Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nandini if ever Ani talks about her to Meera very cleverly seeing Nandini in Tears Meera fakes saying Yes Nandini keeps on asking What did Anirudh says about her?Meera says he likes her beauty smiles and her cookery.Nandini is a bit puzzles as he never flattered her before and she says he never talks about it.She promises Meera to cook for her as she used for Ani.
she lleaves the room and Meera thinks both She and Nandini never got to know him.
Nandini goes to meet Balraj who’s angry and asks Nandini wiho grants her the permission to bring her in the house.
He says he was feeling bad for her so let her go to meet Meera,Nandini says she’s Ani friend’s and if he would have been here he would not have let her stayed in a hotel
Balraj says Ani never mentioned about Meera.
Balraj Nandini two days only to keep Meera at home.Balraj is suspecting Meera.

Sisterly talks is going between anuja and Nupur Biji brings a letter for Nupur.She opens it and Biji reads that it is from the bank and Biji asks since when she has an account Nupur confides to Biji she’s working as time changes a lots nowadays girls are working.Biji is shocked.Nupur says Meera is so independent and Biji says not to take her as an example.
Nupur feels great to be considered in the office.Biji promises to keep it a secret from Balraj and says it is impossible that he’s not aware of what is going on in the house.
Everyone are sitting in the lounge and Meera reaches there they invite her to join them.

Meera stops Neeranjan who’s talking and Pallavi thanks her.Anuja says Meera will talk about herself and they keep asking her lots of questions about her life.she says she likes mountainds and trekking.Nandini asks whether Ani was with her when she has gone trekking.Meera suddenly looks at Biji she goes on taking snaps of everybody(Why I have the impressions that Biji knows about Meera and Ani relationship) Meera keeps on looking at Biji she says she went with some friends.Biji tells Nandini to go to her room but Shyama tells her to stay back as she’ll feel alone.
They leave Meera and Biji alone as it is time for dinner preparations.Nandini as promised wants to prepare dinner for Meera.

Biji also excuses herself and Shyama asked meera what is she thinking?Meera says she wants to go but Shyama requests her to stay for these two days only as Nandini seems happy.Shyama was going to tell her how Nandini was shatterd after Ani death and the miscarriage but Akhil calls for her.
She goes to her room sweet hubby and wifey talk.
Akhil tells how she just believes someone instantly…Shyama says she has seen life in an another way also…
Akhil says he does not mean to remember her of the past…
He flatters her for being a good wife and Shyama says he helped her and gave her everything for her which is important is he’s with her.

Meera is coming downstairs and Agasthya drags her to a corner,and says after 9:00 pm girls are not allowed to go out.Meera has flashback of her meeting with agasthya.He asks her if ever this is the house she was searching for which is supposed to be of her best friend?
He asks her whether she was not aware of Ani death and that he was married’
He asks Meera why is she here after 2 months of Ani death.Whether she’s here for Money?Or she came to meet Nandini? Meera is in deep thought.

PRECAP:Meera saying Nandini that she’s leaving and the latter stops her saying there’s a lots of change in the house after her arrival she can talks about Ani with her.
Agasthya presenting Meera to Balraj saying this is Ani friend’s whom Ani used to meet in the guest house.
agasthya and Balraj ask why Ani used to meet her were they working together?

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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