Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Biji facing Nandini who’s on the phone she asks whom is she calling making some excuses and in a panicking state she says it was an incoming insurance call.
Nandini leaves leaving the key hanging in her wardrobe.
Biji is very worried for Nupur who’s late she asks Anuja about but answers a bit rudely Shyama stops her.
Biji is still worried and tells Shyama that Nupur is late and Balraj may be coming and he enters right away.
He seems that Biji is tense as she keeps looking at the door.Biji asks Shyama to serve tea to Balraj in his study but he refuses and asks for his tea in the hall.
Biji tries calling Nupur with pallavi phone but she does not answer and enters with her phone ringing.
Balraj sees her searching for the phone he tells her no need to search nor to pick it.

Biji makes an excuses of asking Nupur to buy some ointmets for her and asks whether she brings it.Nupur is lots frightenes and Balraj says to Biji to stop all her excuses and no need to try to save her…no one will be worst than him.
He asks Nupur to talk why is she late. He says why is she three hours late,when he already warned her to come on time.Nupur says she went to her friend place and Balraj asks who permitted her,she says she’s 21 yrs old, this irks Balraj more and he says though she’s 30 she must follow his rule since she lives in his house.
He asks her to leave his house,Nupur is crying and he punishes her saying she cannot steps out for a week. Nupur tries to explain but in vain sp Biji tells her to leave.She runs away crying follows by nandini.
Biji tries to explain to Balraj who’s not ready to hear a single word.
Nandini tries explaining to Nupur, about Balraj and his temper,Pallavi enters her room and asks Nupur what’s really going on if ever she’s crying for missing her college or … Nupur asks what??

Nupur does not want to answer Pallavi who’s talking like Balraj.Pallavi reminds Nupur of all the rules of the house and says that Nupur can’t forget the rule since she’s leaving in the house.
Meera is packing her stuffs and she sees Ani lighter she has a flashback with him saying he loves her and marriage is not necessary.
Nandini arrives and Meera says not to mistake her as the lighter belongs to her friend.
Nandini asks if she’s leaving she says she fulfilled her promise and stays 2 days she has to leave now.
Nandini hugs her and tells Meera that one day she’ll come to visit her place, they will visit the places where Ani also used to go like the mountains,waterfalls etc.Meera is in tears and Nandini asks what’s wrong Meera says that she should definitely come to meet her.

Meera thinks it is better that she and Nandini never ever meet again.
Biji tries to talk about Nupur to Balraj but he’s still in no mood to hear about her. Balraj is happy when he asks if Meera is leaving and Biji says Yes.
He curses Nandini to bring Meera at home and to lose Ani child.
balraj says he’s sure that Biji may know that Nupur is doing something…He says better that Biji herself says the truth otherwise if he begins to dig the truth it will be very harsh for Nupur.Biji says she’ll talk with her. Nandini goes to meet deepika who’s applying nail polish she tells Nandini to talk slowly as the nail polish belongs to Nupur.Deeps leaves and Nandini keeps looking at the bottle of nail polish and has flashback of Ani and the lighter on which her nail polish fell and Ani said that it is a souvenir from Agra and thinks what is the same lighter doing with Meera?’ She has flashback of everyone talking about Meera sudden visit after 2 months of Ani death.
Nandini thinks.
Who’s Meera with background score of Badaltey Rishton Ki dastaan playing.

Nandini runs in the room of Meera and searches his suitcase and is shattered to see Meera pictures with Anirudh.
Written by Anju..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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