Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Arti thinking about the content of the letter and how Balraj is a dangerous man. She decides to call Akhil and thinks Meera is in Balraj house.
Pallavi announces Biji that Meera left home in a riush after Arti call. Shyama says Meera should have eaten something before going home as she’s pregnant.
Nandini arrives and Biji is extremely happy on seeing and asks if she’s back from the temple. Nandini does not answer and is shocked Shyama notices her. Biji asks why she’s so sfail she seems to not have eaten.
Meera is with Balraj in the car and Arti calls Meera but Balraj wants to answer the phone and finally Arti tells him that his games is finished as she got a letter. and she gets to know the truth. Balraj does not give the

phone to Meera though Arti repeatedly asks him to give Meera the phone.
Balraj hang down and thought what will Arti do now? She’ll go to the police…
Arti calls the Akhil and tells him that she wants to talk with him concerning his father death, Akhil is surprised, to hear Arti got a letter of Kailash.
Nandini is talking with Shyama and the latter asks if she has met Neil and Nandini says everything has ended and no more feelings remains anymore she has explained it to Neil also. Shyama tries to explain to her but to no avail.
Mongia calls to Asthana’s house and Aloka picks up the phone and he hangs down. Aloka is irritated and the phone rings again and Shyama picks it and Mongia tells her to think which day it is and to come and meet him.

Meera and Balraj reach Arti place and Balraj acts to forget his phone and asks Meera to go in. Meera keeps searching for Arti.
Balraj thinks which police station is nearer and makes a call.
Meera asks Roopa where’s Arti and she says without saying a word. Balraj acts as if he’s not aware about Arti absence and Meera confirms Arti is not at home. Balraj sees Meera phone and asks for a glass of water as Meera moves away Balraj switch off Meera’s phone, Arti boards a taxi and tries to call her but to no avail.
Neil is thinking about Nandini and has flashback when he was leaving for Sarangpur and asked Nandini to wait for him he’ll back soon. Nandini said she’ll feeling weird and she did not want him to go, Neil also said the same. Neil comes to the presence and thinks if he would not have gone Ani would never have stepped into Nandini life and all bad which happened to Nandini is only because of him.

Balraj calls KK and the latter informs Arti taxi is in front his truck. Balraj says he knows what he should do. Kk says yes and Balraj says to call him after his work has ended. KK is following the truck.
Meera brings water for Balraj and on seeing her Balraj’s is shocked. Balraj asks where’s could Arti had gone she called them in a panick and Meera confirms Arti has no patience.Meera asks Balraj to go home but he insist to meet Arti. Meera thinks about her phone and switches it Balraj looks worried. She tries to call Arti who’s crossing the road and Arti is searching her phone through her bag when KK knocks her with his truck.
Arti is bleeding on the road and KK sends a message to Balraj.

PRECAP: Meera is trying to through Arti on the phone while Akhil calls Balraj announcing about the accident of Arti. Balraj is unhappy to know Arti is not dead.
In the hospital Meera is searching for Arti who’s in the operation room.
Akhil asks Balraj why did Arti leave when she was aware about Balraj and Meera coming to her place.

Update Credit to: Anju

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