Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Balraj coaxing Nandini as she was on the edge of leaving the house last night.He talks about Meera being a characterless girl who can claims for her right on the property using the child.Nandini thinhks well and what her dad says decides to stay back as the house belongs to her.
Pallavi Aloka are not able to understand Balraj as he left the office only to take Meera to the hospital.

Nandini overhears their convo and Aloka says that Balraj will regret his decisions. Shyama takes away Nandini with her and Nupur asks aloka not to tell Nandini about Balraj and Meera visit to the doctor.
In the consultary room Balraj is waiting outside and Meera is inside for her sonography.The doc tells Meera that the baby growth is normal, Meera

is emotional after looking at the screen.She says this is her and Ani child.
The doctor tells Balraj the baby is healthy and everything is normal.Balraj asks which baby is a boy or girl the doc says it is illegal to do s*x determination of an unborn.
There’s a tiff between Balraj and the doc and the doc tells him to get out right when Meera comes out after changing.
They leave together and in the corridor Meera asks Balraj why the doctor was getting hyper?Balraj fakes that he asks for a second opinion though the baby is healthy, he does not want to risk Meera and nowadays doctors are very competitives.
Akhil is at home and sees Shyama and Pallavi in his room both the ladies lost in their own thought…
Pallavi asks if really Ani was so bad that he’s was an unfair hubby who cheated his wife.
Akhil says that it is no time to talk about all these.
Shyama says but he cannot be forgiven..they all go in flashback before marriage with Nandini he was not ready to marry her and Pallavi making him understand…

Akhil says whatever but Ani can’t be forgiven as no one can force someone for the wedding… Shyama says but he loves Nandini also as he could have left her after marriage.Pallavi also keeps quiets…
Aloka goes to check Deeps in the kitchen she making the dough and Aloka is not happy with her,Aloka asks Deeps to grind some “masala”deeps says the meteo predicted high temperature and Aloka is suffering as it is hot. read full updates daily only at Suddenly the light goes off and the servant tells Aloka the other houses in the neighbouring has electricity and everyone goes in the hall.aloka taunts pallavi that Neerunjun may not have paid the electricity bill.
Aloka is continuously telling off Neerunjun, Biji says enough and asks Neerunjun to call his friend, as Balraj must be coming.Right away Balraj cars coming is heard and Aloka says here he’s…
Meera and Balraj enter and Meera keeps her files on the sofa and Balraj asks why is it so hot? Aloka says because of Neerunjun…
The latter is calling his friend inside and Balraj calls him.Meera is asks to go inside to rest.

Balraj asks Neerunjun if ever he was given the money for the bill and if ever he used the money and if ever it is repeated again… the light comes back and Neerunjun laughs.
Balraj says that he cannot understand Pallavi who refused all the alliance to marry him. Neerunjun says Pallavi knows he loves her truely.
Pallavi asks a shocked Neerunjun what he did with the money if ever he did not steal it…
balraj enters his study all frustrated and has flashback of the doc refusing him for the s*x determination test. He thinks of Manchanda who’s an expert in all illegal actions in the medical field and knows he will accept his money.
Balraj calls a doc on seeing Biji coming with the tea he says he’ll call back.Balraj says if she’s here to defend Neerunjun he has no time.Biji says she’s not also interested but if he took Meera to the doc why does he need an another doc?

Biji telling to Meera till her last breath she’ll stand for Nandini and it is a request to please leave the house Meera is shocked.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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