Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 24th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Meera running and hiding from the goons,finally they catch her and she screams help!!!
In asthana’s house Nandini is tense for Meera she’s having flashback of her words which she told Meera, she says she wanted her to leave Asap but never wanted her to pass through any worst situation.She sees Biji and asks if ever Meera left because of her,Biji suggests not to worry and she also has flashback asking Meera to leave.They are waiting for Akhil call.
Shyama also is waiting for Akhil in the hall and Biji comes and asks if ever Akhil called them shyama says no and they hear someone knocking at the door Shyama rushes to open and Meera in a very devastated state enters and says they will kill her child.

Shyama asks what happened and Meera tells them what happened. Meera tells Biji to save her child and she does not want to be alone.Balraj says makes her dressing and lets her sleep when Shyama suggests to take Meera to the hospital.Biji is alerts about Balraj and she tells to give Meera turmeric milk.
Biji gives a suspicious look at Balraj and he tells her now Meera will not leave and if ever this is repeated he’ll blame everyone in the house.Agasthya asks Balraj he was sure Meera will not leave and Balraj says to do whatever asked.
Aloka is taunting Shyama for takking care of Meera and she fakes to cry for Nandini.

Aloka is telling off Shyama that she must take care of Nandini what if Akhil brings her rival? She says Meera is faking and Shyama says no the way Meera was afraid and fell at the door..She asks aloka it is very weird that the goons knew about Meera pregnancy.Why do they want to hurt the baby.She wishes Meera to get burnt… Aloka thinks if Meera child is dead everything will belong to her sons.Shyama serves Meera milk and does the dressing of her wounds.Nandini watching all these from afar.
Balraj comes to meet the goons and pays them and tells them to leave the city.
Meera goes to meet Balraj who acts so innocent and asks Meera why is she in his study? She says Shyama said he wanted to meet her he puts his acts of the good person.Meera says she’s feeling better.

Balraj asks why she did so w/o informing she left. He tells her that she can tells him if someone misbehaved.Meera says everyone is behaving well with her and she’s only feeling a bit weird.Balraj says he was very worried for her, and suddenly he comes to his own and begins to talk rudely then suddenly changes his tones and says he was worried for her.Meera says sorry she should have informed him.Balraj asks if she’ll not repeat the same next time.
Meera says she’s afraid as the goons said that they will not let her child born and her mom also is not aware of her pregnancy.Meera asks him what is going on who wants to kill her child.
Cunning Balraj says someone in the house may have plotted to kill her child as he’s Ani child.

Balraj says this child will be the heir of all his property as Ani was his heir and he’s no more and lawfully everything will belong to Nandini and she’s the one who does not want the child to born, as everything will belong to the child.
Meera says impossible because Nandini can’t be because nandini is not selfish and Balraj asks when did he say that it is Nandini but his father can go to this extent.

PRECAP: A doctor tells Balraj they are ready and Balraj says go ahead. the doc serves juice to Meera and she falls unconscious dirinking the spike juice.The doctor is taking her inside for the sonography.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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