Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Nandini brings tea to Balraj’s study where he says that she needn’t do that as only servants do that! He asks her about some family and she tells him that maybe he has forgotten but two months before Ani’s death, that family shifted to Canada. Balraj then tells her that the time in which her father has to claim the house is going and only with 5 crores can he take the house. He says that she is Tiwari’s only child and how could he leave without saying anything? Balraj makes a comment that maybe something bad has happened to Tiwari but then says to himself that he should think positively. Nandini is quiet. He then asks her whether she is in touch with him? Any letters, phone or messages? She says no. He replies that within the time if Tiwari doesn’t come then the house will go to Balraj’s name, but for that he needs Nandini’s signature. Nandini is in deep thoughts when he tells her what’s there to think about? Her husband is dead and she couldn’t even give him a grandson. Nandini says that maybe he has forgotten as her father has not 3 months but 6 months to claim! Balraj says so is she keeping count? Nandini replies that this house is her fathers, mothers and HERS. Balraj is speechless and tells Nandini that she can go. Balraj says that all he needed was a waaris (heir)!

Meera in the park upset. She is pregnant. Agasthya arrives there and she wipes her eyes. He asks her why she is there away from home? She replies that she wanted some fresh air. Agasthya says that so she couldn’t do that at home? She replies that she wanted to get away from everything to which he says guilty conscience? Meera says she is not guilty as she didn’t know about Nandini but it is Ani who is guilty! He says thats what she says! She replies that she doesn’t even want to live there anymore. She is about to go when he tells her that she can go but to tell before she leaves in case Nandini again goes off to find her (Aww, Agasthya cares so much about his family!). He says that he believes her about Ani! He asks her if she wants him to drop him home? And she replies, no. (Aw, he soo wanted her to say yes! :P). He leaves. Meera cries thinking about her pregnancy and how Nandini will never experience motherhood. She thinks to Ani that even though he cheated both her and Nandini, she still wants to accept this child but hopes that it doesn’t lead to Nandini’s hurt. She says that no one can ever find out about the child.

At lunch table. Shyama asks Meera who has just come in to eat. Shyama asks where she had gone? Meera replies that she had gotten her tickets sorted and will leave the next morning. Agasthya comes in and sees Meera. He says so she is back? Pallavi asks him how did he know Meera went out? Did he go search for her? Agasthya stutters and then says Nandini said where was Meera that’s how he knew. (Seriously, Agasthya? Hehehe!) The girls laugh! He changes the topic and asks Shyama why she didn’t iron his white shirt? Anuja points out some pink colour in his shirt. Agasthya tells Shyama that he has told them so many times that don’t mix white with coloured clothes! (Seriously the amount of times that happens in my house, aha) He says that women don’t do anything properly! Pallavi mocks saying that yeah, us women are bad etc etc. He says that what happened to Niranjan’s book? Did it get published? Meera sees Pallavi upset and says that she read Niranjan’s book and that it was very good! But not everyone thinks this (talking about Agasthya). Agasthya tells Deepika to get his shirt but Shyama stops her saying that she’ll get it and whether he wants to lunch with them? He leaves saying no. He turns back and asks MEera if she needs someone to go with her to say, but she says that she’ll go on her own. Meera in tears thinks that before the truth comes out she should leave.

Nandini thinks about what Balraj has told her about Tiwari. She gets out a chit with a number on it and calls her father! She says that he shouldn’t hang up and that she knows that he told her not to contact him again. She says that no one is around her. She asks him if he doesn’t want to meet her? Anywhere he tells her to, she’ll be there! She says its been two months since Ani died and he(Tiwari) never asked her how she was? She says that she too needs him. She says that for a few months more she’ll wait but just for him. Nandini turns around and sees Beeji!

Precap: Nandini sees Meera with a lighter. She says that it was a friend. Nandini thinks that lighter was Ani’s and that Meera lied? .

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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