Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nandini lying on her bed thinking about Meera questioning her about her father whereabout.She thinks why is Meera concerns about her father whereabout and she was compelled not to say the truth.
Agasthya goes to meet Balraj who’s happy and he says he can feels his presence.Agasthya tells Balraj if he wants to share his happiness.Balraj asks about the motive of his visits Agasthya tells Balraj tomorrow it is the foundation days of their office and it is better to give the bonus to the workers instead of throwing a party. Balraj says no questions it will be a great party tomorrow.
Agasthya seems puzzles as he can’t understands Balraj happiness motive’s.
Nandini receives a message from an unknown number and she thinks it must be her dad as he used t change his number bi monthly.The message reads he’s taking care of the situation and he must be coming.

Shyama asks Akhil why he seems happy if ever he’s hiding something from her he says Nupur reminds him of his old days.
he has flashback of meeting Shyama in the police station.He says love struck at first sight for both of them..Shyama asks why is thinking of all these Akhil says he was not able to help her out of her past?
Akhil thinks he fails to complete hs duty as a hubby,Shyama says she’s scared of losing everything.What if someone goes to know about her truth.Akhil assures nothing will happen.

Aloka is not happy with the idea of throwing the party as well as Pallavi and Akhil as Ani died only few months has elapsed. Agasthya says because of their company foundation day and they used to throw this party.Aloka praises agasthya sarcastically to think and talk like Balraj when he said for how long will they mourn.aloka says she can’t understand Balraj happiness,Biji is alert.Akhil says he agrees that the party should go on but it not nrcessary to be something big.Aloka and Agasthya gets into a discussion at last Akhil tells Biji to decide and she says if Balraj decided so then the party will for sure be thrown.Aloka brings a saree and jewelleries and throws it on the dining table.Nandini sees it and asks all these? Balraj says not for her but for Meera.She looks at him shockingly and Balraj signals her with his hand.

Balraj gifts the saree and jewelleries to Meera who’s also feeling reluctant.Nandini gets angry and leaves, Nupur follows her, all the other members are shocked on Balraj actions towards Meera.The latter says she cannot accept such expensive gifts and Balraj tries his level best to coax her and she finally accepts it.
Balraj leaves and Biji follows him in his study and she asks him what new games he’s on and he must has found out that Meera is pregnant with a baby boy.Balraj says he’s not going to hear her. Biji says he must, once she was so naive that she was not able to save oomah from the same situation but she’ll definitely save Meera.

Biji swear that Meera is under her protection and to harm her Balraj must go through her.Meera is looking at her saree and has flashback of Ani she says she can’t wear the saree.
Shyama sees her and encourages her saying it will be a cooperate party and she should be well dressed.Still Meera is not in a mood to agree.
Pallavi, Nupur and anuja are also deciding their dress for the party and they talk about Balraj who can tell them not to be part of the party.

They talk about the previous party they attended and how they were drunk after having some cocktails.
Pallavi talks about Meera saree gifted by Balraj,Nupur says why she spoils her mood by talking about Meera.Pallavi decides to wear a new saree of Shyama.Anuja and nupur say that last time Nandini wore a green saree but this time she’ll be wearing a white saree.Nupur is in deep thought.She goes in Nandini room hiding her hands behind her.She enters slowly and Nandini asks her to leave her alone,as she does not wish to talk.Nupur tells to her to promise her that she’ll not refuse what she brings for her.Nandini asks what’s it?Nupur asks if she does not trust her?Nandini says she does not understand whom to trust and whom not to…Slowly nupur shows her the gift and she nods no….

Both Meera and Nandini are in saree and Nandini in the party tells Meera to tell how she’s the favourite of Balraj when he’s not so open with everyone.
Anuja tells Biji tv actress RS will be performing in the party.


Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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