama when Biji stops her and asks Shyama very sweetly where she was?
Shyama is damn afraid and worried she’s also panicked and does not know what to say. Nandini covers for her and says that she lost her purse in the temple, then called at home. Shyama was the one to receive the call and she rushed to the temple to help her. Shyama is really afraid that she’s shivering. Aloka tells Biji not to believe them as they must be cooking some history to fool them. Biji asks the ladies to go and change as their clothes are wet and they may catch a cold.
Shyama rushes in tears in her room and is thinking about Mongia and the time she was at his place she cried thinking at Akhil and his love.
Nandini also is crying with Ani picture saying that is his fault whatever is happening. Hope he was alive and was only her’s.
Meera is also is remembering Ani.
Akhil is back home and Shyama fakes to be asleep, Akhil is saying to her that it was a very stressful day running from the police station to the hospital because of Arti.
He asks her if she was stuck in the rain, Shyama is shocked.
Akhil brings water for Aloka and asks why she’s still awake? Aloka says she can’t sleep thinking at whatever is happening. Aloka hopes Arti gets well soon. Akhil asks her from when is she worried for Arti. Aloka says she wants Arti to get well so that she can takes Meera back home with her.
Akhil sees Kailash picture and asks Aloka how Kailash died as he can’t remember well, he was only a kid he remembers only that Balraj took him back home from the hostel for completing all the rituals. He asks Aloka to tell him what really happened Aloka is shocked.

Akhil continues to asks her if it is true a goon stabbed his father. Aloka says whatever she said to them previously, she has still the very same to say again. She asks Akhil why suddenly he’s asking about his father death. Akhil asks if ever she has given Arti his phone number and she says yes . Akhil says that Arti called him and stated something about his father death, Aloka says Kailash used to be Prem friend’s. Akhil says she did well by leaving his number to Arti.
Akhil says to Aloka Arti told him about a letter sent to Prem by Kailash concerning Kailash death, Aloka is in tears and Akhil continuously asks her what happened?
Nandini comes downstairs and sees Meera in the kitchen lost in her own thought while making tea. Nandini goes to take water and asks about Arti. Meera says that the doctor says Arti is in ICU under observation for 48 hours and nothing can be said.
Meera just feels her baby first kick and screams Nandini rushes to her and Meera takes Nandini and puts it on her tummy asking Nandini to feel the baby kick. Nandini is a bit reluctant. Finally she feels the baby kick and smiles.She suddenly leaves and Meera continues to make her tea smiling.Nandini is in tears.
Meera goes to the hospital and asks Agasthya who was with Arti to go home as he must be tired. Agasthya suggest to call the nurse if ever the oxygen pressure rises.Meera says yes and they bid goodbye to each other then Agasthya leaves.
A constable brings Arti bag home and searches for Akhil but Aloka takes the bag and says she’s the mother of Akhil she will handle it to Akhil.
Meera tells her mom they lived separated for so many years now when she needs her mom she’s deep asleep whatever the doctor said but she must come back for her as she really needs her.
Balraj is entering Arti room and sees Meera.
Aloka checks the bag of Arti and finds the letter she reads it and is shocked.

Balraj enters Arti room and spiked her drip with a syringe saying she will ruin his game if she gets well. Arti eyes is open and she sees him.

Update Credit to: Anju

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