Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th April 2013 Written Update

Meera getting back to her consciousness and Balraj acts again as if he’s so relief, he tells Meera she’s too stress that’s why she felt unconscious and tells that it was good that the doc was present and tells the doc to give him the good news it will also be good for his betterment.They leave.
at home everyone is playing truth and dare and Meera arrives they all keep quiet and they begin to leave but Meera says that she’ll play and when the bottle turns and Nupur says dare for Meera but she says why not truth.

It is choosen dare for Nandini and Meera says why not truth may be everyone has lots of secrets Aloka says everyone conscious is clear no one is hiding any secret. Agasthya joins in and asks Neerunjun if he wore his leather boot he says yes.The game continues and it is Meera turns and Nupur asks Meera if she would have asked Ani to leave Nandini?Meera says she would have left Ani.
It is now the turn of Nandini and Meera decides to ask her where is her dad? Nandini asks why she wants to know about her father ?Meera says she needs to answer and Nandini says she does not know where he’s and not met him since a very long time.Nandini leaves and Nupur gets tells Meera off for hurting Nandini and says Nandini has no family.Meera is confused to know who’s saying the truth Nandini or Balraj.

The doc calls Balraj and tells him it is a baby boy.Balraj happiness has no boundaries and he thinks his heir is coming and he’ll throw away Meera from their life after the baby is born. Balraj takes lots of sweets and fruits and Aloka is surprised,and Aloka is asked where’s Meera she says she’s not interested and suddenly changes her words. Aloka says she’ll send all the fruits and sweets for Meera and Aloka asks what is the celebration for these sweets and Balraj says he’ll not get angry today.Aloka doubts the baby must be a boy that’s why Balraj is so happy.Balraj takes the sweets for the others. Rimmy and Anuja promote IBD on zee.

Biji asks Meera if she went with Balraj to his office? Meera says yes it is such a big office and Ani never says anything…
Biji says she can talks about Ani with her and Meera continues that she never knows Balraj is such a rich person.
Biji asks her what happened next Meera says she felt unconscious drinking some juice may be her BP dropped that’s why.
Biji asks for more info and is shocked and Biji asks Meera if ever her mom knows about her pregnancy Meera has flashback of her mom and Biji asks her to call her mom above all she’s her mom she must know about her pregnancy.Meera is in deep thought and Biji says she’s leaving arriving at the door in her own thought she says that Meera is unable to think what will happen with her after the baby Birth.her mom must come soon.

They are all on dining table and Balraj brings some gifts for Meera and he asks her to wear it for the party he’ll like it.
Everyone are shocked but Nandini looks angrily at Balraj..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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